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October 3rd, 2009 | Images, MOTHER 3

People’ve been talking about this for a good while and sending in lots of pics about it, so it’s about time I post about it 😛 Apparently, one of the characters in the Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends cartoon looks a lot like Lucas from MOTHER 3. Judging from the pics though, I don’t think they act very much alike 😛

Thanks to AcidoCitrico for these pics, which come from “Neighbor Pains” from season 4.

Also, that reminds me, wasn’t there some cartoon that had a monkey blowing a bubble and floating out a window?


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58 Comments to Lucas in Foster’s Home

Roy said on Oct. 3, 2009

I think he could also be Claus in disguise! :O

IWontGetOvertheDam said on Oct. 3, 2009

“Also, that reminds me, wasn’t there some cartoon that had a monkey blowing a bubble and floating out a window?”

Seems like that’s a bit common in media, ‘cept maybe the monkey part. I’d be surprised if there wasn’t a TVTropes article on it.

Metroid_maniac said on Oct. 3, 2009

lol. Useless comment FTW!

captain_falcon said on Oct. 3, 2009

I’d have mistaken some of these for sttlish fan art of Lucas had I seen them elsewhere.

Sisto said on Oct. 3, 2009

Ness lookalikes… Lucas lookalikes… but where are Ninten lookalikes?

curiouspasserby said on Oct. 3, 2009

I saw this episode before this article, so how is it I never made the connection? Oh well, good find for those who noticed it.

Yoshimad123 said on Oct. 3, 2009

Hm, so I’m not the only one who noticed this.

CMB said on Oct. 3, 2009

Actually, there WAS a monkey floating with bubblegum, but not out of a window.

I forget the episode name, but it’s in the episode where Coco makes baseball cards about everyone in Fosters, Bloo, being the selfish dork that he is, goes off to find all of them. About halfway through the show, some big burly Imaginary Friend leads Bloo to an alleyway, where a monkey in a trenchcoat and cinder blocks for feet shows him a briefcase full of cards, all in return the monkey asks for gum.

Bloo frantically searches for a ton of gum in which the monkey trades it, eats the whole dang thing and blew a big bubble, carrying him and his Cinder block shoes up into the sky.

Digitalized said on Oct. 3, 2009

I’m kinda sad that show’s over…

amorerana said on Oct. 3, 2009

It’s like a Lucas/Calvin hyprid. I want to watch this show now.

Ice Sage said on Oct. 3, 2009

It’s the hairstyle that cements the whole resemblance, in my opinion.

Mr. Crosser said on Oct. 3, 2009

This biggest conspiracy since ness the ozzie boy

Leirin said on Oct. 3, 2009

Sisto: anything people claim are “Ness” lookalikes should also claim they are “Ninten” lookalikes. Honestly, Ninten came first, so why do we only ever associate that look with Ness?

Mr. Crosser said on Oct. 3, 2009

well, ness doesn’t wear a hankie!

??? said on Oct. 3, 2009

The kid reminds me more of Flapjack than Lucas, since the hair at the bottom curls up a bit. Though it’s odd since this episode predates Flapjack. Both kids can fit Lucas’ description, though.

guy said on Oct. 3, 2009

This show has had videogame references in it before. There’s no doubt this was intentional!

Felipe said on Oct. 3, 2009

An alongside the Handkerchief fact Leirin, there’s also the fact tha Ness wears a Backpack and Ninten does not. Anyways, sometimes there ARE mistakes, but that’s not of such relevance.

Hypotenuse Man said on Oct. 3, 2009

Craig McCracken, the artist for Foster’s Home, actually said that he didn’t know anything about Mother 3 or EarthBound. Take that as you will.

Leirin said on Oct. 3, 2009

What? Ninten doesn’t wear a “hankie”. He does in the commercials and in some artistic interpretations, but honestly, he doesn’t really have it.

guy said on Oct. 3, 2009

Hypotenuse Man,
Craig McCracken wasn’t necessarily the person who designed the character 😉

Hypotenuse Man said on Oct. 3, 2009

I understand completely. P: That’s why I didn’t say “This is definitely not a reference.”

Mr. Crosser said on Oct. 3, 2009

Hm… I recall multiple video game references in this show as well
In the first one, there’s a game boy advance. Sometimes, the game consoles look like gamecubes, and… I forget the name of the episode… But there was this one where foster’s sells a bunch of old stuff, and this one guy tries to steal something, and they’re all on a wild goose chase. The thief runs into a mirror that these 2 guys, dressed as mario and luigi. And…. There was a reference to pac-man as well in another one…

Chrissii said on Oct. 4, 2009

Too uncanny to not be intentional, IMO anyways. Probably not on the creator’s part, but on one of the artist’s/designer’s for sure.

Anonymous said on Oct. 4, 2009

Holy hell…

Phones said on Oct. 4, 2009

Actually, I’m pretty sure the guy who made Foster’s has a DA, so you could try to ask him if you’d like.
Ah, here it is.
I’m pretty sure that’s him.

