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Tips for Buying EarthBound

August 10th, 2009 | EarthBound

The other day, the girlfriend and I made a very tasty pizza. Much better than ordering out and spending tons of money. I make pizzas all the time, but for reasons unknown this one smelled a lot like the pizza scratch n sniff card that came with the EarthBound Player’s Guide, the Mach Pizza air freshener, and one of the old EarthBound advertisements.

It’s kind of like artificial flavors – grape soda doesn’t taste ANYTHING like grapes. These artificial smells don’t usually smell like real smells either. I had never smelled a pizza that actually had that smell before, so it was a surprise. It was also a very delicious pizza. So it made me wonder: has anybody here smelled any of those EarthBound smells in real life before? If so, what was it?


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48 Comments to EarthBound Odors

IWontGetOvertheDam said on Aug. 10, 2009

Nope. Never. :<

gwalms said on Aug. 10, 2009

Could you please describe how and what you used to make the pizza? Did you use tomatoes you cannibal!

Spitball Sparky said on Aug. 10, 2009

Did you use white garlic powder?

That stuff smells EXACTLY like the air freshener. That’s what I put on my little scratch-n-sniff card. I actually have that same bottle of garlic powder in sight now, I kept it for nostalgia reasons…yeah, I’m weird.

The produce department of the grocery store I work at smells like the Shroom! card every now and then.

Kind of on a related note, I wish Mother 3 had a scratch and sniff card of Claus, so that when Lucas remember his scent at the end of the game, the player can smell Claus, too.

Chimera said on Aug. 10, 2009

Master belch

Miles Vialpando (PK ELECTION) said on Aug. 10, 2009

I wish I was lucky enough to get a hold of those stickers. I don’t want to pay tons of money for them (during these times)! :O

We make homemade pizza, sometimes. Four-cheese (Kraft Velveeta, White Sharp, Yellow Sharp, White American), with a good amount of oregano and a bit of garlic. Yum!

Komaru said on Aug. 10, 2009

I can’t smell at all…

KingDarian said on Aug. 10, 2009

Aside from the food smells on the bubble monkey and Shrooom! which are pretty accurate, I always thought that Mondo Mole! card smelled like Old Spice.

BTW, after 14 years my Player’s Guide still smells great. 😀

PSInesslove93 said on Aug. 10, 2009

hot dogs and greasy french fries remind me of the carbon dog card and mondo mole reminds me of old spice as well. banana of course for bubble monkey, and the Shrooom! one makes me think of the moldy mushrooms i found one day and how foul they smelled, kinda like the card =l

Wil said on Aug. 10, 2009

Unfortunately, THAT scratch and sniff card is the only one that is worn out in my ol’ players guide. I think the person who had it before me REALLY wanted to know that mystery smell.

Sisto said on Aug. 10, 2009

I, sadly, only own a PDF of the EB Player’s Guide.
If I find one for $60 or less, it’s mine!

CrouchingMouse said on Aug. 10, 2009

The Mondo Mole card has always reminded me of an old lady’s perfume, and Bubble Monkey smells like banana-flavored candy or ice pops.

Mato said on Aug. 10, 2009

Sisto: I sometimes post good deals on EB merchandise on the EB Central Twitter account here. For example, a while ago I saw two separate EB guides for like $15 each, and they were snapped up very shortly after.

gwalms said on Aug. 10, 2009

Hey, I asked a semi-serious question Mato!

Mato said on Aug. 10, 2009

Oops, well it’s a whole wheat Boboli pizza crust with half a can of tomato sauce on top. Sprinkle on even layers of seasoned salt, garlic powder, dried basil and parsley, then tons of oregano. Add a layer of cheese, chopped peppers and onions, baked chicken,then a little more cheese on top with lots more oregano. Bake at 450 for ~14 mins, and there ya go. The key is the mega amounts of oregano.

Gianluca said on Aug. 10, 2009

I’m sorry but this is not a pizza. I’m Italian, I live in Italy, we invented the pizza, the recipe is so simple: flour, tomato sauce, mozzarella, oregano oil!
I wonder why the other countries make a pizza that simply it’s not a pizza!
(sorry for off topic but I need to tell you that) 🙂

BottleRocket said on Aug. 10, 2009

I picked up my Player’s Guide for $45, with 5/6 of the cards attached (no mystery card), so sadly I’ve never gotten to smell the EB pizza scent. But thankfully the other cards still smell fairly potently.

Dave said on Aug. 10, 2009

Seems like a pizza to me.
And even if it’s not supposed to be, it is now since that’s what everyone calls it.

Jeagle101 said on Aug. 10, 2009

I put my nose on the screen to try and smell the pizza, but I can’t smell anything 🙁 What am I doing wrong?

santiagoff said on Aug. 10, 2009

Nope, and I’ll never have the chance to.
Btw, that pizza looks ugly xD

Edge said on Aug. 10, 2009

Gianluca i know your point of view. I’ve met 2 friends from Italy and both have your opinion about the truly Italian pizza but we should be thankful because there’s alot of flavors for pizzas in the world, don’t you think?

reluctantgamer said on Aug. 10, 2009

Glad to see you’re using a pizza stone. Also, I have a great recipe for dough if you’re interested (though pre-made ones are undoubtedly more convenient).

sticktendo said on Aug. 10, 2009

It kind of looks like the pizza’s covered in tiny Mr. Saturns, in my opinion.

