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June 28th, 2009 | Polls

Let’s keep things simple this week – which game had the better Mr. Saturns? EarthBound or MOTHER 3?

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POLL: Which game had the better Mr. Saturns?

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99 Comments to Mr. Saturn Battle

Jeagle101 said on Jun. 28, 2009

It’s hard to choose, really. In Mother 3, they didn’t have as much to do with the story as Mother 2 did. I’d probably go with Mother 2, personally.

IWontGetOvertheDam said on Jun. 28, 2009

EB. Not even close. EB’s Mr. Saturns served a greater purpose in the story and gave info, while Mother 3’s Mr. Saturns stood around and said stupid things.

… Although, I did like the one Mr. Saturn in disguise.

metroidman said on Jun. 28, 2009

EarthBound Saturns hands down. Mother 3 ones were funny, especially when they stacked on top of each other but as what other people had said, the EarthBound ones were more detrimental to the story.

chimera said on Jun. 28, 2009

I had to say M3, I just loves me some ninja saturn!

Krennthief said on Jun. 29, 2009

I loved both! Even though I voted for EarthBound Mr. Saturns, I especially love disguised Mr. Saturn from Mother 3!

hackeesackr said on Jun. 29, 2009

Hmm, which is more useful, a machine that can travel through space and time (kindof), or a ladder? Plus i bet it only took 2 or 3 Mr. Saturn’s plus andonuts to make the Phase distorter, but it takes 5 to ladder! EB wins for efficiency.

Mato said on Jun. 29, 2009

Well to be fair, the M3 ones do hook you up with a flying machine of sorts and also end up giving you the Franklin Badge, which is definitely pretty important.

Saturnome said on Jun. 29, 2009

They’re one of the many things that feels great to see in M3 like some other characters, ennemies and even decorative objects straight out from EarthBound: it’s cool, but, well… However I really liked their lines and the weird things they were doing.

Deiphobus said on Jun. 29, 2009

i feel the earthbound ones are more significant.

Mozzy said on Jun. 29, 2009

Mother 3, by a mile
“Fishing for birdies”

Faux said on Jun. 29, 2009

They also hook you up with Lucas’ entry in Brawl, the Mr. Saturn Coffee Table!

zedrein said on Jun. 29, 2009

MOTHER 2 by virtue of them having more of a direct involvement with the story.

EmeraldWind said on Jun. 29, 2009

Fishing for birds!

bobbyjkl said on Jun. 29, 2009

They look exactly the same. But Earthbound. I’m sorry Mato, I’m not trying to hurt your feelings.

Jason said on Jun. 29, 2009


I like to talk to her over and over. I feel like she says it, and it goes over the character’s heads, so she keeps saying it louder and louder.

Mother 3’s Saturns were better in terms of dialog by a mile. Not even close. Definitely makes up for the utility of the Mother 2’s Saturns.

ScottKO said on Jun. 29, 2009

Mother 3 Saturn sprites were better (They had diagonal animations!) and I think they had a bit more personality but I’d still have to go with EB

Shamu said on Jun. 29, 2009

I’ll go with MOTHER2’s, how it helped Andonuts to make the Space Tunnel.

Digitalized said on Jun. 29, 2009

MOTHER2 is what I’d have to go with…

LucasTizma said on Jun. 29, 2009

I’m surprised M2 is ahead. Typically M3 is the winner in any of these polls because people are rabid about M3 for some reason.

DiamondizedLucas said on Jun. 29, 2009

Mother 3. More random quotes (PoTeNtIaL.), more sprites compared to Mother 2, and basically…bird fishing.

EarthBoundRules said on Jun. 29, 2009

I’d have to say Mother 2. Mother 3’s Mr. Saturns didn’t really act like themselves in my opinion. They were too random.

PK Mt. Fuji said on Jun. 29, 2009

I’ll go with Mother 3 Saturns, they made the Birdy Cage, the Saturn Table, the Saturn Pork-Bean and shined up the Fanklin Badge all by themselves plus they are alot funnier. The Mother 2 Saturns only made the Phase Disorter and with the help of Dr. Andonauts.

Dan Man said on Jun. 29, 2009

fish for birds

GoldenEevee said on Jun. 29, 2009

EB Mr saturns, the ones in M3 did not play a very big role…..

Ice Sage said on Jun. 29, 2009

The EB Mr. Saturns were just…more original. I feel like in M3 they tried a bit too hard to make them funny.

kalasad said on Jun. 29, 2009

EB. Mother 3’s Mr. Saturns had more jokes, but they didn’t really feel like the real thing.

Moonside said on Jun. 29, 2009

Incognito Mr. Saturn.

