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Tips for Buying EarthBound

August 6th, 2010 | Events, MOTHER 3

Usually, Starmen.Net does a community playthrough of EarthBound every summer, but this summer they’re playing through MOTHER 3. It’s a combination of a community playthrough and an art/writing/music/etc. contest, and definitely worth checking out.

I don’t think they have a site up for it just yet, but you can check out the M3 Fanfest site here. Even if you miss each day’s video, they keep an archive, so you can keep up with the weird goofiness whenever you want!


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21 Comments to MOTHER 3 Fanfest

LucasTizma said on Aug. 6, 2010

I know I should be, but I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous of the Fangamer crew. They’re so freakin’ talented, and I’m a harsh judge of talent. 🙂 Oh yeah, same goes for everyone’s favorite really-a-fruit-but-most-people-think-it’s-a-vegetable.

Someone said on Aug. 6, 2010

I thought he was a human. Now I feel like a crazy person who talks to a fruit. Thanks for the nightmare LucasTizma.

I was waiting to actually follow the Earthbound playthrough this year. Oh well. I’ve got my Nintendo DS and MOTHER 3 at the ready.

Sam said on Aug. 7, 2010

Wait, why didn’t I check this earlier?!? AUGH, I missed the beginning!! Now it’s after midnight, nearly one a.m, and I’m watching Iron Chef…well that’s not bad, but I really really wish I watched this playthrough!

Maybe we should have warnings ahead of time for this? Hopefully not too many missed the first part of the game…

Dendoh said on Aug. 7, 2010

Looks like this dude isn’t too happy about the Mother 3 fanfest.


Dorgannn said on Aug. 7, 2010

What a whiny prick. ^

Mato said on Aug. 7, 2010

I think they’re planning to do an EB run later this year too.

Masta Belch said on Aug. 7, 2010

@ Mato: Yeah, I heard the same thing.

@ Dorgannn: I’m not sure that a respectfully worded opinion makes a person whiny, what whatever

Dorgannn said on Aug. 7, 2010

Did you even read it?

effigy of starman said on Aug. 7, 2010

I read it. It didn’t seem whiny, just kind of understandably disappointed.

neonix said on Aug. 8, 2010

Yeah, they are planning on an EBFGP later.

I have to agree with Dorgann a little. The guy seemed a little bit whiny, not even so much about SM.net, but about MOTHER 3 itself.

Sir Ilpalazzo said on Aug. 8, 2010

I disagree with him, but I don’t think he’s whining. His complaints about Mother 3 are understandable.

yut said on Aug. 8, 2010

Yeah, he didnt really wine, he just said why he was dissapointed.

Watercat8 said on Aug. 8, 2010

I think I too am gonna have to go with Dorgannn. I can respect his opinion and everything, but the way he worded it made him sound kind of whiny. ^_^’

PK Saturn said on Aug. 8, 2010

Not whiny, just an opinion. I don’t agree with him though. Mother 3 was better than Earthbound by many miles.

effigy of starman said on Aug. 8, 2010

In any case, the Fanfest so far is incredibly fun. 😀

Super-Flint said on Aug. 9, 2010

My Tank’s in this picture! I feel slightly smug about myself :)… mind you it’s not there anymore since it was just “most recent submission” at the time and now it isn’t, so I don’t have anything to be proud of…

LucasTizma said on Aug. 9, 2010

Ninten, I locked your account because it had been compromised. If you want, I can unlock it, but you’ll have to change your password ASAP.

Ninten said on Aug. 9, 2010

Please do that Lucas!

Zoom! said on Aug. 26, 2011

Starmen.net is great but it has too much stuff I can’t participate in, and I fear the wrath of a forum user who uses Cpt. Falcon for their image, so I haven’t joined.

Zoom! said on Aug. 28, 2011

@Zoom! Now I don’t check it out at all, after a IRC disaster on #Earthbound

Anonymous said on Aug. 29, 2011

@Zoom! Wait thats stupid


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