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Tips for Buying EarthBound

December 31st, 2009 | Misc.

It’s the last day of the year, so I thought this would be a good time to look back at the past year real quick before we plunge into the upcoming decade which is sure to have hoverboards and flying cars and pickle monsters.

I checked, and there’ve been 611 posts here in the past year, that’s a whole lot of EarthBound 😯 And out of those 611, here are the ten most popular EarthBound Central posts of the year:

#1: EarthBound & Legal Issues

Inside sources say that EarthBound probably won’t hit the Wii Virtual Console because the legal department wants changes made to stuff, but the guys in Japan don’t want to. Here are some of the possible legal issues surrounding the game.

#2: MOTHER 1+2 Translation Update 4

In general the updates about the MOTHER 1+2 translation have been popular, and this one happened to amass the most comments. Right now I have almost no free time so the project has hit a standstill, but I’ll post more details about the project sometime.

#3: EarthBound Baby Names

Polls, by their very nature, tend to get a lot of comments, and this was the most popular poll this year. I figured that since some big Final Fantasy fans named their kid Sephiroth, I wonder what big EarthBound fans might do.

#4: A New EarthBound Game?

Probably one of the most hope-inducing things this year was a screenshot in a Japanese magazine that looked exactly like a MOTHER game. It turned out to be something else that copied the graphical style, but it was still an interesting few weeks.

#5: EarthBound Sucks

I came across an very old review of EarthBound that someone posted online. I’ll be the first to admit EarthBound isn’t perfect, but I’ve rarely seen a review this funny-bad 😛

#6: Battle of the MOTHER Bands!

Another popular poll, this one was about which band in the MOTHER series was best. Pretty straightforward and got a lot of people talking.

#7: Possible New EarthBound, Part 2

This was a follow-up to the “A New EarthBound Game?” update. A clearer screenshot showed up online and this time it was obvious the game used a MOTHER-inspired graphical style. The screenshot made the rounds and garnered a lot of discussion.

#8: MOTHER Music Mayhem!

Another poll, this one was about the signature songs for each game in the MOTHER series.

#9: Playing EarthBound Zero

After getting stuck in part of MOTHER 1+2, I made a small post about how I always stop at a certain point in the game. I didn’t expect it to receive much attention, but instead it got people talking a lot.

#10: EarthBound Music Similarities

A few days before the EarthBound on Virtual Console stuff, I posted this article showing just a few music similarities. People link to this article a lot instead of the EB on VC one for some reason. I considered taking it down and auto-redirecting to the EB on VC article, but I’m lazy. It’s still pretty neat stuff, though!

I also planned on making a list of all the posts from this year that I thought were especially good, but by the time I got to the April posts I already had like several dozen on my list, so I decided not to do that 😛 Instead, I think it’d be neat to ask you guys what YOUR favorite posts. So here we go!

What were your favorite posts of the year for each of these categories?

  • Latest News
  • Gameplay-related
  • Itoi-related
  • Pics & Images
  • Videos
  • Music
  • Reviews
  • Previews
  • Merchandise-related
  • General Information

Also, if you have some free time, why not look through older posts from this year? There’s a lot of stuff in there that even I’VE forgotten about!

  • January 2009
  • February 2009
  • March 2009
  • April 2009
  • May 2009
  • June 2009
  • July 2009
  • August 2009
  • September 2009
  • October 2009
  • November 2009
  • December 2009
  • Running this site for the past year has been fun, and it’s also been a lot more work than I expected. People seem to like it though, so I keep at it. I’m getting busier by the day it seems, so I might change things up a bit this next year, possibly with guest authors or some sort of community news system, I’m not sure yet. But I think 2010 will be cool.

    Happy commemoration of the end of one cycle of our planet’s revolution around our stellar body of closest proximity and the commencement of another!


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    23 Comments to Looking Back at EB Central 2009

    IWontGetOvertheDam said on Dec. 31, 2009

    All in all, a pretty good year for such an obscure game series. Here’s to 2010!

    curiouspasserby said on Dec. 31, 2009

    I’m really happy with how this site’s been. It went from “the site I knew about” to one of my regulars I check everyday. Good job Mato!

    MarioFan3 said on Dec. 31, 2009

    Heh, right now I’m IN 2010 here in Australia, how cool is this?
    America is still in 2009, we have flying cars and hoverboards and I can’t remember when I didn’t see pickle monsters. 😀
    What’s it like to still be in 2009?

    (heheh, I LOVE doing this to people every new years day 😀 )

    Deraj626 said on Dec. 31, 2009

    Well I’m excited for 3 reasons. 1, it’s New Years Eve. 2, I just defeated Earthbound for the first time at around 5:15 Est time. 3, thespeedgamers are doing another Mother marathon in the Spring. Very exciting for me!

