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September 13th, 2009 | Audio Stuff, MOTHER 3

Here’s a cool rendition of the second-to-last boss battle in MOTHER 3, done by DEDEDEJr.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

(download MP3)


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22 Comments to MOTHER 3 Boss Battle Rock

curiouspasserby said on Sep. 13, 2009

That is freakin’ awesome.

Metroid_maniac said on Sep. 13, 2009

Epic Win with the anti-spoiler title.

V-King said on Sep. 13, 2009

This would be so cool in Guitar Hero or Rock Band 😀

Hejiru said on Sep. 13, 2009

What did Porky do?!

santiagoff said on Sep. 13, 2009

awesome track is awesome! 😀

MOTHERMoondance-- said on Sep. 13, 2009


Blarg said on Sep. 13, 2009

It’s a pretty cool rock-version of that boss battle theme (trying to avoid spoiling anyone) but I feel that some parts are a tad bit flat and monotonous. Those particular portions of the music could use either a greater variety or number of instruments to be played along with the guitar/bass to create a “layered” harmonious, yet rockin’, sound. Aside from that, it’s not a bad listen, so good job DEDEDEJr.

Anonymous said on Sep. 15, 2009

something tells me every song that dedede jr. “made” is just him taking a midi and changing the soundfont then claiming it as his own

Cyber Buddha said on Sep. 15, 2009

This is a midi sequence that I made and submitted to vgmusic.com, and I don’t like that somebody is claiming it as their own…

Claus said on Sep. 15, 2009


SmaMan said on Sep. 15, 2009

I think I know what song I’m going to hack into Brawl next! 😀

yetikirby said on Sep. 26, 2009


PKSTARMAN said on Oct. 10, 2009

Pokey means EPICNESS!!!

mother_rockin said on Oct. 17, 2009

I wish that they had something like Pokey Means Business in Mother 3. I like this music. Again great Job guys.

Pokey said on Oct. 20, 2009

yeah guys great [ps spankety spankety spankety]

Ultrapyre said on Mar. 30, 2010

O_o amazing.

blahblah said on May. 21, 2010

What did Porky do?
He made an AWESOME REMIX!!!!

DarkNess said on Jun. 16, 2010

that´s amazing!

motherman said on Jul. 3, 2010


Clowkero said on Feb. 19, 2011

This is pretty awesome thanks for this!

I love Mother 3!

RadicOmega said on Oct. 24, 2011

The music that played in the battle against Porky is the best VG music ever invented and will be invented. There willl never be a series like the MOTHER series. THe musis to the original MOTHER game is better than EVERY single VG music today (Not including M3 or M2)

RadicOmega said on Oct. 24, 2011

And @Hejier, Porky did the most evil thing that I had ever seen. He’s practically Vido Gmaes Hitler. He tops it all off with some thing that makes you cry. You can feel is evilness while playing the game


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