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December 3rd, 2009 | MOTHER 1, Uncommon Knowledge

In EarthBound Zero there’s an enemy in Magicant called “Groucho”. It’s an odd enemy and sometimes it will simply say “hello” and then leave, but you’ll still get experience from the battle somehow. It’s an amusing enemy, it kind of reminds me of the Walking Bushie in MOTHER 3.

Anyway, I’m sure most people know what the enemy’s name is a reference to, but here’s some info on that plus some more details courtesy of HalfmetalAlchemist:

Hey, there. I have no idea if this is official, but if not, it sure is an interesting coincidence. A while back, my mom borrowed a book from the library, titled “The Best of Groucho” if I remember correctly. I wouldn’t have thought much about it, until I noticed the man on the cover had squared eyebrows, a big moustache, and was wearing glasses. Here’s a photo of him:


I went a little deeper into this, and asked my mom if there was something about him saying “Hello” and then leaving. She responded by singing this song. I just thought I’d let you know.

Keep up the good work on EBC! 😀

I forget what the enemy’s name is in the Japanese version, but I know it’s not Groucho. The enemy still does the same thing, though.


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34 Comments to Groucho in EarthBound Zero

Dr. Hobo said on Dec. 3, 2009

“Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.” – Groucho Marx

Fiends said on Dec. 3, 2009

Groucho was a great man.

SmaMan said on Dec. 3, 2009

Wow! I knew his face was meant to look like Groucho Marx but I didn’t know about that song! Heh, I wonder what the Japanese dialog said for that line?

Karma said on Dec. 3, 2009

I love how Groucho Marx here, had to be talked about as if he was a forgotten relic from the age of the dinosaurs or something. Like no one knew who this man was until this fascinating discovery came to light. 😛

Makes me feel REALLY old for having several Marx bros films. But then again, so does being a retrogamer in general.

Still, that was really interesting.

santiagoff said on Dec. 3, 2009

I wasn’t even really sure who Groucho Marx was before reading this lol

LakituAl said on Dec. 3, 2009

“I never forget a face, but with you I’ll make an exception”

Or something like that. I don’t quite remember.

Mr. Crosser said on Dec. 3, 2009

Hey, I remember seeing that enemy when I was playing EarthBound zero on a repro cart

Lothis said on Dec. 3, 2009

I always knew that this particular enemy was designed after Groucho Marx, but the song bit is news to me. The more you know, amirite?

Ilana_ said on Dec. 3, 2009

I always saw this guy at the Dylan Dog comics. Check it out!

I didn’t know, back then, that it was an actor. But then i already knew, due to his unique character, that it was a reference of something cultural. XDD

Robert said on Dec. 3, 2009

you actually got more EXP if he said hello and walked away then if you beat him

LucasTizma said on Dec. 3, 2009

@Karma: LOL I know, right?! I don’t know really anything about Groucho Marx, but I did figure out that the enemy in EB0 was based off of him. Still, it’s pretty funny that the article was phrased in the context of a “you probably have no idea who this is, but…” 😀

Shing said on Dec. 3, 2009

Ha! My friend loves Groucho Marx. I bet he’d get a huge kick out of this enemy. What a clever reference to that song!

Anonymous said on Dec. 3, 2009
Darien said on Dec. 3, 2009

Yeah, no lie, Karma: people not knowing who Groucho Marx is makes me feel amazingly old. Like when I was listening to “Back in the USSR” with a girl I worked with a few years ago, and she asked me “hey, what’s the USSR?”

Times they are a-changin’.

Portal-Kombat said on Dec. 3, 2009

I knew about the Marx Bros. way before this game, but I didn’t know about the reference to that song. Good find!

Jeagle101 said on Dec. 3, 2009

That explains why Groucho says “Hello” and then leaves. I always wondered why the heck he did that…

Interesting little info like this I always like 🙂

pooppoop said on Dec. 3, 2009

“Times they are a-changin’.”

it’s funny because that song is about not living in the past. and you’re using it in this context to bemoan people not knowing the past

G.Wicks said on Dec. 3, 2009

Animal Crackers and Duck Soup are Marx Brothers works of genius. If you guys haven’t watched those films, you should check them out! They’re old but funny.

-AnnK- said on Dec. 3, 2009

“Hello, I Must Be Going” is originally from Duck Soup (though I think they used the song on stage in part of their act on Broadway)


Duck Soup is one of my fave. Marx Bro’s movies of all time :p

Ice Sage said on Dec. 3, 2009

I knew that Groucho was supposed to reference Marx, but I thought the whole “hello” thing was just to be funny. Didn’t know it referenced a whole song.

This is exactly why I love the MOTHER series.

@Darien: It’s happened to me to, and I’m only 16. It’s probably because I’ve always been too mature for my age, but still…

Groucho Marx said on Dec. 3, 2009

Now there’s a man with an open mind. You can feel the breeze from here.

Sir Ilpalazzo said on Dec. 3, 2009

I just checked, and his Japanese name is “Bonus Swoosh”, which connects him to all the other swoosh enemies more, I guess.

Darien said on Dec. 3, 2009

Pooppoop: I’m bemoaning things? Wow, you sure know a lot about me! More than I do, even, since here I thought I was just observing that time sure does go by quickly sometimes.

Ice Sage: Happens to all of us periodically, I reckon.

PK Mt. Fuji said on Dec. 3, 2009

I feel like I’m the only one who knew about the “hello, I must be going” reference before this post.

pooppoop said on Dec. 4, 2009

it’s funny because now you’re bemoaning my pointing out of your bemoaning while trying to pretend that you never bemoaned anything

resetsurvivor said on Dec. 4, 2009

Groucho Marx was the founder of modern communism.

..er, wait. What are we talking about again?

Lothis said on Dec. 4, 2009

That would be Karl, not Groucho.

Anonymous said on Dec. 4, 2009

Wasn’t Karl Marx the fourth brother who preferred politics to show business?

JudgeDeadd said on Dec. 4, 2009

Or the sixth brother, if you take Gummo and Zeppo into account…

Ginrei said on Dec. 4, 2009

This reminds me of Spongebob… Spongebob, dressed as a ghost for Halloween, says, “Wooo! I’m a ghooost!”. Patrick, with a pair of Groucho glasses on, says, “Haha! I don’t know who I am!!”.

Like everyone else has been saying, this makes me feel oooold. T_T

Linkdude20002001 said on Dec. 4, 2009

In the Japanese version, “Groucho” is called “Extra Swoosh” or “Bonus Swoosh” (おまけビューン, Omake Byūn).

SmaMan said on Dec. 5, 2009

Hmm, that’s interesting. So I guess the localizers thought he looked like those disguise/Groucho Marx glasses and dropped the reference.

But in Mother, does “Extra Swoosh” say “Hello” and leave?

Anonymous said on Mar. 30, 2012

A Groucho Marx esque enemy also appears in Kid Icarus Uprising.

Apple Kid said on Sep. 18, 2012

I am now a Groucho fan… Hello


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