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Tips for Buying EarthBound

June 7th, 2009 | Weekly Round-Up

Hey dudes!

It’s summer!

It’s the manly time of year!

Time for sports, guys!

What can I do you for?

Okay, let’s have a look at what’s gone on this week!

Site News

  • This past week, the site passed the 100,000 unique visitors mark. Hurray and such!
  • I noticed that this site’s on the first page of a Google search for EarthBound lately. But on that new Bing site, it’s on like page 58 million. Or page 5 or something, I forget. Boourns.

EarthBound News

Cool Auctions & Merchandise

This was a pretty good week if you were looking for EarthBound carts. I saw an unsual number of carts come and go throughout the week, some were even going for as low as $60. And some are going for $400+, heh.

A bunch of other neat stuff showed up this week too, though, so here are a couple of them. Remember that you can check to see what EarthBound/MOTHER stuff is currently on eBay at any time here 😀

And here’s some cool stuff on Yahoo! Auctions Japan:

I’ve been neglecting this list of stuff on Amazon. Any ideas of other stuff that could go on there? I want to try to make a really comprehensive list for people who are really into collecting stuff. Plus it’s hard to find any EarthBound stuff available 14 years after the game’s release, so I like trying to find interesting related stuff 😛

Community News

I drink coffee at the cafe until I get buzzed, so I can’t realistically keep up with every single thing that happens in the EarthBound community, so if you’ve done something cool or if you know of something cool that belongs here, let me know!

What’s Up With Itoi

  • The 11th anniversary of Itoi’s site was this week. 11 years is crazy. This site is only 21 weeks old 😯
  • Apparently Itoi is going to teach a class soon or is going to help teach a class or something. I think it’s only for a short time, maybe just one or two class periods. He sat in and watched the class beforehand and was amazed at how interesting it was and how quickly the time flew. He then talked about how the passage of time seems to differ so much depending on what you’re doing.
  • Itoi talked about how doing what you enjoy for fun isn’t always the best thing to do for your job. I can kind of understand that. But he did say that it’s important to do work that you enjoy at least.

Upcoming Stuff

Let’s see, looking quickly at what’s coming up, I see some more cool music stuff, possibly some news on a new version of the MOTHER 3 translation patch, and I’ll try to remember to post an EarthBound review a European magazine did a while back. I keep forgetting about it and it’s been week and weeks now. I suck. I’m sure there’ll be lots more stuff going on too, so check back often 😀


This past week sure did wind up being fan-made merchandise heavy. That was neat. Oh yeah, I was at a restaurant earlier this week and this country music song came on and the guy kept saying “earthbound” in it. Anybody have info on that song?


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12 Comments to Weekly Round-Up #21

James said on Jun. 7, 2009

I wonder if that guy is ever going to be able to get $75 for that keychain.

Mashi said on Jun. 7, 2009

I just checked that auction about the SNES RPG lot and found this seller Q&A.

Q: You list Earthbound in title but I do not see it listed in listing. Am I missing something
A: Nope. Earthbound is not in this listing. It’s in the title name to help this listing get more exposure/search hits.

What a liar. D:

Zeph101 said on Jun. 7, 2009

^ I saw that immediatly and thought to myself: wtf?

gwalms said on Jun. 7, 2009

hehe, I like the coffee comment. It doesn’t make any sense when you substitute a depressant with a stimulant.

Xi said on Jun. 7, 2009

Everyone PLEASE report that auction. It is fraudulent, and the seller is deceiving bidders.

Poe said on Jun. 7, 2009

Yup, reported.

santiagoff said on Jun. 7, 2009

Report the damn auction! >:0

mitch said on Jun. 7, 2009

i’m sorry mato, were you saying ‘boo’ or ‘boo-urns’?

Poe said on Jun. 7, 2009

Good job, guys. That fraudulent auction was taken down.

Xi said on Jun. 7, 2009

Agreed, good job. Although I have to wonder what this incident says about the state of Earthbound on eBay.

Qaz said on Jun. 8, 2009

Sheesh, now you’ve got me curious, too. This the song? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MuK1jIlaI_I If nothing else, he sure says “earthbound” a lot.

Mato said on Jun. 9, 2009

Hah, yep, that’s the song!


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