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Tips for Buying EarthBound

May 7th, 2010 | Events

Remember TheSpeedGamers? If you don’t, they’re a group of gamers that plays through games for charity. Usually about once a year they’ll do a MOTHER series marathon for charity, and the latest one begins today, in just a few hours!

If you’ve been around for a while, you might remember that last year they managed to raise over $10,000 😯 This year they have some more stuff planned, here’s word from them directly:

We,TheSpeedGamers, are based in the DFW Texas area and play video games to raise money for different causes. Today, Friday May 7th starting at 6pm cst, is our Mother/Earthbound marathon for Susan G. Komen. This event will last 48 straight hours.
We broadcast ourselves over the internet playing video game franchise’s to their completion while also providing video commentary. There is a chat room that accompanies the video game feed so that the viewers can interact with the players and other viewers. Everything can be viewed on TheSpeedGamers.com . Donations will be gathered using a chip in widget; debit, credit cards and paypal can be used to donate.

We have been a group for over two years now and have raised approximately $137,000 for various causes.

Additional info:

  • Fangamer will be donating the proceeds of their new T-shirt shirt design to Susan G Komen. The specific design will be unveiled at the start of the marathon.
  • Our goal will be $10,000. If we reach $20,000 a sponsor has said that they will ad an additional $1,000.

The marathon begins in just a few hours, so check it out!


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17 Comments to MOTHER Marathon for Charity

mr saturn coffee addict said on May. 7, 2010

another earthbound marathon?!?!?!
i still havent calmed down from how epic the last one was!

Ninten said on May. 7, 2010

too words EPIC SURCE!

Skye said on May. 7, 2010

Too bad the start is at 1AM for me, I’ll definitely watch tomorrow afternoon though, might inspire me for some new Saturn Valley Online content :p

S said on May. 7, 2010

Awesome! Last year’s was great… I remember that they were aiming for what, $6000? And went way way over.. though I seem to remember it being above $10k.

Tetra said on May. 7, 2010

I’ll be there for sure. :]

Kyoo said on May. 8, 2010

sadly I missed it and he’s just fighting gigue… at least I get to witness the beauty of his defeat. and the credits, is there a way to shut up the guy talking and just hear the game playing only?

Staarf said on May. 8, 2010

Chugga’s cartridge died halfway through the game. :c

Kyoo said on May. 8, 2010

I was wondering what happened. i went to take a shower, and when i came back. all of a sudden Mother 3 was on, made me sad, that was too screw ups they’ve had so far.

the first one was they didn’t get to finish the credits on earthbound zero.

someone said on May. 8, 2010

Mess ups everywhere.
Earthbound Cart dying. M3 save file corruption, retrieval x4. Rediculousness all around. And thats 27 hours in. Let’s see what else will go wrong.

Greiv said on May. 9, 2010

The mess ups made it hilarious! The M3 crash is actually a pretty funny story. It involved a loss with the Almost Mecha Lion which proceeded to make them reset the game so they can defeat it. And bang, the second corruption in a row. Amazing coincidence. Anyway, they got it to work in the end, that’s awesome, but another funny side effect was that the character names and the abilities ended up looking really messed up. Like Lucas was turned into up arrow, black rectangle, period, exclamation mark. Love it!

Kyoo said on May. 9, 2010

100% failure rate awesome. all games had failure in them.

Matoking said on May. 9, 2010

Oh man that Mother 3 corrupt data thing sounded awesome. Should have come around earlier, I came in when the end credits were already playing. 🙁

Kyoo said on May. 9, 2010

wow, this TSG has had the most mess ups ever. it’s on an epic scale. now that the sound just crapped out.

Kyoo said on May. 9, 2010

I’m so glad that they made the goal in the midst of all that epic failure.

Staarf said on May. 9, 2010

I love how there were already videos of Proton Jon and Chuggaaconroy singing less than 10 minutes after it happened.

Paula Polestar said on May. 24, 2012

Why can’t I join…? Hmm.



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