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Tips for Buying EarthBound

July 12th, 2009 | EarthBound, MOTHER 1, MOTHER 3, Polls

Video game fans are sometimes crazy, and when they have children, sometimes they name their babies crazy things. There’s a kid whose name is Sephiroth, for example 😯

So the question this week is this: Which EarthBound name is most likely to wind up as a baby boy’s first name due to fan love/obsession? (I’ll do a baby girl poll later on)

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POLL: Which name is most likely to wind up as an EarthBound fan's son's name?

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217 Comments to EarthBound Baby Names

IWontGetOvertheDam said on Jul. 12, 2009

Lucas is the only EB name that I’ve ever actually seen in real life.

sticktendo said on Jul. 12, 2009

Well, Lucas IS a real name…

Simon Roberts said on Jul. 12, 2009

Clearly, the smart money is on Frank.

Spitball Sparky said on Jul. 12, 2009

I actually really like the name Lucas. It sounds mature, yet not old. Very nice.

Greenzsx87 said on Jul. 12, 2009

I would not put it past someone to name their child Venus.

mitch said on Jul. 12, 2009

I’ve sworn to name by firstborn male Lucas. Mostly ‘cus I love the name.

??? said on Jul. 12, 2009

What about Lloyd?

Shamu said on Jul. 12, 2009

Jeff, because my uncle’s name is.

Mato said on Jul. 12, 2009

Dunno if people are fully reading the post, but the poll isn’t about the most realistic names, but the name most likely to be chosen due to EarthBound fan obsessiveness. There’s overlap there, but it’s not the same thing 😛

Dark Hamsterlord said on Jul. 12, 2009

I’d say Lucas, because it’s a fairly common name, so the kid wouldn’t be picked on.

Also, my name is Lucas, so I might be a bit biased.

rayefrenzy said on Jul. 12, 2009

I mean, I guess if I had twins, Lucas/Claus would be kinda fun, name-wise. And if I met a fellow Earthbound fan, they’d be like “OMG!!” or “WTF WERE U THINKIN/”

Anonymous said on Jul. 12, 2009

I’d probably name my possible son Ness or Duster. Hey, if someone named their kid Sephiroth, why can’t we do the same?

Hypotenuse Man said on Jul. 12, 2009

Flint (or better yet, The Flint). It’s too manly to *not* name your children that.

Even the girls.

Miles Vialpando (PK ELECTION) said on Jul. 12, 2009

Lucas, Claus and Jeff are most common of the list, at least in real life.

I thought about the Lucas/Claus twin boys thing, too. That would be somewhat evil if you waited like, ten years into their life to tell them how you thought of the name.

20thCenturyBoy said on Jul. 12, 2009

I think it would be Ness. But if I had twins, Lucas/Claus is an option I consider seriously.

And if children had to choose the name of their father, that would be Flint.

POOOOO said on Jul. 12, 2009

lol i’d name my kid POO

mrsaturn95 said on Jul. 12, 2009

I’m pretty sure Poo wouldn’t be used as a kid’s name since that pretty much guarantees they would be made fun of for the rest of their life 😉

FinalstarmanDX said on Jul. 12, 2009

I’d have to say that I’d name my kid ninten if i were to name one of them an EarthBound name

Shroomdog said on Jul. 12, 2009

I say Lucas. It’s a main character’s name, but it’s still normal. I wouldn’t want my kid to hate me for naming them something daft.

PK Mt. Fuji said on Jul. 12, 2009

I’d most likely name my kid Jeff, but I voted for Porky.
“Hey PORKY I made some PORK CHOPS!”

santiagoff said on Jul. 12, 2009

Lucas, I’ve met many people with that name. It’s a pretty common name, so it can sound like a normal name, but it has a whole videogame meaning behind it.

The Great Morgil said on Jul. 12, 2009

My sister had her kids a couple of years back, and i joked that if they were twins she should name them Lucas and Claus. She obviously didn’t get the joke. Yeah, if you wanted to name your kid after a game, you’d have to somehow convince the mother (or father, if your a woman) to agree to it.

But seriously, what idiot would in their right mind name a kid Sephiroth. Regardless of the refference, that kid is gonna get the crap beaten out of him at school.

kamuikurou said on Jul. 12, 2009

This one’s easy to pick. I wonder what will I pick in the girl poll…

TheBatFax said on Jul. 12, 2009

Yeah, Lucas seems the most likely. Just because I think most EB fan have their heads securely on their shoulders after having their heads handed to them so much. At least better than anyone who’d name a kid Sephiroth. =P

Of course, if I ever have or someone I know has twins, I have to at least suggest Lucas and Claus. Have to.

PikachuMan said on Jul. 12, 2009

I love how some people voted “Poo”…

Voted Ness. 😛

Leirin said on Jul. 12, 2009

Ness is actually a pretty cool name. Maybe it’s just me.

Wow, Sephiroth, really? I wonder if the kid grew to like Final Fantasy or something, ’cause if he didn’t, that’d be pretty ironic (and funny).

Windie said on Jul. 12, 2009

I decided a long time ago that I’d go to Europe and adopt a genius kid named Jeff.

I’d give him the best bowl cut ever, if he didn’t already have one.

Earthbound_X said on Jul. 12, 2009

I think Flint would be a cool name for a kid, haha.

Earthbound_X said on Jul. 12, 2009

I’ve never met a kid named Sephiroth, and I hope to god I never do.

_oMeGa_ said on Jul. 12, 2009

I almost voted for Poo, since that would be a hilarious/terrible name, but Lucas seems like the most likely.

Mr. Jupiter said on Jul. 12, 2009

Who would name they’re kid’s Poo? Why not name your 2nd Mud while you’re at it!?