Big A2 said on Jun. 29, 2009

Mother 3’s. Only 5 can ladder.

hanai said on Jun. 29, 2009

Everybody is saying that MOTHER 3’s Mr. Saturns didn’t play a very big role but that’s not really true. Admittedly, they didn’t help to make a time machine, but they let you use the table with legs, they added a ribbon to the Pork Bean, they created a flying ‘machine’ and they gave you the Franklin Badge. That’s some pretty important stuff, and on top of that, they have better dialogue, in my opinion.
It’s still a tough decision, though.

Churly said on Jun. 29, 2009

The Mother 3 Mr. Saturns did a lot! Without the Franklin Badge they fixed, it would have been impossible to defeat the Masked Man. They haven’t gotten much credit 🙁

This poll is kinda silly though… They’re both Mr. Saturns…

WhatsHerFace said on Jun. 29, 2009

Aww! How can you ask a question like this?! ;A;
While the Mother 3 Saturns weren’t as involved in the plot for as long, they did have a major impact.
The Saturns in Mother 2 has a longer involvement in the plot as well as having an impact on the final outcome, I think.
I can’t really choose. But I do like the Mr. Saturn in disguise… XD

MrEverdred said on Jun. 29, 2009

Wow, 50/50 poll. Mother 3, for me.

Deraj626 said on Jun. 29, 2009

It says it’s 50/50 but Mother 3 has 2 more votes, I wonder why? I voted for M3 because they give you the Fraklin Badge, the power of Ben!

J said on Jun. 29, 2009

It’s still 50/50…Mother2 for me.

PSInesslove93 said on Jun. 29, 2009

this is a hard one… I love the disguised Mr. Saturn and the tower they made… but in the end I voted for the EB ones.

sg_06 said on Jun. 29, 2009


metroid maniac said on Jun. 29, 2009

We VeRy HeLpFuL tHeN!
PhAsE dIsToRtEr FtW!

anonymous said on Jun. 29, 2009

I chose EB, because they have more of a role in the story, but it’s hard to decide. There were a few Mr Saturns in Mother 3 that I loved (“watching ceiling” and the disguised one) plus they got attacked, captured, and tortured, so you gotta feel sorry for them. Also, consider the Franklin Badge they polish for you and the awesome coffee table, and that their valley has more than three buildings. However, in Earthbound, they show up more in the story, and do not fish for birds (although I love how weird that sounds, it also seems very cruel). And while in M3 they don’t seem all that clever, in EB they are clearly much smarter than they appear. I mean, they helped build a time-and-space-travelling machine! All the ones in M3 came up with was a birdcage full of birds. Plus, the music in M3 sucks compared to the music in EB. Overall, you gotta love both, but the EB Mr Saturns take the cake.

santiagoff said on Jun. 29, 2009

EB. I dunno why, I like them more there.

BlueLightning said on Jun. 29, 2009

Definately the Mother 3 Saturns. They shine the Franklin Badge for you. And before that, it was the Courage Badge, which, really doesn’t do anything until they shine it. Plus, the Franklin Badge plays a HUGE role in the game’s story.

Mr. Jupiter said on Jun. 29, 2009

I’ll bet the “girl” Mr. Saturn’s name is Birdo.

Rockin'Ness said on Jun. 29, 2009

In Mother 3 they were hilarious. Disguised Saturn is awesome, too. Also, come on, those stories that frightened the Mr. Saturns were funny! They’re important to the story too, because they shine the courage badge into the Franklin badge, which is oh-so important. I think that the Mr. Saturns in EB were great: they helped with the plot. BUT, the Mother 3 Saturns did too, and they were funnier. I like my plot devices with a bit of humor.

Mr.Saturns! said on Jun. 29, 2009

I have to say that I pick Mother 3 Saturns. They’re so funny! They also gave you the Franklin Badge. Without it, we’re just hopeless to the Masked Man/Boy.

Mrs. Saturn said on Jun. 30, 2009

I couldn’t vote… I like them both equally!

TheFlint said on Jun. 30, 2009

I suppose that all of you have already finished M3, but just in case…


You say that Earthbound’s Saturns are the smart ones because they developed the Phase Distorter with Dr. Andonuts in Earhbound; but remember that they both (Anodonuts and the Mr. Saturns)created the “Absolutly Safe Capsule” in Mother 3 too, the tool that locked away Porkey forever, leaving safe the people of his future attacks and plans. So, the Mr. Saturns of M3 are the true heroes…well… kind of…

Claus said on Jun. 30, 2009

The ones in EarthBound are the most helpful.

Dark-Karito said on Jun. 30, 2009

I luv Mr Saturns so much!! But I´ll go with Mother 3.
* For the Franklin Badge.
* For the super important rule that only 5 can ladder.
* For the bird fishing (with baloons. BALOONS.)
* For the birdie cage.
* For that stupid capsule that sends Porky the hell out.
* For the lulz.
And the most important, for that Mr Saturn in disguise!!

