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Tips for Buying EarthBound

April 7th, 2010 | EarthBound, Merchandise

The official Starman SMAAAASH!! T-shirts are back in stock at The King of Games. It’s interesting, because we were just talking about them yesterday.

Anyway, for a long time these shirts were basically sold out except for the smallest size. Bobby asked around though and it was probably his prodding that got some more back in stock!

Shirts (along with a lot of other stuff) cost a lot in Japan compared to what we’re used to, so don’t let the price fool you. These are really high-quality, rare shirts 😀

Update: Shortly after posting this, it shows only S sizes in stock. Dunno what happened, maybe it was a mistake on their part or maybe they had only had a couple in stock and they got bought up? It is a mystery.


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26 Comments to Starman T-Shirts in Stock

Poe said on Apr. 7, 2010

I still see everything but extra-small sold out. I cleared my cache and refreshed a few times just to be sure.

LucasTizma said on Apr. 7, 2010

Same here. Doesn’t look like a restock from my end. 🙁

Omnomnominous said on Apr. 7, 2010

🙁 I don’t see the restock either.

Mato said on Apr. 7, 2010

Weird, maybe they had like one in stock for each or something. They definitely had S, XL, and at least one other size in stock there.

Poe said on Apr. 7, 2010

Maybe stumbled upon some long-lost shirts in the warehouse and stuck ’em up there real quick. Too bad for us 🙁

neonix said on Apr. 7, 2010

They’ll restock them once some extra small people buy up all the extra small shirts.

IIRC, when I bought my Starman shirt, it turned out to be the last medium in stock at the time. But I remember seeing them restocked at some point last year, and then they sold out quickly again.

blahmoomoo said on Apr. 7, 2010

There are some XL up now. XS is the only other size available at this time.

P Philosophy said on Apr. 7, 2010

Nice to see them restocked! Hope they get in more with the other sizes. Silly question though, does anyone know if these shrink? May have to wait for a small if that’s the case. >_<

Poe said on Apr. 7, 2010

They’re 100% cotton, so yes, they probably shrink.

Poe said on Apr. 7, 2010

Found the sizing chart if you want more info: http://www.the-king-of-games.com/english/shop/index.php?mode=shop_info

Ninji said on Apr. 7, 2010

Sorry to be rather speaking out of term, but I’ve been wondering whether the EMERGENCY! shirt was rarer in red or black, both of them are up for sale, but most people say the red version is rarer, but on the KOG site it says that the black version is limited edition but it has no mention of limited edition on the red one, now I’m confused! XD

Mato said on Apr. 7, 2010

Yeah, it always confused me too. I don’t have time right now to look into it more but it’s worth some checking into to finally clear up. I’m guessing what happened is that the non-limited edition one was actually more popular and sold more, which led to confusion.

darkzzii said on Apr. 7, 2010

O MY GOD !!!!! my yen converter syas that it will come to 69.76 bucks WHAT !

neonix said on Apr. 7, 2010

Well considering the red one was restocked and they are still in stock in all sized but XL, whereas the black one is sold out in all sized except XS, I’d say the black one is actually the limited one. I don’t think they’d make that error and not notice it for four years anyway. XD

And speaking of the shirts, I just saw they had a medium black UC shirt in stock and I nabbed it! I really hope it wasn’t a mistake; I’ve wanted that one for the longest time. I’ll follow up on this.

It seems KOG is is clearing out the far corners of their warehouse and finding way old stock.

Tetra said on Apr. 7, 2010

Extra small has the EXACT measurments as one of my shirts! 😀

Tetra said on Apr. 7, 2010

Too bad it’s so expensive :/

Kyoo said on Apr. 8, 2010

pepole complaining about it being so expensive? did we all forget that Japan was the most expensive place to live on the planet. I mean… if you don’t know where to shop you might end up spending over $100 on a single Xbox Controller. EVERYTHING in japan is expensive.

want to rent an apartment in japan? you have to pay about 4 people, and that doesn’t include your bills.

I think the biggest culture shock for American that move to Japan, isn’t the way the culture is. it’s how pricey things are.

again another reason I’m desperately looking for a job. I need to buy an XL before they’re sold out

Ninten Ness Lucas said on Apr. 8, 2010

Some one congradulate me. why??? becuase i finally am playing earthbound. and i figured out my profile pic is lier x airgate ( bet i splet that wrong)

I am a loser said on Apr. 8, 2010

I have to buy the shirt with yen i do not have yen. How would you buy it Mato?

Mato said on Apr. 8, 2010

If you use a credit card or Paypal it should do the conversion and pay them the right amount. There’s probably a page on their site about it so you should look for more info there.

neonix said on Apr. 8, 2010

*Lier X. Agerate.

And I just got an email from KOG saying my shirt has been shipped. So it seems they did find old stock and I somehow managed to snag the last black UC shirt.

neonix said on Apr. 8, 2010

*Last one in medium, that is.

I am a loser said on Apr. 8, 2010

Thanks Mato!
I have been trying to get a M3 Deluxe Box.
I am going to Yahoo Japan Auctions NOW!!
But I don’t know if I should get the shirt or the
M3 Deluxe Box. I don’t know which one is more RARE
I think they both are rare..

I am a loser said on Apr. 8, 2010


no name given said on Apr. 8, 2010

I might need to smaaaaaaash! my piggy bank.

neonix said on Apr. 9, 2010

Hey, I am a loser, at least now you don’t have to make a decision 😛 Go get your Deluxe Box! They’re deliciously boxy!


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