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November 14th, 2009 | EarthBound, Uncommon Knowledge

A long time ago I wrote up a very quick summary (more like jotted-down notes) of the first chapter of the official MOTHER 2 / EarthBound novel. Then many years passed. Longtime fan and Japanese-knowing guy Kyosuke recently decided to do a summary for Chapter 2. So here are the first two chapters summarized! I think Kyo plans on writing more summaries on a regular-ish basis, so that would be good news.

Chewy managed to get in contact with the author a while back, in the hopes of getting permission to make an official translation of the book. The author was excited about it and all for it, but she also said that getting the okay from the people who actually matter would be extremely difficult 🙁

Anyway, on to the summaries! Don’t mind the roughness of the chapter 1 summary, the chapter 2 summary is much better 😛

Mother 2 – Giygas Strikes Back
Novel by Kumi Saori


PAGES 7 – 11

Story starts in summer.

Can’t sleep well for whatever reason.

Sees a streak of light, in his half-dream state he thinks he’s playing baseball.

Tracy wakes him up, he’s on the floor in their room.

Something huge landed in the nearby hill with a super loud sound while he was half asleep.

Couldn’t be a plane, sine planes don’t fly at certain times (a Japanese thing). It’s glowing, so it must be a meteor.

Ness says the should look, but she thinks he’s crazy – because of radiation or it might have a horrible virus or evil aliens.

Intense knocking began that seemed to shake the entire house.

Mom wakes up. Chibi is an old England Sheepdog and was lying under the old piano. Chibi’s weight = 50 kg, 15 years old. Normally a dog would bark if someone knocked, but not him.

Tracy thinks it’s the police or Martians who have come to attack.

Mom can’t show herself without makeup on. Wishes Dad were home.

Dad was in the fast food industry, and was on a long-term business trip in a certain economically powerful country. Company’s name was Ness Burger.

Ness has liked hamburgers since he was a baby for some reason. Mom was busy as a supermodel at the time, so it was always Dad’s job to make meals – he worked at Minch’s supermarket at the time as a high-level salesman. Ness’s dad was greatly determined to make the best burgers in the world. His resulting burger got rave reviews at a bazaar. He used meat from Minch’s store to set up Ness Burger. Shops started popping up everywhere, and plan were even made to open shops in other countries.

Back to the knocking… the person knocking didn’t seem to have any intention of stopping.

Ness finally decides to answer it. It was Pokey, the fat son of the next door neighbors.

Threatens to kill ness if he doesn’t open up.

Pokey is the most hated kid at school. He’s violent, vulgar, and arrogant. Does stupid pranks; interrupts class nearly every day. There are classmates at school – Eddy who has asthma, Mike who seems a little too thin, and Bill, who talks strange when flustered. They always get bullied by Pokey. He gets a talking to from the principal, but no adults can make him regret anything he does. Because his dad, Mr. Minch, is the biggest name in town.

Chapter Two: “First Trial”

Ness finds the roads to Twoson blocked off. He tries to get by the cops but they find him suspicious and take him away.

Chief Strong looks at Ness and thinks he’s probably too young to be one of the Sharks, but he asks if he’s one of Franks henchmen. Ness pleads that he’s not part of the Sharks. He’s heard of Frank but has never met him before. Strong decides to believe him and tells him to go home. Ness begs for passage to Twoson but Strong turns him down strongly. Ness tries to explain but Strong ignores him and starts talking on the phone. A young, tall police officer named Jim comes in by orders of Strong. Strong tells him to take Ness home. But on the way out, a woman officer with glasses named Maggy drops a bunch of documents after getting slammed into by a group of officers running through the narrow hallway in a SWAT team like fashion. Jim and Maggy flirt a lot. Ness says he doesn’t need an escort and Jim lets him leave on his own.

Ness notices from all the heckticness from the Police Station that the reason the road is blocked is because of the Sharks and the fuss they started causing over the fallen meteor. He decides that he must convince the leader of the Sharks to stop what they are doing so that the police will stop their famous road blocking.

Ness heads off to the Arcade which is the first floor of an old rented out building. The windows have posters from last year that had been torn and fixed with tape. The sidewalk is blocked off by old bikes and scooters. Trash is scattered around the trashcans with fast food cups and wrappings.

Ness walks up to three rough looking types and asks if Frank is around. The guys bully Ness and rough him up a little bit (the guys include the equivalents to a Skateboard Punk, a Pogo Punk and a Yes Man Jr.) Ness doesn’t back down though and demands for them to take him to see Frank. The guys warn him that Frank has a shorter fuse than them andthat Ness would be in a lot of trouble. But Ness keeps a serious face and doesn’t back down and demands to see him. The Sharks finally give in and lead him into the Arcade to see Frank.