Pixel20 said on Jul. 12, 2009

I’m actually tempted to name my dog Flint when I get older.

Coconut of Enlightenment said on Jul. 12, 2009

Ness isn’t that odd of a name. You could tell people that you had named him after Elliot Ness, which is some famous person who did something somewhere (I’m off to wikipedia)

Coconut of Enlightenment said on Jul. 12, 2009

Okay, I’m back from wikipedia. Eliot Ness was an American Prohibition Agent during the great depression. In otherwords, he was famous for imprisoning people who were drinking against the law. But the name is well known enough that Ness doesn’t sound that weird, even though it was intended as a last name.

Z-Master said on Jul. 12, 2009

Leirin : No, the only thing that would be funny is to name his sister Aerith, and see what happen when they grow up. 😀

No, seriously, giving a video game character name to your child is irresponsible. And stupid.

Lucas is actually a old french name. So on one hand, I associate it with old people, but on the other, I think it’s after all a pretty cool name.

BottleRocket said on Jul. 12, 2009

Jeff would be a great name for a son, and I voted for it, but Ness is a close second. Definitely Lucas and Claus for twins.

MotMot said on Jul. 12, 2009

If there’s a kid named Sephiroth, what’s next? Bowser? Chrono? GIYGAS?!! =P

Anywhos, I think Lucky wouldn’t be that bad. Though the ironic thing would be if he had terrible luck at anything. 😐

nmufred said on Jul. 12, 2009

I voted for Ness. I have pondered naming my first son Ness, doesn’t seem like a horrible name.

Lo said on Jul. 12, 2009

This poll is pretty hard to decide on, so I’m refraining for now. Mostly this comment is to state that I am not at all surprised by there being a kid named Sephiroth; I personally know someone who named their son Auron after the character from FFX. :I

Komaru said on Jul. 12, 2009

Anyway, if I had a kid, I would want them to hold a grudge for naming them something like “Giygas,” but I have to admit, “Ness” is a pretty awesome name.

WhatsHerFace said on Jul. 12, 2009

I suppose if it’s just about fan obsessiveness I can imagine someone naming their child Ness.

But if they wanted to name their child after a Mother character, but spare their son the pain of having a weird name, Lucas or Jeff is probably the way to go.

(W…what kind of person names their child SEPHIROTH?! Poor kid…!)

Not Giygas said on Jul. 12, 2009

My money is on Porky, because he, Poo and Other are the only names on this list that aren’t real names. But if there is an identical Daughter poll, I’ll say “Hinawa”.

And if there is a kid named “Sephiroth”, there is bound to be a kid named “Kefka”

wishydude said on Jul. 12, 2009

even though jeff or lucas are comon names, a real hardcore fan of it would call his son ness, to show that he is a hardcore fan

ShadyHibiscus said on Jul. 12, 2009

Jeffery Loid whatever-my-husband’s-surname-is

However, Lucas wouldn’t be a bad name for a second son Tony Lucas or Lucas Flint probably, though Claus is kind of weird because everyone would probably think “Santa” I love having namesakes especially with anime and video games, but I would also like a son named Ganon, there was a kid at my school named Ganon and I’ve had so many fond memories with the Zelda series and such… it was one of my first video game loves along with Pokemon, Earthbound was my third…

However, Poo and Porky are just cruel…

Then, for a girl, I would probably name her something like Claire or Amelia or Annika, but her middle name would be Paula or Tracy.

Big A2 said on Jul. 12, 2009

Aren’t Lucus and CLause real names anyway? Who the hell voted for Poo?

I’m sure Camera Man and Mr Saturn will end up as someone’s name…

black lung said on Jul. 12, 2009

hey all ness’s dad from starmen.net here. my son’s middle name is in fact ness, and not because of elliot ness. and Z-Master, who are you to say it is irresponsible and stupid? do you have any children? are you still in middle school? you see, the irresponsible and stupid thing is to make irresponsible and stupid comments. that is all.

Koji said on Jul. 12, 2009

I don’t plan on having any kids, but if did, I’ve always liked the name Lucas, and now Like it even better due to Mother 3!
The Lucas and Claus thing for twins is pretty cool acctually!
And the name Ness is cool to!

But to name yer kid Poo would just be plane Mean. |D

shadowdeku said on Jul. 12, 2009

My brother’s name is Lucas. I ought to ask my parents why they named him that. (This was before Mother 3, obviously)

LakituAl said on Jul. 12, 2009

If I really wanted to show I’m a hardcore fan, I would actually use the less-known character names. My first picks would be Loid, Dasutaa (yes, Dusty’s Japanese name), Geldegarde and Tony. However, since I’m Mexican, the last name would make it look weird(er), so tony would be a safe one…

Anonymous said on Jul. 12, 2009

“Dunno if people are fully reading the post, but the poll isn’t about the most realistic names, but the name most likely to be chosen due to EarthBound fan obsessiveness. There’s overlap there, but it’s not the same thing :P”

Yeah but who wants to look like an idiot for naming their kid something from a video game? Lucas is a real name and it’s the protagonist from Mother 3. Two birds with one stone.

EmeraldWind said on Jul. 12, 2009

I was tossed up between Claus and Lucas…

I figured Claus is the most obvious name for a fan that doesn’t sound out there…

but still… if I get the chance my third son’s name will be Ninten…

UltiMario1337 said on Jul. 12, 2009

If I ever had twins, i’d name them Lucas and Claus.

pooppoop said on Jul. 12, 2009

hell go with poo
but use it as a middle name
everyone hates their middle name anyway, and no one will really have to know about it

Mashi said on Jul. 12, 2009

Suddenly reminded of an FML where a woman had her husband name her next kid after Kratos. Apparently this is an FML because she’s convinced that Kratos is an “imaginary cartoon character” and not an actual word in Greek, or a figure of Greek mythology that is in no way related to the God of War character. (I haven’t played, but I’m pretty sure GoW’s Kratos isn’t a Titan.)

