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December 5th, 2009 | MOTHER 3, Uncommon Knowledge | 24 Comments

Brownie Brown, the developer for MOTHER 3, has a new DSiWare game in Japan called “Kappa Road”. And it looks like Ocho the octopus from MOTHER 3 makes a cameo in the title screen: (click to enlarge) Except for the hat, it looks like it’s the same sprite with some possible small graphical touch-ups. If you look closely, you can also see a Pigmask helmet next to him: You can see ...Read More »


December 4th, 2009 | MOTHER 3, Uncommon Knowledge | 57 Comments

There’s a topic over on Starmen.Net that caught my eye. In it, people talk about little things they’ve noticed in MOTHER 3. It’s kind of surprising, because there are some things that not even I noticed, like the fact that the flowers at the grave have different colors throughout the game, showing that new flowers are always being brought. (image by Aerostella) The game took so ...Read More »


December 3rd, 2009 | MOTHER 1, Uncommon Knowledge | 34 Comments

In EarthBound Zero there’s an enemy in Magicant called “Groucho”. It’s an odd enemy and sometimes it will simply say “hello” and then leave, but you’ll still get experience from the battle somehow. It’s an amusing enemy, it kind of reminds me of the Walking Bushie in MOTHER 3. Anyway, I’m sure most people know what the enemy’s name is a ...Read More »


December 2nd, 2009 | MOTHER 3, Videos | 22 Comments

Okay, not really, but this kid does seem a lot like Claus 😛 (click to view commercial) Thanks to Laura for the find! ...Read More »


December 1st, 2009 | EarthBound, MOTHER 3 | 89 Comments

sg_06 posted a story the other day about trying to get others into the EarthBound/MOTHER series. don’t worry, these aren’t being sold! It’s neat the lengths people will go to try to spread their fondness for games. Have you ever tried to get someone into the EarthBound/MOTHER games? I’d love to hear other people’s stories about this 😀 ...Read More »


December 1st, 2009 | EarthBound, Images | 18 Comments

EarthBound fan Axl-fox writes: There’s no much of Earthbound Merchandise around (specially if you live in a country with poor videogame culture like mine) so we have to make our very own merchandise My manga teacher specializes at designing stickers, so I asked her to make some Earthbound related stickers and suggested to sell them at the next anime/manga expo click for larger Thanks for sh...Read More »


November 30th, 2009 | Fan Games, MOTHER 3, Videos | 47 Comments

A couple weeks ago I posted about the really cool Chimera Hunt GMod addon when it was still being worked on. It’s since been finished and released! You can download it here! And here’s a new video of it: I wish my computer wasn’t stupid so I could play this, it looks kickass 😯 Thanks to the many people who sent in news about this all at once somehow! ...Read More »


November 30th, 2009 | EarthBound, Uncommon Knowledge, Videos | 43 Comments

In the Japanese anime series “Natsu no Arashi”, there’s a pretty big EarthBound cameo that includes Ness, Jeff, possibly King, and a well-endowed Starman. You can check it out here, see around the 1:25-ish mark. EarthBound cameos in TV shows seem to be really rare, in fact the cameo in Shin-chan is the only other one I can think of off the top of my head. So a cameo this big is ...Read More »


November 29th, 2009 | Weekly Round-Up | 35 Comments

Some interesting stuff showed up on EB Central this past week, like an EarthBound Zero prototype auction, some magazine articles, and some interesting trivia. So here’s some other EarthBound stuff that’s happened elsewhere on the Internet this past week. Community News Post de hoy: HOLYSHIT Earthbound Mozilla Fire-bound e Resultados! Shigesato Itoi reiterates that he’s done maki...Read More »


November 28th, 2009 | Audio Stuff, Images, Merchandise, MOTHER 1+2 | 13 Comments

A good while back Antiaverage scanned the MOTHER 1+2 CD and booklet and zipped them all up. The zip includes .png files as well as Photoshop PSD files, and all together they weigh in at 40 or 50 MB. If you’re interested, you can get the file here. One neat thing about the booklet is that it lists which musician did which songs. Of course it isn’t comprehensive; the CD doesn’t co...Read More »


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