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Tips for Buying EarthBound

August 18th, 2009 | EarthBound, Images, MOTHER 1, MOTHER 3

Here’s a funny comic by tran4of3 πŸ˜€

(click for big)

Which game would you most want released?


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64 Comments to Give Me My Mother

IWontGetOvertheDam said on Aug. 18, 2009

If I had to choose, I would pick EB on the VC.

sticktendo said on Aug. 18, 2009

Earthbound on VC, definitely.

That One Guy said on Aug. 18, 2009

Mother 1+2+3 please. On DS.

dk said on Aug. 18, 2009

All three.

mitch said on Aug. 18, 2009

They forgot Ninten’s bandana.

Supakitsune said on Aug. 18, 2009

Poor Sephiroth…

Someone Else said on Aug. 18, 2009

I would want EarthBound and MOTHER on Virtual Console the most. As upsetting as having to emulate it is, I can already play MOTHER 3 on its own system with a flash cart.

Playing MOTHER on the GBA using a 1+2 rom and the flash cart(and an existing translation patch) was really great. I couln’t stand MOTHER 2 on there though because I couldn’t read anything!

I would want EarthBound on the VC above the other two, though. Definitely.

Sisto said on Aug. 18, 2009

I saw this awhile ago while skimming through fan art.
I really like how serious Ninten is. He really wants
Mother on the VC.

Steve! said on Aug. 18, 2009

Propably Mother 3 since mother 1 and 2 got an official translation even if mother 1 wasn’t released.

slovaksiren said on Aug. 18, 2009

That comic is funny, how he added Sepphy, still, Claus sounds like he is talking about Sephiroth rather than Lucas.

Jeagle101 said on Aug. 18, 2009

I can’t choose, they’re all too awesome :'( If I had to though, i’d say Mother 3 IMO

MO7 said on Aug. 18, 2009

EB on VC

Shichiji said on Aug. 18, 2009

What’s Sephiroth doing there?

I’d say EB Zero, and easy-ify it

Jake Carey said on Aug. 18, 2009

OOOH I want FF7 on the PS3 with b3tt3r grafix!!

No, in all seriousness I would love to see MOTHER and EarthBound on the VC, then depending on sales release MOTHER 3 for the DS.

EarthBoundRules said on Aug. 18, 2009

Mother 3.

SamWibatt said on Aug. 18, 2009


Not Giygas said on Aug. 18, 2009

I definitely agree with Sephiroth.

Ice Sage said on Aug. 18, 2009

I want all three to be released, but if I had to choose, I would pick MOTHER. Firstly because it might be retranslated (aka a better translation), and secondly because MOTHER 3 has already been translated by Mato, which is absolutely fantastic! πŸ˜€

Long story short, MOTHER.

Miles Vialpando (PK ELECTION) said on Aug. 18, 2009

EarthBound on Virtual Console…. ugh… that would be a great foot in the door to getting Mother 3 here. and I’m sure we could ensure it would be the number one sold. I already have reserved the ability to buy about 30 copies and gift it to others. πŸ˜€

I hope others can do similar!

bobbyjkl said on Aug. 18, 2009

Mother 1 is the hardest, Mother 2 is in the middle, and Mother 3 is the easiest.

Mother 1+2+3 would be great for the DS, but, nay!

Nintendo would make the easiest profit from Mother 2 on the VC. I mean, M3 or a combo pack would take packaging all of it, programming, etc… and Japan probably wouldn’t want it, already having M1+2 and M3…

curiouspasserby said on Aug. 18, 2009

I feel your pain sephy, we all need a good dose of Mother.

Keiji Dragon said on Aug. 19, 2009

MOTHER 2/EarthBound on VC would Rock My World. πŸ˜‰


TBird said on Aug. 19, 2009

Giygas is… Jenova!? Does this mean Barret wears contacts?

Dumbo said on Aug. 19, 2009

All three in my god damned country, that’s what.

douglas said on Aug. 19, 2009

If you had Mother 1 or 2 on the Virtual Console you’d still be emulating it, technically.

Satsy said on Aug. 19, 2009

Y’know what the worst part is?

Of all those characters there, representing their games, we ALL know who’s likely to see a game revival first.

And he still won’t be happy…

Edracon said on Aug. 19, 2009

Can I choose all of them?

Wil said on Aug. 19, 2009

EarthBound on Virtual Console.
it has the most replay value.

yetikirby said on Aug. 19, 2009

well it would be cool if they did a kirby super satr thing with all 3 games on the ds!

L95 said on Aug. 19, 2009

All of them

Churly said on Aug. 19, 2009

Having never played FFVII, I have no idea what Sepiroth (not typo) is talking about.

PsiRocker said on Aug. 19, 2009

Sephiroth is OBSESSED with Jenove which he calls Mother. He either ate Magic Cake, or was drunk (probably both) I like this comic 5/5!

santiagoff said on Aug. 19, 2009

Mother 3.

Leirin said on Aug. 19, 2009

Whoawhoawhoa, wait a second, that’s Sephiroth? I thought that was a woman.

Mr. Jupiter said on Aug. 19, 2009

Earthbound on VC!

Blarg said on Aug. 19, 2009

I’m with That One Guy. Have a compilation DS game and make it a win-win situation. Good times for all.

Blarg said on Aug. 19, 2009

Sorry for the double post, but I forgot to mention that the comic is hilarious, true and the ‘toon style is well done.