As for this poll, I guess if I ever had a boy I’d name him Jeff.
I’m not too keen on the idea of having children, though.

Q said on Jul. 12, 2009

My gut instinct here says Jeff – Earthbound is better known than Mother 3 in this part of the world, and Jeff is *also* a “real” name, after all.

Assorted Astrology-Related Names said on Jul. 12, 2009

If I ever have kids, all these names are currently high on my boy list. Especially if I have twins. Yeah, I’d love to have kids with any of these names (The normal ones. Don’t want my kids hating me).

I also want to change my last name to Saturn. (gIrL. aM gIrL.)

CMB said on Jul. 12, 2009

Actually I think I should get my own name changed to Flint, or Duster, they both are the essence of awesome

For my kid…gee, I dunno, maybe Frank or Jeff. If I had a daughter I would definitely call her Ana or maybe even Kumatora, though her name would always appear as Tori, don’t wanna kill the teacher who try and pronounce her name

boingy%boings# said on Jul. 12, 2009

Whoever choose Poo is NUTS!!! A kid named Poo, Pokey, or Porky will get picked on for the rest of his life. The only reasonable names are Lucas, Claus, and Jeff because they are REAL names. I would name my kid Lucas because its a strong and cool name. If a baby is named Ness, Flint, Duster or Ninten that will really distinguish that the parents are obsessive fans.

gwalms said on Jul. 13, 2009

Coconut of Enlightenment! You have your facts wrong! Elliot Ness was head of the “Untouchables”. They cracked down on the sellers and producers of alcohol. In other words, the mob! They had to be “untouchable, so the mob couldn’t bribe or blackmail them in any way.

bObByJkL said on Jul. 13, 2009

Jeff, Lucas, and Claus. I could see.

PKSTARMAN said on Jul. 13, 2009

Lucas?! Earthbound is better, well… where can i start? In EB, there are more places to visit and M3 is not sad! well… only when I saw Duster injured of training… so sad! but why not Ness? This poll is not about realistic! well… yes but lol i voted for Pokey… Lmao!

PKSTARMAN said on Jul. 13, 2009

i agree… this is about proving where are not that crazy to name baby Poo! its sounds like Poop! this is about realistic names… and Ness is real name. Not kidding.

PKSTARMAN said on Jul. 13, 2009

By the way, uhhh are you nuts CMB?! Kumatora?! WTF?! i know its a real name but sounds like strange or even i would think you are obsessive fan!

PKSTARMAN said on Jul. 13, 2009

And! Evidence! Elliot Ness! im not talking about the guy… im talking about that Ness is a real name not to be offended… and Elliot did big things so show respect please. This is why Ness is not and stupid name.

PKSTARMAN said on Jul. 13, 2009

i voted Porky/Pokey just for joke. Im not that nuts to name my child Porky/Pokey! lol

MagicCake said on Jul. 13, 2009

Uh, aren’t Claus and Lucas REAL names?

LucasTizma said on Jul. 13, 2009

Yay! Lucas. 🙂 Yeah, I’d love to name my children Lucas and Claus. And make my wife change her name to Hinawa. But then she’d have to tragically die. D:

PSInesslove93 said on Jul. 13, 2009

I voted for Ness. i already decided my first sons name is gonna be that. If i magically have twins then Lucas and Claus ftw!! haha

PK Mt. Fuji said on Jul. 13, 2009

Is it legal to name your son New Age Retro Hippie?

JamesBond007 said on Jul. 13, 2009

I’m chosing Ness for “EarthBound” kid, and names from other series for his brothers – Link and Toad. What do you think about that?

Someone Else said on Jul. 13, 2009

“Toad” is one of the worst things to name a kid. Why would you do that?

MushroomMan said on Jul. 13, 2009

I say lucas. because your naming him after a video game charater without it being blatantly obvious. Like if you named your kid Ninten, EVERYONE would know he was named after a video game.

pooppoop said on Jul. 13, 2009

also i knew a kid named saturn when i was really young
actually the family consisted of like 12 kids with several of them named after planets (only earth and pluto were not used as names)
one of the younger kids was named “space”
i think the parents were new age retro hippies

Eff You said on Jul. 13, 2009

I picked other because my choice would be two names,

Lucas Claus. Or Claus Lucas. It would be a double name like Alexander Jay or something.

Deez said on Jul. 13, 2009

Clearly, it will be Titanic Ant

lishakara said on Jul. 13, 2009

…You know what’s creepy?
My mother and her boyfriend were joking around, but they said if they ever had a kid, they’d name him Wess.

…his last name would be Flint.

That would mean I’d have a (half)brother named Wess Flint.
How AWESOME is that?!

Digitalized said on Jul. 13, 2009

Ninten, obviously.

LakituAl said on Jul. 13, 2009

So, according to what pooppoop says, there is a kid in the world named Uranus…

I’m surprised nobosy says that if they ever have triplets, they will name them Pancho, Pincho and Tomas Jefferson.

Robert said on Jul. 13, 2009

Jeff because I always thought I could relate to him best

rawpower said on Jul. 13, 2009

Lucas because it’s a real name and he is a main character. Maybe Jeff because it’s also a real name and he is a badass. Then Ness because he’s a main character.

Anonymous said on Jul. 13, 2009

if you are like me when i grow up if i have female i weal name her Pollyanna

hollow leviathan said on Jul. 13, 2009

Count this as a write-in vote for TheFlint.

