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Tips for Buying EarthBound

July 3rd, 2010 | EarthBound, Merchandise

Want to win one of those Meeellla-made Ness figures from a while back? (reference) Then you’re in luck, Fangamer is running a simple contest!

Meeellla does some mighty good figures. You can see some more of her creations at her website.


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31 Comments to Win a Ness Figure!

Ninji said on Jul. 3, 2010

I JUST entered the contest, and if anybody cares, yes, I do have a Twitter, and it mainly focuses, on my daily life, and all of the crazy stuff I make in my spare time 😛 Yeah, and I apparently, also have a website now!

DayvanMollusk said on Jul. 3, 2010

Damn it I wasn’t planning on ever starting a twitter account but I guess my love for Earthbound will change my mind 🙂

teraphony said on Jul. 3, 2010

Is there a reason the guy in the background is about to devour Ness?? I’m frightened and disturbed.

TheJorsh said on Jul. 3, 2010

That guy in the background happens to Reid Young, guy in charge of Starmen.net AND husband of Meeellla.

Linkzcap said on Jul. 3, 2010

Great… I don’t have a Twitter account and refuse to make one just for this.

random guardian said on Jul. 3, 2010

Yea no offence but im not makeing a twitter account just to win this *awsome!* prize.

neonix said on Jul. 3, 2010

Yeah, don’t make a twitter account for this. Better odds for me to win. 😀

Kyoo said on Jul. 3, 2010

somebody win this for me… please, I don’t have twitter, and I don’t have phones. and I have a bad history with fan gamer. this screams fail all over for me. so somebody else. please win it for me. I’ll give you my mailing address after you win it for me of course.


I see nothing worthwhile about posting constantly like a dumbass on an inferior social networking site

PK Saturn said on Jul. 3, 2010

If I win it I’ll give it to you Kyoo 😛

Elobo said on Jul. 3, 2010

It’s an excellent figurine, really well sculpted and pictures don’t do it justice :). If you have some hang-up that’s preventing you from entering, then the only person you are disservicing is yourself.

“I see nothing worthwhile about posting constantly like a dumbass on an inferior social networking site”

You also see nothing worthwhile with actually reading the terms of the contest, I guess. All you have to ever do is follow Fangamer and retweet the contest’s tweet which will only ever set your life back a few clicks. You don’t have to “post constantly like a dumbass.”

It’s your choice, and the chances of winning are going to be very slim by the 9th. But if you aren’t in it, you won’t win it.

If you have a bad history with starmen or fangamer, who cares. Use a pseudonymous screen name. The same goes if you have hang-ups about people tracing your screen name back to Twitter or something (and you can make it private). And you don’t have to sign a legally binding contract requiring you to tweet about your supper or bowel movements ;).

But anyways, I realize some people have legit concerns about joining Twitter. S’fine, but I’m just saying that it’s literally one of the easiest contests they’ve run for a very highly sought item.

Poe said on Jul. 3, 2010

I also want to point out that you don’t need a cell phone to use twitter.

Kyoo said on Jul. 3, 2010

@Poe, to put this in the politest way possible that I can think of. the world doesn’t need a cellphone to use twitter, but Kyoo does.
also if I had a twitter account it would be used on a cellphone I made under a different name, that has it’s bills sent to another mailing address. the idea of the government documenting everything I say sounds too freaky for me. I got nothing to hide, but I might some day in the future 😛

PK Saturn said on Jul. 3, 2010

So you are worried about the government using info you post on twitter against you? I’m sure they could, but retweeting on twitter isn’t going to give the government any kind of useful info that you may have to hide in the future. And I don’t really know how the government would document everything you say on your phone either. And even if you didn’t want to give the gov’t any info over your phone, you could just use Twitter over the internet that you obviously have. And if you are afraid of the gov’t tracking you online then you shouldn’t post on EBC :P. I respect your decision not to get a twitter account and I don’t mean to be nosy (as I’m sure you have your reasons), but it seems that you could post once on twitter if you wanted that Ness figurine.

neonix said on Jul. 4, 2010

This conversation is weird. Let’s talk about Ness and how cool he looks in this picture. I hope Mr. Young doesn’t eat him. I don’t think that entire bottle of General Tsao’s stir fry sauce will make him taste much better anyway.

Dlakii said on Jul. 4, 2010

Well, I know what I’ll be dusting off the old Twitter account for. =D

Kyoo said on Jul. 4, 2010

that Ness sure looks awesome, I’m jealous of the skillz it took to make that.

spun G said on Jul. 4, 2010

Wow, I never actually used my Twitter account until now…

Ricardo said on Jul. 4, 2010


Kyoo said on Jul. 4, 2010

I wonder what it taste like

Starstormer said on Jul. 4, 2010

I would so do this if I had a twitter account. I don’t and so I’m out of luck, also it doesn’t make sense to create an account for a contest that I have little chance of winning.

The Masked Commander said on Jul. 4, 2010

I have 1% chance of winning it, at this point

Kyoo said on Jul. 5, 2010

1% is better than 0% 😀

blahblah said on Jul. 5, 2010

I have no twitter account, I don’t have a facebook account cuz who needs one when ya got gmail. Also I dont have a phone or an account in Starmen.net so I have a 0.0% chance of winning this. If it was on eBay I WOULD buy it but I WOULDNT. Anyway, a franklin badge is enough. I got it for $4.00…..on zazzle.

Omnomnominous said on Jul. 5, 2010

I would enter the contest…except I live in England, where it is impossible to buy anything from the US without having to pay over inflated customs charges upon receiving the item. Hence why I may be one of the only fans in existence who doesn’t have ANY Earthbound stuff besides the ROMs, an extensive collection of doujin albums in MP3 format, and my own fan art. 🙁

I was a little freaked out when I saw that picture, since at first I only saw the figurine, then “AUGHH! Who’s that dude about to eat him?!” It’s kinda like those pictures entitled “when you see it, you’ll sh*t bricks” XD

The Masked Commander said on Jul. 5, 2010


I feel your pain, but I’m not sure I can say that yet, because my brother owned about every SNES game ever made,and I know he had EarthBound. But whether he sold it, we’re trying to find out…. but I’m guessing he did, for something stupid like Resident Evil 4

Roo said on Jul. 5, 2010

After seeing this (and many more of Meeellla’a fantastic figures) in person at PAX East, I am all too eager to enter this contest!

I remember asking if she would ever consider selling these, and it just seemed out of the realm of possibility in the near future, but I’ll gladly take my chances in a contest. May the luckiest fan win! 🙂

Leirin said on Jul. 11, 2010

WOW Reid looks like John Morris in that photograph.

Gabo said on Jul. 19, 2010

That’s cool. I went to the website, and it looks great. Good job Camille!

pitukins said on Jul. 17, 2011

Where can I purchase one?? No info on her site?

Mato said on Jul. 17, 2011

She doesn’t sell them directly, they’re usually given out as contest prizes or if she DOES sell her figures, she does it through Fangamer in limited numbers.


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