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Tips for Buying EarthBound

February 15th, 2010 | Auctions, Merchandise, MOTHER 1

The auction for that EarthBound Zero prototype cartridge that recently popped up on eBay has ended, and the final price was approximately $1,187.56.

It sounds like good ol’ Roo was the winner this time around, meaning this is probably the first time someone active in the fan community has gotten ahold of one of these prototypes. Roo, if you remember, is the guy who made that cool EarthBound documentary video and the EarthBound review that went along with it.

Last summer, a different EarthBound Zero prototype sold for $1500, so I guess this is the approximate market value they have.

I’m also reminded of that possible EarthBound Super NES prototype that sold a few months ago. I wonder what ever happened with that. Does anyone know?

I guess I’ll have to update the ol’ EB0 Prototype List with these new details. I know I’ve forgotten some details for the other carts, so if you see any information I’m missing there, let me know!


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32 Comments to EB Zero Proto Sells for over $1100

Robert said on Feb. 15, 2010

;D hey Roo looks like you need to make a special video and post it on youtube when you get the cartridge

LucasTizma said on Feb. 15, 2010

That SNES EarthBound prototype sold for just over $500! I was sniped. 🙁

Sisto said on Feb. 15, 2010

For something so rare, it sure has been popping up quiet a bit.

Ninji said on Feb. 15, 2010

Well Roo, if you’re gonna get this, then I expect a 30 to 60 minute review on this thing, and then maybe you could “donate” it to someone like me! At least once you’re done with it… 😉

Roo said on Feb. 15, 2010

Ha, well I guess I set myself up for that. Yeah, I’ll probably make a video of some sort once I have it in hand. It’s a little strange, like it should be in a museum or something. I mean, for all intents and purposes, it’s perhaps the most rare video game cartridge on the planet.

But anyway, I’m gathering up all the info I can on its history right now so I can accurately represent its lineage.

Ninji said on Feb. 15, 2010

Roo, If you want info on EarthBound Zero, then this is what you’re looking for: http://lostlevels.org/200407/200407-earthbound.shtml

Mister Crosser said on Feb. 15, 2010

Roo, it’s not as rare as the nintendo campus challenge 1991 for the nes. There’s ONLY 1 of those in existance!

Roo said on Feb. 15, 2010

Thanks Ninji, I was aware of that article, and it was actually very important info for my documentary. What I mean is that I’m currently asking a lot of questions of the owner to know as much about this particular cartridge as I can.

And Mister Crosser, good call. I forgot about the one-of-a-kind 1991 campus challenge. I guess this is only 3 or 4-of-a-kind.

skyrunner14 said on Feb. 15, 2010

Congrats Roo! You say you’ll be making a video about it in the near future? Can’t wait to see it when it’s done! ;-D

? said on Feb. 15, 2010

After reading about the Stadium Events auction that sold for $13,000, I would expect something like this to at least be worth that due to rarity. I guess there’s an upside to being a niche game series.

In the hands of a fan, hopefully this baby won’t get the “hot potato” treatment anymore.

Jeagle101 said on Feb. 15, 2010

Congratulations Roo! I wish I was you 🙂

Anonymous said on Feb. 15, 2010

Congrats roo!! 😀 Just go out and sell it to somebody else in a couple of months 😛

Anonymous said on Feb. 15, 2010

^Don’t I meant don’t go out and sell it.

Roo said on Feb. 15, 2010

On a completely unrelated note, I have a shiny new EB0 prototype up for auction. Starting bid is $13,000. 🙂

Father said on Feb. 15, 2010

The only game that could be worth 13,000 in my eyes is earthbound 64 demo.

Mister Crosser said on Feb. 15, 2010

Of course, there could be TWO nintendo campus challenge carts, with one (probably) being inside NOA

FinalstarmanDX said on Feb. 15, 2010

Roo, I envy you! Of course, if I could drop that pretty coinage at will I would have probably gotten a prototype by now also.

wazkatango said on Feb. 16, 2010

I don’t suppose you’d want to dump the cart and see if there’s anything different on this version?

neonix said on Feb. 16, 2010

If I had to make an assumption, it would be that Roo doesn’t have the tools for dumping an NES cart, however, I’m sure someone in the community would be willing to donate or loan the necessary equipment in exchange for an internet-released dump. I might even consider doing it.

It seems kevtris will convert an NES (supplied by the buyer) into a CopyNES for $125. http://www.tripoint.org/kevtris/Projects/copynes/buyit.html

everdred81 said on Feb. 16, 2010

Congrats, Roo!

I watched the last few minutes of the bidding, wow it jumped up so fast in the last 20 seconds!

If I had my tax refunds back, I would have bid too.

Please cherish that baby

Roo said on Feb. 16, 2010

I will certainly take care of it, don’t worry about that.

And neonix is correct, I don’t have any cart dumping equipment. I wouldn’t be adverse to loaning the cartridge to such a task if someone were to pay for it – but my suspicions tell me it’s probably the same game we’ve seen. I’ll be sure to give it a playthrough and check, though.

SmaMan said on Feb. 16, 2010

On the subject of the rarest cartridge in the universe,
I know there’s only ONE copy Sim City for the NES, which according to Nintendo Power is tucked away inside of a Zelda II cartridge in the dark depths of NOA.

Anyway, congrats Roo! You’ve inspired me to finally track down a copy of EarthBound… and I’m currently winning an auction for a full set (box, guide, etc.) for about a tenth of what you’ve payed for the EB Proto. ($102… right now anyway, still 5 days left :\

rayden1212 said on Feb. 16, 2010

roo can you do a EarthBound Zero prototype video

neonix said on Feb. 16, 2010

@Roo, I would never expect anyone to lend out such an expensive and rare item. What if someone were to loan you a CopyNES to dump it though, would you be willing to put the rom on the net?

I’m sure a lot more potential differences could be found by simply comparing the rom’s code, and by a ton of other people around the globe playing the game.

Roo said on Feb. 16, 2010

Sure, neonix, that probably makes a lot more sense in the long run. If someone were to let me borrow it (and tell me how to use it), I’d have no problem loading for everyone to tinker with. I’m not much of a code hacker regardless.

Oh, and rayden, I planned on making a little video about the cartridge. Not a full fledged review though – at least not yet.

BroBuzz said on Feb. 16, 2010

When do you think the Game will come roo?

Roo said on Feb. 16, 2010

I’m thinking in the next week or two. I’m currently making sure I get all the info I can on the history of the cart from the seller, just to help Mato fill out the history as much as I can.

Carl said on Feb. 17, 2010

Oh, man, how did I miss those documentary/review videos? I was just thinking that what the Earthbound community really needed was a nice, comprehensive series of videos featuring jokes about erections, oral sex, and testicles. And that’s only in part one! Thanks, Roo, for bringing some much-needed class to the EB community. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about the NES EB proto. May I suggest you include several jokes about anal sex?

Roo said on Feb. 17, 2010

Carl: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to offend, but instead to inform and (hopefully) entertain. I hope that you looked past the first few minutes of the video and saw how much effort was put into the research of EarthBound’s history.

LucasTizma said on Feb. 19, 2010

Sooooo jealous, Roo. 😀 But you seem like you’ll take good care of it, so that’s all that really matters. Of course, if you’re ever short on cash and need a quick $2000, you know who to contact. 😉

Ness said on May. 30, 2010

I know the series is awesome. And im a huge fan. But why is it so ridiculously high priced? And its a NES game.

Vartio said on Aug. 13, 2010

Probably because only 4 known copies of Eb0 exist outside of Nintendo’s Safe…


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