Leirin said on Jul. 13, 2009

24 votes for Poo… you guys will be accused of child abuse one of these days…

pooppoop said on Jul. 13, 2009

yes, one of the oldest daughters was uranus. i think they pronounced it “urine-us”. she was a lot older than me so i didn’t really know her.

lishakara said on Jul. 13, 2009

rofl Poo has more votes than Flint

Poe said on Jul. 13, 2009

There is a baby’s face staring at me from the sidebar. Thanks, commenters.

Mr. S said on Jul. 13, 2009

I voted Claus, I like that name and it has the same letters than Lucas, which I like too.

jenge24 said on Jul. 13, 2009

I might end up unconsciously resenting my kid if I named him Sephiroth.

spaz said on Jul. 13, 2009

im soooo naming my kid new age retro hippie.
or arachnid!!

TCAnimorph said on Jul. 13, 2009

I’ve already decided that if I have a boy kid, I’m naming him Ness, and if I somehow have boy twins, I’m naming them Lucas and Claus. But I don’t have to worry about this until I’m older.

…and I heard about a kid named Seth A. Roth. Close…

Schrodinger said on Jul. 14, 2009

Well, Ness, of course. I feel bad for that kid, though.

Swyldp said on Jul. 14, 2009

I’m the kind of person who would want to give weird names to my children, but I’d make sure to make them all middle names, to avoid DAILY BEATINGS AT SCHOOL. Then I could just use the weird names at home, and call them normal names in public. Nobody even knows my middle name, save select family members.

Aidan said on Jul. 14, 2009

Aidan will name his child Ness.

Adam said on Jul. 14, 2009

Ness doesn’t have a bad ring to it for a real name. Most people would never know he was named for a video game character, and I think for those few who would meet the kid and know his name is from an old SNES game (keep in mind that by the time the kid grows up, SNES will be very old) would probably think it’s neat.

I’m going to name my first child Buzz Buzz though, so there’s no hope for him. 😀

Gedeon said on Jul. 15, 2009

A baby named Poo should be funny LOL

Paula Ana said on Jul. 15, 2009

My girl would be named after a evil lady on Magic Knight Rayearth, Alicione and my boy would be named Loid or Lucas. Ninten was made my just spelling Nintendo.

I was telling my friend about Ninten and she thought i stopped mid-sentence and i was really talking about Nintendo.

But, I’m not having any kids…….

Claus said on Jul. 15, 2009

That’s just… sad.

Dark-Karito said on Jul. 15, 2009

Well, my first boy HAS to be named Lucas. I luv that name, and it´s very common in my country.
But I´m also thinking of New Age Retro hippie.Hmmm…
And the girl will be Ana, or Paula….or Lil´Miss Marshmallow.

I don´t know if I´d name a pair of twins Lucas and Claus. They remind me so much of The Notebook…scary stuff.
But if it´s after Mother 3, there´s no doubt, they will be Lucas and Claus 😀

PKBlackTornado said on Jul. 15, 2009

Hnnh. I’m torn between Loid, Claus, and Lucas.

Lucas, because no one will ever know, Claus, because he’s amazing, and Loid, because I think pyros who live in trash cans are amazing. A set of twins would be nice.

The girl will probably be… Kuroi/Kurai Ryu, or Electra. ( Kuroi/Kurai- Black/Dark and Ryu- Dragon, Electra- I dig maids. ) Hnnh… Or maybe Locria…

MaskedMan said on Jul. 15, 2009

I’d say Ness. If my chlidren are male twins, I’d name one Lucas & one Claus.:-D

PSI GuitarHero said on Jul. 16, 2009

Lucas is the only EB name I’ve seen in real life. Why even bother putting Poo up there XD!

Salsa9090 said on Jul. 16, 2009

I met a guy named duster at a baseball game a few days ago!

PK LIME-AID!!!! said on Jul. 16, 2009

claus is just lucas spelled differently, so y not name a kid claus? its a cool name!

the minchanator said on Jul. 16, 2009

imma namin mah daughtr Lardna!

DannyMac said on Jul. 16, 2009

I think Ness is a fine name, but Lucas is the one out of the bunch that is most likely to be used by anyone, let alone EB fans.

PSIchopath said on Jul. 16, 2009

I agree with ShadyHibiscus, Jeffery Loid(or better yet Lloyd)+lastname is AWESOME!!!

Joshua Johnson said on Jul. 16, 2009

either Jeff, Claus, or Lucas, Lloyd, or Flint.

come one, who would naem their baby Ninten, or Porky, or POO?

at least Jeff, Claus, and Lucas are normal names a parent might give a child

well, If this poll is not about relistic names, but fan obsession. Then I think Ness would be the best name a parent would name their child

Sandy G. said on Jul. 17, 2009

Actually, our son was born in July of 08, and we had decided to name him Ness after Ness of Earthbound. So far, everyone who’s heard it, doctors and whatnot, have really liked it, but of course linked it to Eliot Ness. What’s really funny is we named him Ness Elliott, but not after Eliot Ness; we were trying to think up a good middle name, and my boyfriend happened to be drinking Great Lakes Brewery Eliot Ness, and we just added an extra L and T. But our kid is definitely born of two HUGE Earthbound fans!

roido said on Jul. 17, 2009

i voted for Lucas
actually i have a friend with the name
lol from saint seya.

roido said on Jul. 17, 2009

Ness is a real name actually
my Cousin’s second name is ness(his name is john)
and nobody teases him actually many of the people call him ness instead of john.

Dr. Teapot said on Jul. 17, 2009

I have decided to definitely name any male child I have Ness. If I ever (Mani Mani forbid) stop being freaky obsessed with MOTHER, I can still justify the name by saying that Ness is the Hebrew word for Miracle. And isn’t childbirth always a miracle?