They take Ness down some stairs into a partial basement type hallway that leads to a door. The guys knock and tell Ness they warned him and head back up the stairs leaving Ness alone. Ness opens the door and sees Frank. He looks to be about 20 years old and is wearing sunglasses. He’s in the middle of playing a game of pool. Ness asks Frank to stop all that they are doing and make up with the police. He also tells Frank about the meteor and the threat of Giygas. Frank is irritated and thinks Ness is crazy and gives him a chance to go home without getting roughed up. But Ness is persistent and begs for Frank to help, saying how the world is in danger. Frank gets fed up, takes out a knife and tells Ness to come at him with his bat. Ness doesn’t move so Frank goes at him. Ness swings his bat which clashes with the knife making the knife stab directly into the bat taking it from Franks hand. But Frank starts to take out some darts and throws them continuously at Ness. Ness dodges all of them in time but Frank is now upon him throwing a punch. Ness is now on the floor and Frank starts the beating. Ness’ vision starts to blur and he can feel blood run down his throat. He starts to lose consciousness and thinks how he must somehow pull through and find Paula in Twoson. Suddenly he hears a voice calling him. It’s Paula communicating to him through telepathy. She tells him that he has hidden power that he must awaken. Ness suddenly feels a rush of energy and his body releases a white flash of light. He doesn’t feel the pain from the beating anymore. He feels totally recharged, like a battery. Paula tells him that what he did is called “Psycho Healing”. Ness stands up, totally refreshed, smiles and asks Frank again to hear his plea. Frank freaks out and calls on his robot Frankenstein 2 which busts through an area in the brick wall.

Frank controls the robot with a box like remote control. The robot looks like it could run Ness right over. Ness gets scared and calls for Paula to tell him what to do. Paula communicates to him that PK would be the best thing in this situation. She instructs him to concentrate his spirit energy into a ball. Ness tries by imagining his energy in the form of a baseball. He then releases it with a loud scream. The energy surges towards the robot in the form of a dragon and strikes! Frankenstein 2 falls apart from the blast. Frank falls to his knees with mouth gaping open. He confirms that Ness is a psychokinesis wielding ESPer. Frank becomes excited and laughs.

He then apologizes for treating Ness the way he did, to which Ness accepts his apology and says he’s sorry for breaking his robot. Frank shakes Ness’ hand. Frank explains that he used to love the anime Astro Boy when he was a kid about the same age as Ness. He loved it so much that it made him want to become a world renowned scientist someday and build a great robot. But his family was poor and his parents told him only to work and make money and to forget about school. Frank becomes helpful and friendly. He then tells Ness that one of his members (nickname Mop, one of the guys that picked on Ness) has a strong spirit sense and knows about the power spot at Giant Step. But he says he can’t get to it because of a strange shining thing that blocks the way and makes Mop shiver with fright. Mop says he also senses some sort of beast that is sucking up the energy at the spot. Mop says the beast is calling out for someone else. Ness realizes that this might be one of the “My Sanctuary Locations” that Buzz Buzz told him about.

Frank then tells Ness that he’ll ask for the cops to take down the roadblock for him and supportingly wishes Ness luck on saving the world.

Ness goes to where his friends hang out in the tree house behind the library to tell them of what has happened and tell them to take care of Tracy and his mom while he’s gone off on his journey. Chris, the leader of the boys, tells Ness not to worry about making it back in time for the new semester at school and that he’d cover for him somehow. The wanna be writer, Gody, asks Ness to tell them all about his adventures when he gets back so he can write it all down and make his writing debut. Gody has such a pretty face he is often confused for being a girl. Ness’ hat was damaged in his rumbles with the Shark’s and Frank, so Gody gives him a Mister Baseball hat, signed by Mister (whoever that is). Gody says he owes it to Ness for saving him that one time he was being chased by a dog and Ness protected him. Teddy dug in his pockets and gave Ness a Mini Mag Light that would be useful for caves. They all wish him luck and say goodbye.

Ness enters the cave leading to Giant Step and uses the Mini Mag Light that Teddy gave him. The cave gets narrower and narrower and he goes further in. He then comes to a light ahead of him. The cold and mysterious light showers over him. Inside the blinding light comes the voice of something big. It says “This is the first of your locations, but it is mine now. Take it from me if you can.” Ness couldn’t believe his eyes as the beast came out of the light. The beast is a giant ant! They fight and the ant is helped by other smaller ants. During the fight, Ness’ mini mag light accidentally hits the ant in the guts and the giant ant shrinks to normal size. His ant cohorts carry him off. The mysterious light disappears and Ness carries on further into the cave which soon ends and lead out under a blue sky. There is a giant foot print and Ness records the sound of the location with his sound stone. For a moment, Ness caught a glimpse of a small, shaggy dog.

Paula congratulates Ness through telepathy. As Ness leaves through the cave and goes down from the mountain, someone from the Town Hall is there looking for him and takes him to the Town Hall.

He’s taken to a conference room where he sees the mayor, the Chief of police and Frank, for some reason dressed in a gleaming hero-like Sci-Fi costume that looks like it’s straight out of some comic. Mayor Pickle tells Ness of how Frank has agreed to become part of the clean up force in Onett and has used the left over parts of Frankenstein 2 to build a cleaning machine. Frank has also committed the Sharks to becoming a part of Onett’s clean up committee. Mayor Pickle then tells Ness that he is taking down the road blocks and offers Strong to take him down there personally in his patrol car. Ness excitedly tries to inform Paula through telepathy of the good news but can’t seem to get a hold of her. Ness is worried something might have happened to her and starts to run.