    Darien said on Dec. 31, 2009

    I’m going to cop out of picking a favourite post in each category and just say that my favourites are always the “obscure trivia” kind, where you point out some odd little fact about one of the games that people may not know. Those and M2EB, which I was very excited to see come back to life; I’ve been waiting for that to be finished for ten years now. 😉

    As for what it’s like here in 2009, well, it kind of just smells briney everywhere. Like we’re about to be attacked by some type of pickle creatures…

    Ninji said on Dec. 31, 2009

    Oh, right… Hey Mato, I’m totally hyped about 2010, in this year, I’m sure a LOT of awesome stuff will happen, like the completion of the MOTHER 1+2 fan translation, MOTHER 3.5, MOTHER 4, and new features on this site, more awesome fan merchandise on the fangamer store… Starmen.net Holiday Funfest, and more cool Itoi updates, 2010 looks like a great year!!! Also, by the way, Mato, could you post something super special awesome on Jan. 12th 2010? It may seem like a pushover request, but my birthday’s on Jan. 12th, and last year’s Jan. 12th post was awesome, it was the M1+2 event video… But anyhow, hooray for 2010!! 😀

    santiagoff said on Dec. 31, 2009

    @Ninji: What’s MOTHER 3.5? What’s that?

    Anyway, Happy New Year everyone, hope you have a great time. Mato, don’t change the way you manage the blog, the way you do it now is excellent in my opinion. As Darien said, I like those posts regarding bits of bizarre and obscure info, those are the posts I like the most.

    Ninji said on Dec. 31, 2009

    @santiagoff, apparently Mato hasn’t talked about it (yet) but here’s the link to the page, when you get there, you’ll understand, it’s a pretty darn cool fan-game here, check it out:http://forum.starmen.net/forum/Fan/Games/Morther-3-5/page/1/

    Pishi said on Dec. 31, 2009

    Howdy ‘Mato! It’s not 2010 yet to me, but here’s wishing a Happy New Year!

    My favorite posts were the music stuff. It’s amazing what people have done with Earthbound’s soundtrack! I’m hoping for a very musical new year, too.

    Sora444 said on Dec. 31, 2009

    Sooooo wheres the flying cars? Wheres Mr. Saturn? were going to the future right?

    MarioFan3 said on Dec. 31, 2009

    Flying cars suck! The Sky Runner’s so much cooler, they’re all the rage right now and they’re everywhere! 😀

    SuperBlooper057 said on Dec. 31, 2009

    New Years Resolution: Get Nintendo to release Mother 1, 2, and 3 in the Americas, Europe, and Australia. Sigh.

    Jeagle101 said on Dec. 31, 2009

    Let’s hope 2010 is another excellent year for the EarthBound community! 😀 Huzzah!

    Starguy256 said on Jan. 1, 2010

    well, it’s 2010, no hoverboards, flying cars and pickle monsters yet!

    Darien said on Jan. 1, 2010

    No pickle monsters, you say? Then what’s that behind you?

    Starguy256 said on Jan. 1, 2010

    That was a cucumber monster, duh!

    Kurt Cobain said on Jan. 1, 2010

    you should do more itoi stuff

    random trivia etc is kind of cool sometimes but the most interesting stuff is when itoi talks about anything at all

    he’s the creator of the series, so it’s definitely related. his thoughts, how he feels, man, it’s all good stuff in my opinion, and reflects indirectly his approach to designing these games

    because they’re really personal games sort of i guess? designed that way, anyway. they reflect the person itoi, who’s shared so much of himself on the internet, and sadly so much of it remains untranslated

    tomato, you are a god king, be more imperious

    Mr. Crosser said on Jan. 2, 2010

    Well that was a fast year…

    Darien said on Jan. 3, 2010

    Starguy: My bad, then. They can be hard to tell apart from a distance.

    Deraj626 said on Jan. 3, 2010

    Just saying that the mother marathon I talked about is going to be May 7-9.

    Zephys said on Jan. 4, 2010

    Totally not to be biased or anything, but I thought that there Mother 4 Fan Game’s post was pretty neat. Hrr, hrr.

    Super Smash Bros. Fan said on Jan. 9, 2010

    I personally found 2009 to be an terrible year for the Earthbound community and for two reasons:
    1. We found out that Earthbound is under legal issues that could prevent an VC release.
    2. Another game in the Mother series is unlikely.

    I’m actually quite surprise the fanbase didn’t give up and the series fall into obscurity for a more permanent time after all this.

    2010 will not be much different unless we see an Virtual Console release. I have no reason to be optimistic about the series other then that.

    Sora444 said on Jan. 9, 2010

    Hi Smash bros fan. 🙂


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