Dr. Teapot said on Jul. 17, 2009

It IS the Hebrew word for miracle, you know.

Prof. Saturn said on Jul. 18, 2009


M-Warrior said on Jul. 18, 2009

I like the name Lucas… I don’t know why.

PK ICE CREAM said on Jul. 18, 2009

Lucas. Definitly Lucas. Poo, No. Why?
2. Thats dumb as he!!.
3.No. Just No.

ebf1 said on Jul. 19, 2009

Gigyas,guigue or fassad would be good.

ZER0 > HER0 said on Jul. 19, 2009

I love the name Claus. Love it!

Prof. Saturn said on Jul. 20, 2009

i would name mines Mister Saturn

Gaomon752 said on Jul. 20, 2009

I would name my kid Shigesato

Gaomon752 said on Jul. 20, 2009

i would name my girls John Lennon (enter last name)

Gaomon752 said on Jul. 20, 2009

i would name a kid Princess and have Kumatora as the Middle Name

Andrew The Badger said on Jul. 20, 2009

i would name my kid P.K.

AWESUMDOOD said on Jul. 20, 2009

Pu (Poo’s JP name pronounced Po)
Fobby,Tomato,Foppy,Teddy,Kuma,Alec,Salsa,Samba,Nichol,Fuel and THOMAS JEFFERSON

AWESUMDOOD said on Jul. 20, 2009

oh i would also name my kid Pigmask,Masked man,clyde,Dosei-san,King,Runt(king’s JP name)Love, rockin,Yokuba,and Brownie Brown,and Starman Jr.

PeachyKeen said on Jul. 20, 2009

Considering my real last name is Ness…Definitely gotta name my future son Lucas. Ness would make for a spiffy middle name! That way my kid can be cool without getting teased.

It’s just a shame my fiance doesn’t want to change his name. I would have bought him a Mr. Baseball cap for a wedding gift!

ToXiXXX said on Jul. 20, 2009

Lol, This article is pretty damned funny because I already have the name ness in mind for my first son.

Already talked it over with the old bat, and she said I could.

Chaisu said on Jul. 20, 2009

Hey, I have a nephew named Giygas… go figure!

Intense Guys said on Jul. 20, 2009

I’d name my kid Omelets any day.

TCAnimorph said on Jul. 20, 2009

I think if anyone actually names their kid Poo, they’re going to Hell.

anonymous said on Jul. 20, 2009

I don’t get what’s wrong with Ninten. I think it would be a good name. To most people, it sounds kinda unusual, to videogame geeks it sounds like Nintendo, and to Mother fans it is awesome. It’s a nice name. Also if I ever have a daughter I will consider the name Saturn. I think it sounds like a cute name for a girl…yeah, well everyone in my family comes up with weird names. Somehow me and my siblings all have Bible-ish names, but we were named by different people. Kinda weird how that turned out, considering my dad had always had a name in mind for his first son that sounded like a comic book character.

And don’t get me started on my grandpa’s pets…

Anonymous said on Jul. 20, 2009

Mr. Saturn

I would totally name my kid that ;D

Lukas said on Jul. 21, 2009

I like the name Lucas,but since my name is just a short version,i’ll go with Ness!

HossTehMaster said on Jul. 21, 2009

I would name my son Thomas Jefferson. He would run a slot machine.

888chilly said on Jul. 22, 2009

might name him brickroad…

PKSTARMAN said on Jul. 24, 2009

I like the name Steak… ok leirin dont acuse me of child abuse lol.

mr.saturn 64 said on Jul. 24, 2009

i say lucas or if i have boy twins it will be lucas and claus

Claugas said on Jul. 25, 2009

I’d name them based on hair color, TBH.
Blond hair: Lucas or Jeff
Red hair: Claus
Brown hair: Flint
Black hair: Ness
Twins: screw the hair color, Lucas and Claus

If they’re hetero twins, I’m naming them Ness and Nessie. yay

old age retro hippie said on Jul. 26, 2009

I would name my daughter Tracy Escargo and she will be a postwoman!!=P

Gaomon752 said on Jul. 26, 2009

im gonna name mah kid Dosei

Wolfman2 said on Jul. 27, 2009

If/When I have kids, it’d be between Lucas and Ness.
Lucas if he’s shy and timid,
and Ness if he’s brave and, well, like Ness!
I would consider Claus but I pronounce it like “house”
and teachers and other people might pronounce it like “claws”.
But it really doesn’t sound THAT bad if said the way I ponounce it.

Sisto said on Jul. 27, 2009

I’d name my kid Poochyfud.
I hope that someday he becomes a great theater owner.

Galena said on Jul. 28, 2009

I voted Lucas, but both Lucas and Jeff would be pretty common. Or variations of them such as Luke or Jeffrey. Ness would be an interesting name. Claus is a real name but it is very German, so it probably wouldn’t be as popular in the US.

Ice Sage said on Jul. 29, 2009

I voted Lucas, but now I’m starting to lean towards Ness. It’s a real name, and it has more meaning to me. Ninten, however, would not be a good idea unless you wanted high school to be hell for your kid. Just sayin’;)

ANAWNUHMUHS said on Aug. 1, 2009

Giygas, anyone?

adam said on Aug. 3, 2009

pollyanna is my fuchere

Piggy Guys said on Aug. 4, 2009

POKEY MINCH oink oink oink
squeal squeal
cough’lucas’cough wheese pant gasp

Bigfoot said on Aug. 5, 2009

I tried getting my wife to OK “Ness” for the baby that’s on the way. She immediately veto’d it… Bleh. 😀 Lucas is a nice name, though!