Sound interesting so far? Sound lame? What sayeth you? Would you ever want to see a full, official translation of this book?


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23 Comments to MOTHER 2 Novel, Chapter 1 & 2

Alxprit said on Nov. 14, 2009

It’s very insightful as to some of the unsolved mysteries of Earthbound. I would love to see a full translation sometime in the future.

Ninji said on Nov. 14, 2009

COOL, wish it was translated, that book looks freakin’ sweet! (new motto) anyways I AM SECOND place!!! (I know I’m being a little n00bish saying that)

rawpower7 said on Nov. 14, 2009

I would read it if it were to be translated and the Mother novel too.

skyrunner14 said on Nov. 14, 2009

I would LOVE to see official translations of both books. Hopefully the author will be able to sort things out and make such a translation a reality! 😀

BottleRocket said on Nov. 14, 2009

A full word-for-word translation would be amazing, I’d love to read it.

Father said on Nov. 14, 2009

If this book was translated in English I would buy it in a heart beat.

WhatsHerFace said on Nov. 14, 2009

Oh! How exciting…! I hope they’re able to get everything sorted out…I’d download a free translation, but if I had to buy it, I totally would.

Another One said on Nov. 14, 2009

I sayeth that I would love to see a full, official translation of this book.

Sisto said on Nov. 14, 2009

I’ve always wondered what his dad did for a living.

blahmoomoo said on Nov. 14, 2009

This summary definitely is not exciting as it is written, but I can definitely see a professional translation becoming a much more epic novel! For example, I’m sure that the fight with the sanctuary ant would have more detail than the summary shows.

Anonymous said on Nov. 14, 2009

wow. I would read a full translation any day!

radiansansred said on Nov. 14, 2009

The novel definitely sounds interesting and exciting at certain points, and I would love to see a full translation of this. Hopefully such a thing happens in the near future.

PKSkyler said on Nov. 14, 2009

sounds awesome! More summaries or a full translation would be great.

??? said on Nov. 14, 2009

The first chapter summary seems a little “Engrishy”, but it’s still well-done. The 2nd chapter summary is very discriptive and pretty awesome. I lol’d at Frank randomly mentioning Astro Boy.

Master Shambler said on Nov. 14, 2009

I really hope to read this entire translation!

Kyosuke said on Nov. 14, 2009

Yeah, I know the summary isn’t very exciting to read and would be so much more awesome as a full translation. I think I’m gonna stop putting in so much unneeded details and write shorter summaries for the rest of them so it leaves more for people to look forward to when the translation is hopefully done some day.

What do you guys think? Shorter summaries? Or keep on with all the details?

Steak said on Nov. 15, 2009

Very interesting!! Keep with the level of detail of chapter 2 if you can.
I felt like I didn’t miss a thing, even though each event was put into your own words (perfect).

Mato said on Nov. 15, 2009

Kyo: Personally I think the “100 letter-long (or less) summary per page” thing is a good way to go, and if you want to add any extra notes you can always include them in a notes section at the end of each chapter or something. Kind of like what I’ve done with the M1 novel summary even though I haven’t finished it yet 😛

glasses said on Nov. 16, 2009

I would LOVE to own a copy of a translated version of this novel, no question! I am bummed it hasn’t been translated into english officially, because it is one of my most wanted Mother series-related items. Going by the summaries, it expand upon a story I love very much.

As for the summaries, I think it’s very exciting to read them! I love reading all the little details. Considering the fact a full english translation is so uncertain, I eat up all the details I can get…but if you think there’s a decent chance of a full translation in the future, well, then I’d be happy with short summaries (oh my goodness I want a full translation so much!)

anyway, thanks for doing these Kyo. it makes me very happy to see a new one added — I thought it might have been a one time thing, glad to see you continuing 🙂

Axl-fox said on Nov. 16, 2009

“The energy surges towards the robot in the form of a dragon and strikes!”

PK Dragon? ok that’s a new one

man, I would kill to see a full translation of this comic, it makes me see the game from a very different angle, its so amazing!

Lionpikmin said on Nov. 20, 2009

ooh god please! PLEASE!! make the translation come true!! i would love to have both books official translated.
there should be a online permission page for the translation of the 2 books. anyone could do that???

Tessie said on Aug. 11, 2010

Man talking about dreams coming true since I played earthbound I always hoped thta Itoi make it a book funny thta I ad never noticed that the book already existed I hope someday some one translate it, please beleive I want to translate it but unfortunately I don’t know japanese

Tessie said on Aug. 11, 2010

Man talking about dreams coming true since I played earthbound I always hoped that Itoi made it a book funny thta I ad never noticed that the book already existed I hope someday some one translate it, please beleive I want to translate it but unfortunately I don’t know japanese


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