LucidEnigma said on Oct. 4, 2009

I remember seeing this a long while back and thinking “Nah, why would they put a reference to a game that has’nt been ‘released’ worldwide yet” and figured it was pure happenstance, but upon further consideration, I beleive it is quite possibly a M3 reference. Besides, they referenced things far more “obscure” than M3…the Big Labowski for example


Leirin said on Oct. 4, 2009

yup Phones, that’s the one 😀

Axl-fox said on Oct. 4, 2009

speaking abouch which, isn’t there an episode of KND where Ness and Paula make a cameo?

guy said on Oct. 4, 2009

The Big Lebowski isn’t obscure, the Coen brothers are very popular film makers and they play on tv all the time.

Sisto said on Oct. 4, 2009


It was kind of a joke. I know that Ninten and Ness are practically the same character.

GoldenEevee said on Oct. 5, 2009

Actually he has some Flapjack in his appearance too……


LucidEnigma said on Oct. 5, 2009

@ guy : I did’nt mean obscure as in relatively unknown by the public, I meant obscure as in not “readily noticed” by the target demographic.

top list #4:

Anonymous said on Oct. 6, 2009

Wow, I did a little research and M3 came out a MONTH BEFORE this episode! Coinsidence??

Anonymonster said on Oct. 7, 2009

There was also a clip, I think of that same episode, where Bloo and, er, the kid’s big sister masquerade for some reason to someone’s door and for some reason make a “Mother of 64” joke. I saw it on YouTube back when this was pointed out on the Starmen.Net Forums. Either some writer’s trying to have his way, or the coincidence just got bigger.

PKSTARMAN said on Oct. 7, 2009

Lol! I saw my little cousin watching this episode of Fosters home for Imaginary Friends, I actually couldnt believe it!

Mr.Saturn said on Oct. 10, 2009

XD Well… on that cartoon there’s a Lucas? :P!

Well… on that episode he is taken care by his grandpa…


CloudMallo said on Oct. 12, 2009

yup yup… i really need to watch this episode now.

gabo1995 said on Oct. 12, 2009

OMG!!!! i have seen this episode [before i ever knew about the mother series] but now i know he looks like lucas! that is sooooooooo funny, he looks 1 Googol% like lucas. i hope to get the wii this christmas so i can play ssbb and play LUCAS VS CLAUS [lucas’ costume].
and Ness vs. Lucas. but i think guiegue should be in the next smash brothers along with the masked man but, i’m not sure.

Pokey lives again said on Oct. 15, 2009

Yeah i agree Its like if lucas and evil klaus were combined

Pkhypernova said on Oct. 29, 2009

Haha I’ve seen this before and never noticed lol

Smashcooper said on Nov. 9, 2009

Theres an explination for lucas not to act normal it was claus dreesed like and thats why he went missing!

Espyo said on Dec. 29, 2009

It does look like Lucas. The hair style, color, the clothes…
And also adding that it seems that there is a “Mother of 64” joke that Anonymonster pointed…
Oh nuts… I wanna see this episode!!

New Age Retro Hippie said on Jan. 10, 2010

Yeah, I agree with CMB, he was from Foster’s Home. His name was Gumbo and is from cuckoo for coco cards episode

Mr. Saturn said on Apr. 17, 2010

Okay, one of the people who makes FHFIF MUST be a Mother fan.
And just to clear things up, EarthBound is basically an enhanced remake of Mother. They just took some things out, changed things, and added new things.

Gon said on Apr. 17, 2010

I don’t think Anything about EB constitutes it as a remake. Sure the gameplay is similar and Ness, Paula, and Jeff do resemble Ninten, Ana, and Lloyd but with your logic you could more or less call Dragon Quest 2 a remake of Dragon Quest

Felipe said on Apr. 17, 2010

Mr. Saturn. have you ever played Mother and Mother 2? The cities are different, the dungeons, within a lot other. And Gyigas in Mother 2 has that form because Ninten defeated him in Mother 1. Otherwise, he would have the same human-like form in both games.

Lucas200x said on May. 11, 2010

The show loves to make cracks at popular internet phenomenon(dont know if thats spelled right)I.E the U.S. Earthbound community and youtube and Homestar Runner

Lucas200x said on May. 14, 2010

in fact on their macys day float they rickrolld everyone

motherman said on Sep. 5, 2010


motherman said on Sep. 5, 2010

all thats missing is a pair of those dot-ish eyes

3alloa said on Jan. 27, 2011

maybe the one who design the characters really wanted mother 3 us release , he was a fan of earthbound (well maybe 🙂 )

BigDream said on Jul. 7, 2011

You have a point. they do LOOK alot like Lucas! But not even close.

RadicOmega said on Jan. 22, 2012

Cartoonnetwork ALWAYS rips off EarthBound.

Minifig2401 said on Feb. 6, 2012

And i loved this show before i loved mother…

Earth Saturn said on Mar. 17, 2012

Oh man, I remember watching this show on Cartoon Network when I was younger. Good times man, good times.

Nyx said on May. 30, 2012

@Mr. Saturn
Do NOT tell kenisu that.

Puff said on Dec. 21, 2012

Now I need to look up this episode! Sure doesn’t act like Lucas though…

Ninten said on Jan. 1, 2014

I think ness is a clone or something though their still different 1)their hats face different ways 2) ninten has a bandana 3) ninten has bigger blue than yellow stripes
4) why is ninten hated he’s been around for 23 years


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