Eriky-Erik said on Aug. 8, 2009

Mr. Saturn anyone?

Piggy Guys like Pork Fries said on Aug. 9, 2009

how about Carpainter

Starman GX-4s said on Aug. 9, 2009

i say we whir name girls clik Shigesato

iloveyouness said on Aug. 10, 2009

WHO would name their kid POO?! I mean, he would be depressed for his whole life!!!!!

forten042 said on Aug. 12, 2009

Really? POO has more votes than Ninten?

snake_in_a_box said on Aug. 13, 2009

Tessie’s not a bad name now that I think about it. Ness is pretty good for a normal one, and Lucas would only make sense if you happened to have twin boys with the other named Claus. Claus is a bit Santa-ish, but still okay. I bet that pretty much anyone here with twins would name them Lucas and Claus, right?

Metalherooftime said on Aug. 15, 2009

I’d name my future sons Apple Kid and Orange Kid.

Axl-fox said on Oct. 6, 2009

well I wouldn’t worry much about it, some of those are actually REAL names

Lucas is a common name
so is Claus
Jeff is like a nick for the name Jefferson, and Tony is like the nick of Antony

as for the girl’s name, Paula and Ana are reeeeeally common names (at least in my country, I know a plenty of Anas and Paulas)

Kumatora? PFFFFT that would be PERFECT xDDD

PKSTARMAN said on Oct. 10, 2009

I would to name it like… Poochyfud, I also hope that about mine, Sisto.

Pokey lives again said on Oct. 15, 2009

I voted porky
But i think dunbar is a good name its mine
and backwards sound like a enemy
You encouted rabnud!

Some rope snake said on Oct. 17, 2009

I’d call my son Lucas, but there’s already one in the family who got the same cloths and hair as Claus, so my bet is on Claus, eventually, I’ll end up with the other way around XD

mother_rockin said on Oct. 17, 2009

I would name my son Jeff and my daughter Kumatora. They were my favorite characters.

apsolutely no one said said on Oct. 25, 2009

I had a guy in my class once named Lucas, and he was kind of shy. I voted for Jeff, and I don’t see why everyone isn’t talking about that name. I would name my first girl Kumatora, and if anyone accuses me of being a nerd I’ll just say that it was greek for justice or something. my first boy will be Ness, not only for obvious reasons but the assumingly true fact that it means “miracle”. my second and third girls will be Zelda and Paula, while my second and third boys will be Jeff and Duster. I called Duster “Moron” while playing the fan translation of Mother 3 because while wathing my older brother play through the entire chapter 2, that was the only thing Wess knew him by. I also didn’t know he joined your party halfway through the game, so now one of my favorite characters is named Moron. yay me. (aingst! aingst! aingst!)

EB4thew1n10 said on Nov. 3, 2009

Yeah Jeff Lucas Paula or Ana. Did you even consider Paula or Ana if it was a uh what is the word I’m looking for… oh yeah FEMALE. Ps I’m a male

BB said on Nov. 4, 2009

RRAMBLIN’ EVIL MUSHROOM. Or Annoying old party man

DarkClaus said on Nov. 14, 2009

one of my best friends name is lucas and i would go with that.

JudgeDeadd said on Dec. 1, 2009

School bullies would have a field day with some of these names. “Ninten” or “Porky”, for example. Or especially “Poo”.

JudgeDeadd said on Dec. 1, 2009

Oh! Here’s the popularity of these names in the States, according to http://names.whitepages.com/:

# Ness – 627 persons
# Jeff – 366706
# Poo – 85 (POOr guys)
# Pokey – 86
# Porky – 23
# Ninten – 0
# Lucas – 26355
# Claus – 1390
# Flint – 1750

Team Dragonite said on Dec. 24, 2009

ninten all the way… well mabye george in memory of nintens late grandpa lol

I am a loser said on Jan. 1, 2010

Ness is a name. Jeff is a name
really dont think poo is a real name
Pokey/Porky maybe a name but a NOT PORKY!
Lucas YES THAT IS a name for SURE.
Claus Yes that is a name but not very common.
Flint is a name too.
Other Names Like Picky, and Tony sure don’t care..
Tony is a “Gay” name. Kidding Shigesato Itoi
made him gay. Don’t Blame me..

adam said on Jan. 4, 2010

to PK LIME-AID: Santa Lucas! also a kid with a last name of Saturn wold be cool because his friends kid wold say Mr Saturn 🙂

Chris said on Jan. 4, 2010

honestly (I’m thinking quite a ways into the future =P), Lucas is the first (and only, I’m really set on naming him that :P) name on the list of names for my son. I really like the name, and It’s not common, but it’s not way out there weird, either.
Claus would be the only other name from MOTHER that I’d name my son.

Ilana_ said on Jan. 5, 2010


This is funny, ’cause in my country, “Lucas” is an average name. XDD The same happens with Paula. It’s pretty common.
If i wanted to have a son, i would name him Ness. It’s sooooooo cool and different(at least where i live). *_* And it would be like a tribute to the character, since i like him so much.

???? said on Jan. 5, 2010

lucas,but if my future wife ever comes across a game ccalled mother 3 Ill pretend Ive never heard of it.

MarioFan3 said on Jan. 13, 2010



Ness: Wouldn’t be my choice, but for a diehard Mother fan, that name would probably be the best way to go. He might get friendly jokes from friends who play Smash Bros. 😀
Jeff: Not a shabby choice to be honest, an extreme few would guess the reference to Mother2, so fans who want to hide the reference, then it’s a good choice. 🙂

Poo: You’re best bet is that your partner would DEFINITELY say no! Might go well as an Asian name though. (it isn’t racist, sheesh)
Heck, in my year level a few years back, I knew a guy named John Dover.
I said the “Ben Dover” joke to him, and he didn’t find it very funny, as his father’s name was Ben, so who knows?

