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January 3rd, 2010 | Weekly Round-Up

Things’ve been a bit busy lately so last week’s weekly roundup had to take a vacation. But now that the holidays are over, it’s time to get back into the swing of things!

So here’s a look at some of the EarthBound stuff from around the Internet from the past week or two:

Community News

I can’t possibly keep up with every single thing that happens in the EarthBound community, so if you’ve done something cool or if you know of something cool that belongs here, let me know!

Cool Auctions & Merchandise

Merchandise-wise, these past few weeks were very quiet for EarthBound. Also, almost all the EarthBound carts with buy-it-now are currently over $100; they usually average between $70 and $80. I guess there was a run on carts for the holidays or sellers are hoping to cash in on the holiday season with higher prices.

Anyway, here’s some cool stuff that showed up this past week that fans and collectors might want to check out. Remember that you can also see all the EarthBound / MOTHER stuff on eBay all gathered in one handy place here!

And here’s some cool stuff on Yahoo! Auctions Japan:

And stuff on Amazon:

What’s Up With Itoi

  • Nothing too much of interest from Itoi lately, just lots of stuff about time flying and the new year. Looking back at last year, he seems to only talks about anything MOTHER-related only once or twice a year.

Final Thought

Mitch sent me this many months ago, now’s a good time to use it I think 😛


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9 Comments to Weekly Round-Up #51

Darien said on Jan. 3, 2010

It’s so weird being back to the January theme again. A blast from the past. 🙂

Ninji said on Jan. 3, 2010

Uhhh…. You mean Weekly Round Up #50 right Mato? But anyways, I liked the old flukes and find the differences thing better than just randomly submitted artwork. But, gee… All of the good EB merch is GONE for good,if a poster ever comes up, expect me to be the one to take it home, thank you very much! 😀

Mato said on Jan. 3, 2010

No, this is week 51 since eb central opened.

santiagoff said on Jan. 3, 2010

Awww,poor mato. You should rest all this year ;D
Thanks for your awesome job on this blog =D

Ninji said on Jan. 3, 2010

@Mato, but there wasn’t a spectacular 50th week Weekly round-up, if you were busy then I totally understand, the fan-art explains it all….

pidgezero_one said on Jan. 4, 2010

I blew all my Christmas gift money on Mother merchandise!

And it was totally worth it!

Big A2 said on Jan. 4, 2010

@pidgezero_one: I’m pretty sure you’ll regret it someday. 😐

I know I would.

pidgezero_one said on Jan. 4, 2010

There’s nothing regrettable about owning a jumbo Mr. Saturn!

Komaru said on Jan. 4, 2010

Almost getting to the 1 year anniversary!
… But my Earthbound cartridge’s battery just broke, All my save data is dead…


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