Gyiyg said on Aug. 19, 2009

I would love to see MOTHER on the DS. I could use the Map function that Phantom Hourglass used, especially through the huge factories.

motherfan mark 2 said on Aug. 20, 2009

Mother 1 + 2 = 3 on ds will be a hit.

MarioFan3 said on Aug. 21, 2009

They should do what they did for Famicom Wars, and translate them onto VC, release them to the rest of the world, even though they weren’t released before, do the same for Mother and Mother2 as well.
As for Mother3, it should just be bloody released as a GBA game already!

Why Nintendo? I’ll hack the Mother series into VC if i have to!

Assorted Astrology-Related Names said on Aug. 22, 2009

Dumbo: Here here! *Raises wine glass*

The closest thing to Mother fans here are people who play Brawl. Even then they don’t like Lucas. All three, on the DS, with improved graphics and as much Earthbound 64 as they can fit on there!

Pyroguy42 said on Aug. 24, 2009

I agree for DS trilogy, it was done with Metroid Prime, but if it was only one I’d pick Mother 3.

PKSTARMAN said on Aug. 28, 2009

Well uhhh… I would choose EB and EB0 for the VC… M3 wasnt as cool as I thought but, yeah it was lotsa fun after all… And bobbyjkl, I think M3 is the hardest, Ive never played EB0 but I think M3 is the hardest. EB is the easiest. When the M1+2 translation gets released, Im goin to finish EB0 first them EB and then Im goin to play EB0 with its ultimate translation on NES to prove that EB0 is not the hard one. PKSTARMAN out.

PKSTARMAN said on Aug. 28, 2009

And, Guys… STARMEN.net got a geat idea. It started with Mario, The Princess and… wait thats not the story! lol, well as I was sayin, To put every MOTHER game in one! It started with an idea durin the EBFGP bonuses. But, Its a shame that the MOTHER games with never be released… PKSTARMAN out. M1+2+3 idea rocks!

PKSTARMAN said on Aug. 28, 2009

Maybe if that the legal issues about the MOTHER games by so much copied music gets the statue of limitations… NOA will have the mOTHER year? To release them, M3 for DSi ware and EB and EB0 to the VC!!! Cool… That would be great!

Quote said on Aug. 29, 2009

I’d love to have Earthbound on the VC.

Jimmy said on Aug. 31, 2009

Mother 3 πŸ˜€

Mr. Crosser said on Sep. 3, 2009

Well I’d say EarthBound or MOTHER 3

EarthBound is far too expensive for me to get. Or at least any time soon. I already have a reproduced Earthbound zero cart for the NES (Bad, VERY bad of me, I know) Even though I already own a copy of MOTHER 3, It would be nice to see it released into america in full english. Looks like until NOA makes good decisions on what to release here, we’re stuck with emulators :/

MOTHERMoondance-- said on Sep. 8, 2009


Lolwut, Sephirot.

Mother rpg said on Sep. 12, 2009

all of them
or if I have to choose 1 I would choose mother 3

Anonymous said on Sep. 19, 2009

Man’ i got the seph joke when i first saw this
and on my opinion, eb on vc, all 3 on ds as trilogy

anonymous said on Nov. 4, 2009

c’mon nintendo. Metroid Prime Trilogy kicked ass!
Bring all 3 mother games to DS (as a cart, not DSiWare) and to Wii Virtual Console!
Everybody wins!

Duster said on Dec. 8, 2009


Mr. Saturn said on Mar. 21, 2010

From Left To Right:
Masked Man Claus

Superbanjo64 said on Jun. 14, 2010

Give me my MOTHER

chaobreeder20 said on Jul. 7, 2010

This will probly tick people off but,Final Fantasy VII =D

Cubivore10 said on Jul. 16, 2010

Um, no. get over it.

motherman said on Dec. 5, 2010

Earthbound/MOTHER:the trioligy! its the same as our MOTHER1+2+3 idea,but with a name more understandible for non-mother knower-dudes. EHH HEM! oh sorry ana,paula and kumatora,gals too! _ I___I_

Floridian said on Dec. 12, 2010

I agree with all of them. Even Final Fantasy characters want them released!

Michael said on Dec. 21, 2010

Mother 3

Sable said on Dec. 27, 2012

I’d like ’em in one game on the D.S. Preferably translated, though.

Frank said on Apr. 12, 2013

Haha. Didn’t expect Sephiroth on this site. Honestly, it’s fitting though, because next to the entire MOTHER series, FF7 is one of the best RPGs in existence. In my opinion, the MOTHER series is the only thing at all that could beat FF7. That’s beside the point though. I would give my right arm for a compilation. I’d play it with just my left… And I’m right handed!

Vukadin said on Apr. 12, 2013


I personally think that FF7 is overrated, FF6 beats it in terms of everything in a single punch. Atmosphere, graphics (for it’s time), gameplay, story, everything.

Frank said on Apr. 12, 2013

^Yup. From my experience people tend to like either FF7 or FF6. I guess it all depends on your taste, but personally I like the character development and gameplay more than 6. Chrono Trigger is also pretty dope. I guess it’s just so different, so you have to pick what you like depending on the reasons. People who pick FF6, probably would say SNES is better than PSX for RPG gaming. Ironically I agree, even though I prefer FF7 over FF6.


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