Porky: Be great for the bully’s name, (fat kid) but for anyone else, it’s a mistake for school.
Not worth the risk. 🙁

Ninten: Everyone would think it’s named after Nintendo, the kid himself would think it too and most likely hate you for it, but if that’s what you want then go ahead Mother fans. :O

Lucas: Probably the most elusive choice of the lot. It’s common and a very nice name for Mother fans. No one would assume anything Mother related and just see it as a coincidence. (unless you’re fellow Mother fans of course) 😀
Not too many would instantly assume Mother3, as the game isn’t very well known in itself sadly. I actually know someone with blonde (maybe a slight bit of light brown) hair named Lucas.

Claus: If you had twins, definitely go for it! I know I would, and many here previously posted they would too, so it sounds the most popular among fans to name twins Lucas, and Claus. :p

Flint: An old fashioned name if I do say so myself, still is used today though, and the reference is clouded too! (great if you’re a farmer) 🙂

Frank: Not much of a reference, so it wouldn’t get picked up on, so it’s a good choice, I don’t particularly like the name though.

Lloyd: If you’re a poor person ahahaha……..hahaha *cough* *wheeze* ahaha, ha.
No but seriously it IS a nice name, reference would only be picked up by hardcore fans (NES games usually aren’t appealing) so great choice. 🙂

Duster: The kid would think they’re named after “the duster” from the blackboard days, a shabby name like himself. 😉

Lucky: Hmm, very well hidden reference there, so good choice for fans, hope you’re Lucky and he makes a great musician

Tony: A regular name that sounds gay, maybe I’ve played too much Mother lately, but at least the reference is hidden.

Wess: Not unheard of, but it’s a weird name, still, extreme fans can do crazy stuff. 😉


Hinawa: Such a nice name with a good ring to it, sounds exotic though so it most likely wouldn’t fit in with your last name. If you’re a diehard Mother fan though, you might go for it!

Tracy: I don’t like the name, but for others, yeah but it isn’t that good for a diehard fan.

Paula: First up for fan obsession, I wouldn’t mind naming my own kid that actually, common name too. 🙂

Ana: Not a bad choice, it could be made a shortened version of what their full name is, for Mother fans it might just slip.

Kumatora: I just love the sound of that name, it’s just a shame it wouldn’t fit with my family name (gotta think about that) for fans who have family names that suite or not, definitely the way to go! 😀 (by the way has anyone else noticed that Princess Kumatora abbreviated is PK? Is it a coincidence or intentional hmmmm)

Lil’ Miss Marshmallow: Not good for a real name, but I was thinking that it would make a great nickname for a baby girl. A bit like how people say “aren’t you my little princess” to their baby girls. (or Mother fans could simply say “aren’t you my little princess Kumatora”)


Tetra said on Feb. 4, 2010

Lucas or Claus.
I would totally name my kid either of those.
It’s not to obvious that it’s a Mother reference like Kumatora or Ness, but it’s not too un-obvious either like Jeff or Ana.

PKBlackTornado said on Feb. 4, 2010

Decision: Claus/Kurausu

Kurausu would just be a silly nickname, but Claus is the best name ever. (Twins would be Lucas and Claus, of course.) My hair’s brown and curly, though, so it would be more like KaLucas. (Katon Lucas)

Why hasn’t anyone suggested a female name as Pollyanna?

Then you could call your kid Paula and Ana!

Melissa said on Feb. 6, 2010

I’ve looked it up and it’s an actual name!
So i could probably get away w/ it.
But! Paula/Ana/Pollyanna is also good for a girl

death said on Feb. 7, 2010

poo DUH!

Sotsky said on Feb. 21, 2010

Master Belch.
Best name ever.

Shann said on Feb. 25, 2010

lighter. 😉

Comico said on Mar. 21, 2010


You mean you haven’t seen anyone named “Jeff”?


pk time stop said on Jun. 5, 2010

pollyanna and Lloyd

TheJeffster23 said on Jul. 5, 2010

Jeff. It’s a good name
*looks at username*

nintega said on Jul. 24, 2010


Dlakii said on Aug. 9, 2010

The sad thing is, I genuinely would consider naming a child Ness. It’s a relatively normalish name – about as much so as my own name -, and I do absolutely love EarthBound, so why not? Also, if there’s one good thing to be said of EarthBound’s obscurity, it’s that others probably wouldn’t easily pick up upon the name’s origin. Jeff would work too for similar reasons, except I already have an uncle and grandfather by that name. 😛

Penguiness said on Aug. 25, 2010

What about two people named George and Maria. They would get married, have a boy, name him Giegue, and sing him the Eight Melodies all the time.

Melissa said on Aug. 26, 2010

I know this entry is ancient, but it came up in the related posts section (to something it was very definitely NOT related to, but…!) and I wanted to throw my few cents into the pile as a woman. XD

When I was a middle school student (when the SNES was hitting its prime), I wanted to name my future children after the characters in Illusion of Gaia. I really liked Lance, Seth, Kara, etc. as names.

Somehow, EarthBound, despite being my favorite game, never really struck that chord with me… until recently, 15 years later and 15 years older. I actually think Ness and Lucas are really adorable names. I’d be tempted to name a son one or the other if I had a chance.

There aren’t a lot of female names in the franchise that I particularly care for, but Paula might make a cute middle name.