Artillery said on Jul. 1, 2009

I honestly don’t know, because I think they’re both awesome,

but I voted M2 because they were first! 8D

Masked_man said on Jul. 1, 2009

The Mother 3 saturns felt….. almost forced. It’s like they were put in for the sake of them being in the game. Mother 2 saturns get my vote.

Porky Minch said on Jul. 2, 2009

I Like Both ZOOM

Porky Minch said on Jul. 2, 2009

Boing =)

??? said on Jul. 2, 2009


Prof. Saturn said on Jul. 3, 2009


FuzzyPicklez said on Jul. 3, 2009

MOTHER 3. If it weren’t for Mr. Saturn then Lucas would never win against the Masked Man and he would have pulled the sixth AND seventh needles, as well as the three he pulled before then.

And the world would be destroyed.

I think the Masked Man and Porky would have been destroyed as well, because it isn’t too far-fetched that a giant dragon with the ultimate power of the earth could annihilate a crazy old geezer, as long as he’s not in the ASC.

FuzzyPicklez said on Jul. 3, 2009

Actually, if it weren’t for Mr. Saturn, he wouldn’t even HAVE an ASC. So there you go. The world is completely annihilated.

The Masked Man would also have pulled the Saturn Valley needle, since if the Mr. Saturns weren’t there, Lucas would never have been able to reach the volcano, and he would have pulled all of them if Lucas ignored the transceiver and went to the volcano needle first.

FuzzyPicklez said on Jul. 3, 2009

On the other hand, without EB Mr. Saturns, there would be no Phase Distorter and the entire UNIVERSE would have been destroyed by Giygas, preventing the events of MOTHER 3 from ever occurring.

Maybe all Mr. Saturns come from space and their home planet was destroyed by Giygas’s race, and groups of them from all over the planet built rocket ships that sent them to Earth before the planet was completely destroyed, erased their memory of their home planet and Giygas’s race and set up various communities in secluded places all over Earth, explaining why they’re so technologically advanced and innocent. Maybe they then started a desperate attempt to learn the language of the planet’s natives, but their vocal cords were different, thus the Saturnian language was born. Also, maybe they learned their writing but they weren’t very good at it since the physiology of Mr. Saturn is obviously different than humans and they don’t have visible hands to write things with.

Mr. Saturn said on Jul. 4, 2009

(Mr. Saturn stands in front of a ladder of 5 Mr. Saturns.)

Mr. Saturn: nEvEr TiRe Of ThIs.

Lucky said on Jul. 7, 2009

Didn’t it say the Mr. Saturns helped build the Absolutely Safe Capsule?

pridak709 said on Jul. 8, 2009

definetly mother 2 saturns
i mean cmon guys….
“WATCH CEILING” was hilarious for me

Artsy said on Jul. 10, 2009


earthboundmaster said on Jul. 11, 2009

mother 3

Mr. S said on Jul. 11, 2009

I think they’re both really funny!

In EarthBound, they plays a big roll, while in Mother 3 they were really funny!

More than 5 make us fall.

They’re awesome!

Mr. Jupiter said on Jul. 12, 2009

@FuziePicklez I doubt it, but I like it!

Blue said on Jul. 13, 2009

Wow, its really really close! I’m actually having a tough time deciding. M2 for story purposes, M3 for humor…

Mmmm… I’d guess M3.

“wE PlAy lAdDeR.”

and the Mr. Saturn next to them:

“nEvEr TiRe oF tHiS.”

Not Giygas said on Jul. 15, 2009

Boing Boing. Like play Ladder. Zoom. Bird fishing fun. Ding Ding.

JoeWuzHere said on Jul. 16, 2009

wow. It’s tied.

PKSTARMAN said on Jul. 16, 2009

Wow! Its a tie… In Earthbound: They helped Ness to find the Belch factory, also they helped to make the Phase Disorter 2… Ok guys thats a lot of help so the Earthbound Mr.Saturns are the best.

PKSTARMAN said on Jul. 16, 2009


PKSTARMAN said on Jul. 16, 2009

But when I realised the help in Mother 3…
I wont vote…
Both are awesome, the best is… Il say both.

Evan said on Jul. 16, 2009

Woah. Thanks to me, it’s exactly, perfectly 50/50.