Tansunn said on Aug. 10, 2009

Banana Runts always remind me of the Bubble Monkey card’s scent. That’s the only one that I’ve found any close equivalent to. The Shroooooom card smelled like fake mushrooms, the Ness card smelled like fake burnt matches, the mystery card smelled like (until now) fake pizza, and I can’t remember what the other two smelled like.

ector413 said on Aug. 10, 2009

That pizza looks delicious.
Also, the girlfriend makes her sound like some sort of super villian. 🙂

gwalms said on Aug. 10, 2009

Thanx Mato, although I hope the chicken isn’t too important. I don’t eat no stinken’ meat.

pooppoop said on Aug. 10, 2009

my cards (the few that i can still find) don’t smell at all anymore. how did you folks keep your card smells around?

PKSTARMAN said on Aug. 10, 2009

ROFS… now im starting… im gona order a pizza right now.

PKSTARMAN said on Aug. 10, 2009

i mean starving

gwalms said on Aug. 10, 2009

you’re not literally “starving”.

ScottKO said on Aug. 11, 2009

Okay…that pizza is looking real good right now…it’s making me really hungry

BardNinja said on Aug. 11, 2009

I’ve smelled one before, it was either the mondo mole or the shrooom, i don’t remember anymore. it was inside a mall somewhere.
Not an experience I’d want to relive. Yuck.

Krennthief said on Aug. 11, 2009

You should start the first real Mach Pizza! Then I could get pizza in three minutes, ’cause of course I’d order!

Anyway, that pizza looks simply mouthwatering… I need to buy a Player’s Guide so I can smell what you’re talking about… D:

Sisto said on Aug. 11, 2009

Thanks Mato.
I’ll check that out in awhile. I still
have to get a Mr. Saturn, but if a really
cheap one pops up, I’ll try to get it.

Viewtiful_justin said on Aug. 11, 2009

Our basement used to smell like SHROOM!!’s card. Then we moved.

Saturnome said on Aug. 11, 2009

I smell Mondo Mole’s odor sometimes when I’m outside, but I have no idea what it is. I’m scratching the card right now and I’m clueless. Maybe I should look for a sanctuary.

EmeraldWind said on Aug. 11, 2009

You have discovered Mach Pizza’s secret recipe…

In 7 days, a mysterious pizza will show up and give you a strange device…

And then all the pencil shaped object will disappear from your house…

And all you’ll hear is the sinister laugher of the pizza man as you realize you have no pencils…

5ku112 said on Aug. 11, 2009

Whoever is buying the mother 3 cartridge for 27+ dollars and keeps outbidding me, could you please let me have the cartridge? iv’e never ever played he game, I was introduced to the game when I found starmen.net and iv’e always wanted to play it but couldn’t because I don’t have a computer (typing from phone) Whoever you are could you either stop bidding or let me have the cartridge.

Please. I really want to play the game on gameboy advance, and I cant emulate it because I dont have a computer. I hope you understand. Thanks.

Sam Speer said on Aug. 11, 2009

The other day, I was chopping mushrooms and my memories turned to the EarthBound scratch ‘n sniff cards. Then I realized the connection.

Hunter said on Aug. 12, 2009

I, myself, HAVEN’T used the scratch-&-sniff cards in my life.

Elobo said on Aug. 12, 2009

Only about half of my scratch and sniff cards still smell. That guide has been put through the paces though.

Looks like a delicious meal btw. I just ordered pizza, actually. More for convenience. I prefer homemade on a pizza stone, but there’s company today.

As for grape soda – I can’t take it. It’s like the only pop I can’t stomach, ha ha. But the stuff you can get around here is pretty rancid.

3minutepizza said on Aug. 13, 2009

Would you care to divulge the recipe?

Windie said on Aug. 13, 2009

The only thing I remember about the scratch and sniff cards is that a long time ago I took a big whiff of them all at once.

I haven’t smelled anything worse to this day.

Daniel(just bought mother 3 box-set JP for 230$ new said on Aug. 22, 2009

hey guys i cant wait for the mother 1+2 to be done so i can play it i love mother 3 but something about mother 2 just hits home this is by far the best RPG i have ever played by far… keep up the great work guys and i am glad i found this website

Hunter said on Sep. 5, 2009

I never had any of the air fresheners or any scratch-and-sniff cards…so that means I really didn’t really know how that DOES smell.

MOTHERMoondance-- said on Sep. 8, 2009

My kitchen smells like Shroom!!’s card…

Kyosuke said on Dec. 20, 2009

Yes! I HAVE smelled the smells from the cards! I don’t remember exactly what made the smells, but I would be walking along somewhere and a strange smell would be floating in there air from somewhere and it would smell like one of the scratch and sniff cards that came with the guide. I would say “Whoa, I smell EarthBound!” and the person with me would be like “Huh? What are you talking about?”

I’ve had it happen to me multiple times.

? said on May. 14, 2012


XGS said on Aug. 28, 2012

Red Robin seasoning smells EXACTLY like this. I’m sitting here at this restaurant in awe that 17 years later I can still recall this smell. Check it out of you can


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