TheNessPSISMASHER!!!! said on Aug. 26, 2010

It would be Ninten,I like ninten cause am a fan! =3 It would make a good nam for my 2nd son! He won’t be picked on ALL of my kids of my school are earthbound fans even the teachers! Am not kidding.But,I can prove.I saw one carry a earthbound hand book in her hand. A SNES in a boy named Rance’s backpack.And a girl’s backpack Which is my friend’s named Allisa’s has a earthbound game case and the cartidge!!!!! =D

BP said on Aug. 26, 2010

If I absolutely had to I’d probably go with Nester.

But I’m dead-set on Clark for the first son and Olivia for the first daughter and have no intentions of having three kids, ever, so…

Andy said on Sep. 5, 2010


Concerned Person said on Sep. 9, 2010

I’d feel sorry for a kid named after Poo…

Pk PWN!!! said on Sep. 9, 2010

The only reason you would name your kid Porky was if you really didn’t like him, although im not sure its that much better than naming your kid Poo.

Garrett223 said on Sep. 15, 2010

1 kid: Jeff
Twins: Ness and Wess (Wtf, no one thought of this?)

EarthboundPrincess22 said on Sep. 19, 2010

Yeah naming your kid Poo…If I had twins I probably would think of the names Lucas/Claus too.Ness is cute too.

What said on Nov. 2, 2010


Miche said on Nov. 7, 2010

If I ever have twin boys, I’d consider naming them Lucas and Claus.

Also, if I ever have a girl, I’m giving her Locria as a middle name. (Not as a first name, though – her first name would be my mom’s first name which is comparatively normal.) My first thought when I saw the name Locria was “that’s a really pretty name; that’s it, I’m naming my future daughter that.” I’d just really hope that if she ever played MOTHER 3, she wouldn’t hold it against me. >_< (Same for Claus.)

StarFan said on Dec. 3, 2010

the most possible earthbound name someone would name their kid is……………Trillionage Sprout! 😀

Blues said on Dec. 22, 2010

I shall call my baby, Giygas!!!!

iwata kicks you know what said on Jan. 11, 2011

I’d say Lucas because:
A) He’s my favorite MOTHER character that ACTUALLY has character development.
B) It’s a more realistic name. I love MOTHER, but I wouldn’t name my kid an unrealistic name, especially Poo.

Lumakiri said on Feb. 17, 2011

I have to admit I’ve thought of naming future children (though I don’t plan on any) after videogame characters… I once got particulary fond of the idea of naming a son Mikau, like the Zora from LoZ: Majora’s Mask. My boyfriend doesn’t much like said idea though =L

Ness or Lucas is an epic name if I had a son. I would totally do that. And I’ve always wanted to name a son Red, like good ol’ retro Pokemon’s protagonist. I do know a boy IRL called Blue =D

Girl names, however, I long ago chose and settled on, however I really like the idea of naming a daughter after my all time favourite female book protagonist, Killashandra (from The Crystal Singer)

I’m such a geek =L

Mother 7 said on Mar. 18, 2011

Lloyd should have been on there. It is a real name.

Pwesty said on Apr. 3, 2011

Was a female version ever made?

massing ness said on Apr. 18, 2011

i will name my first born ness

loloandlala said on May. 5, 2011

gosh,ninten has like no love 🙁
probably because people dont know him because he wasnt in super smash bros and his game was cancelled in english
funny thing is,its the only earthbound game ive played.

r.i.p. teddy

PK Sleep said on Jul. 23, 2011

I’d name my kid Bronson. Not a bad soundin’ name really. Now if my wife…

OctobotFire said on Oct. 30, 2011

I would pick Octobot (if I had too). This is because A: I’m nuts B: To remind me of my 13 year old creativity C: Because nobody’s going to read this comment. 😉

Mr. A said on Jan. 28, 2012

Jeff is a pretty nice name, also Paula or Lucas.

And about Poo… he would probably be a very, very depressed child.

And excuse me if this is out of topic but… @OctobotFire, I read your comment! And I support your choice.

KingOfSwords said on Jan. 30, 2012

After playing Mother 3, I think that naming your twin kids Lucas and Claus is just asking for trouble.

landyn said on Feb. 2, 2012

Lucas because its kind of a awesome name or ness.

Ninten=ness said on Mar. 22, 2012

I’d say for me, lucas, and claus. Claus is a german name, and it’s based on Nicolas! For daughter, i must admit, kumatora does sound cool ( bear tiger, maybe i should have named my dog that),and i’d choose that and Ana, hey kumatora is an awesome middle, or nickname( and i’m a little bit like chugga!). Jeff, Paula, Lloyd,and Ana are real names, for those who want real names. Please avoid depression, and suicide, and don’t name your son poo. We may love the game, but that doesn’t give us the right to be a jerk.Teddy is more of a nickname for someone named thedore (Like teddy lupin, anyone?). And i aggree, ness is more hardcore, but i still like it.

StarmanFan said on Apr. 14, 2012

Porky (=

mother_4_isawsome! said on May. 5, 2012

I’d go with Ness because it seems like a regular boy’s name even though I’ve never met anyone with that name

Nyx said on May. 25, 2012

Kumatora, for a girl. The thing is however, I don’t plan on having kids. I do believe, however, my cousins and my sister do intend to have children, so if they had male twins, I would likely bug them into naming the Lucas and Claus, and again, you cannot argue with the name Kumatora!

EPic DErp TRollface said on Jun. 18, 2012

lol wut i wud go with Ness

SuperNess said on Oct. 6, 2012

Boney. Best name ever.

357 said on Nov. 16, 2012


SiAnnime said on Nov. 19, 2012

I think. I like Ness as a middle name… but I think Ninten would be s pretty cool name!

UnknownProto675 said on Jan. 7, 2013

I’d name my kid Guygas……

Mother1plus2fan said on Feb. 10, 2014

Lucas and Jeff are real life names as well. Maybe Paula.


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