I picked Earthbound’s, because the dialogue felt more like they were speaking a weird language I couldn’t comprehend instead of just shouting gibberish.

kamuikurou said on Jul. 17, 2009

Yeah, at this point, it’s perfectly 50:50

Conclusion: All of us love Mr Saturn, no matter where and in what form they are. ^^

Dr. Teapot said on Jul. 17, 2009

Mr. Saturns are adorable, hilarious, and proboscirrific. However, in MOTHER 3, they didn’t seem to… well… fit. They seemed to just be shoved in there because people liked them the first time, but they had no real depth. Like a movie sequel.

wessdance said on Jul. 17, 2009

M3 Mr.Saturns were actually prettyimportant to the plot, but I don’t need to say the reasons why because other poeple already said them.
iN hOt SpRiNg, BuT hAvE cOfFeE?
Everyone loves Mr.Saturn.
And they loveyou, except when you mercilessly throw them in Brawl.

Oh btw, M3 now has one more vote thanks to me.


Edracon said on Jul. 17, 2009

I was the tie breaker, Mother3 wins at the time of this post… (we’ll see who wins later, right?)

Edracon said on Jul. 18, 2009

now earthbound is winning by one vote.

Amanda said on Jul. 20, 2009

This is neck and neck… both are 50%!

Amanda said on Jul. 20, 2009

And Mother 3 is winning by a few votes!

megaman fan said on Jul. 23, 2009

mr.saturn in earthbound/mother2 were ALOT more helpful

Steve! said on Jul. 27, 2009

I picked mother 3 since they do more activities like bird fishing and making Mr. Saturn ladders.

yetikirby said on Aug. 30, 2009

they did alot more in earthbound so EB/M2

Mr. Crosser said on Sep. 11, 2009

Ha ha ha. The polls are tied XD

ShootheMoon said on Sep. 30, 2009

Almost. xD

Gummidge said on Oct. 12, 2009

lol, 50/50 (apart from 4 votes on Earthbound’s side)

rope saturn said on Nov. 21, 2009

mother 3 because they say more random stuff and make a tower and there is also RAIDEN SATURN

N0 3y3 d33r said on Nov. 23, 2009

Yeah, the Saturns in EB made the Phase distorter,But Apple Kid and Andonuts made everything else, but the ones in Mother 3 made EVERYTHING, the Pork Bean and Coffee Table, A ladder to help you get to that *SPOILER* before *SPOILER* did, which prevented *SPOILER* from winning. They made the bird carriage to help you escape. AND they helped create the *SPOILER* with Andonuts to trap *SPOILER* which got rid of the fat jerk for good.
They have better dialogue and more sprites in M3 ALONGSIDE functionality, so in my book they kinda win.

Wafffo! said on Jan. 22, 2010

Zoom, boing, ding. i say Mother 2 because of the music, the APPRECIATE! one and…well… i like them more.

Jofagbrown said on Feb. 3, 2010

The argument that without the EB Mr. Saturns Mother 3 would not have happened is pretty compelling…

With that said, I still voted Mother 3. They had more personality and were funnier; humor is huge in Itoi’s universe! But I loved them in both games regardless. They are surprisingly smart and excellent machinists in both games. Gotta love the way they fish for birds though.

657 to 637 in favor of Mother 3 at the time of this post. 20 people, so, its still basically 50/50, 51/49 to be precise though.

death said on Feb. 7, 2010

mother 3 they did stuff.

Mr. Saturn said on Apr. 6, 2010

I vote for one species of own race? Kay-o.
Me vote EarthBound. They better because funny speech:
“Ah! Sooo…Honest! Smile! Boing!”
Overall, me vote EarthBound Mr. Saturn.

I am a loser said on Apr. 11, 2010

666 votes for earthbound

Ultrapyre said on May. 29, 2010

Mother 3 ones are better.
OnLy fIvE cAn L@dDer :3

Mic said on Jun. 23, 2010

Mother 3’s ones were better. Play ladder. Zoom!

Phi said on Sep. 3, 2010

Ladders higher. Boing!

thomas1up said on Sep. 4, 2010

I dunno I dont think pink thinks with no arms can create a machine.
I vote mother 3 more funny more personality

BirdIesfOrflYinGvehIcLe said on Sep. 10, 2010

“BuT Not ENougH bIRdiEs YeT.”
“FiSHINg fOr BiRdiE.”
“FlYIng BirdYCaGe donE.”

Beefy said on Sep. 10, 2010

^that made my head hurt.

Dr.Saturn said on Nov. 3, 2010

Polish badge make shiny that cause.. Well, you are know, Boing. Lucas had catch ALL 3 birdies, Ness only had get the Meteotite, ding ding. Lucas also RESCUE Mr.Saturns from 3, don’t Saturns have defense, Boing? It’s still are not official whether or not the same Saturns. Villages look similar, Zoom.

Minifig2401 said on Feb. 1, 2012

I voted for M3, but while they had better lines, M2’s had the better music z@oM!

Disciple of Midna said on Jul. 1, 2012

FiShInG fOr BiRdIe.


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