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May 3rd, 2009 | Weekly Round-Up

Ooh, this week marks EB Central’s Sweet 16! Let’s all put on pink party hats and have a slumber party!

This last week was particularly slow update-wise due to a hectic work week. I actually had to ban myself from EB Central and Starmen.Net to make sure I didn’t get distracted at all. Crazy, but it helps, as I’m sure reid can attest to himself. I wonder what kinds of things people working on the MOTHER games had to do to focus during crunch time too.

Anyway, let’s have a look at what’s gone on this week!

Site News

  • I noticed the other day that EB Central surpassed the million hit mark since the site opened in mid-January. That might sound like a lot, but this site is actually still pretty small-time in terms of unique visitors and only gets a fraction of the traffic SM.Net and the M3 blog used to get. But it’s a cool landmark in the site’s history and I’m glad the site’s been this successful this quickly 😀
  • It’s a new month, so the site’s auto-switched to a new theme. Looks like May is Saturn Valley. I gotta admit, I was mighty fond of last month’s Onett theme. That color of green really suits the games well. Surprisingly Saturn Valley’s colors look kind of dull or dead, at least in comparison.

EarthBound News

Cool Auctions & Merchandise

A whole lot of new stuff this week! This biggest news, of course, is the brand-new, unopened copy of EarthBound. As of this writing, it’s currently at $810 with a day or two left 😯

Some other cool stuff showed up this week. Check it out! Remember that you can check to see what EarthBound/MOTHER stuff is currently on eBay at any time here!

And here’s some cool stuff on Yahoo! Auctions Japan:

I also updated the list of EarthBound-related stuff that’s on Amazon:

Community News

I’m part fruit and part vegetable, so I can’t humanly keep up with every single thing that happens in the EarthBound community, so if you’ve done something cool or if you know of something cool that belongs here, let me know!

What’s Up With Itoi

  • Golden Week’s been going on Japan, so Itoi’s posts haven’t been anything of significant interest, at least not much worthy of reporting. The biggest thing that I remember this week is that he’s finally going to use this Golden Week as a time to stop eating so much. He often talks about how he overeats, especially lately, but he sounds pretty serious about stopping. He used to be a really heavy smoker (he was even famous for it) and he stopped in this same manner back around the time MOTHER 1+2 was released. So he’ll probably do well.

Upcoming Stuff

This last week was really busy for me work-wise, so updates were fewer than usual. It looks like this next week will be equally as crazy, so I’m not going to make any specific predictions for updates for this upcoming week. I had planned for a review of Sirens of Titan for this past week, but someone else offered to write a review for me, so I’m delaying that update a little bit. Anyway, I’ll still keep updating with stuff whenever possible this week, so keep checking back!


I gotta find a way to updates better. Maybe I should do a whole bunch of updates in advance, like on a Sunday, and then have them auto-posted throughout the week, that way I won’t have to try so hard to find time to update during the work week. But meh, that’s too much work for a weekend, heh 😛


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22 Comments to Weekly Round-Up #16

Spitball Sparky said on May. 3, 2009

EBCentral can get it’s driver’s license now and will most deff be the most popular girl in school. <3

Jimi said on May. 3, 2009

I think EBCentral is more of the creepy kid that everyone thinks is in some sort of cult, but nobody can really prove it.

Xi said on May. 3, 2009

EB Central is more like the otaku 16 year-old that is obsessed with Japanese culture, plays its DS at all downtimes, and will respond to every question with “Nani?”

Mato said on May. 3, 2009

Nah, it’s not that lame. It’s more like the kid who wears a gaming t-shirt to school every day and has a backpack with video game characters on it and draws stuff from video games all the time during class.

santiagoff said on May. 3, 2009

Saturn Valley does look dumb in comparison to Onett ._.
But at least , it makes it feel like autumn!

LucasTizma said on May. 3, 2009

Dangit, Mato! Your website is KILLING my checking account. And now that I know about Celga? Even worse…

Xi said on May. 3, 2009

I’ve actually been doing a bit of research into different deputy services, and I’ve seen a lot of criticism about Celga, both their way of running things, complaints about customer service, and their prices; however I’ve heard nothing but mostly positive reviews about a service known as “Shopping Mall Japan” (or “SMJ” by its supporters), which isn’t listed on the deputy services on this site. Has anyone ever used/heard anything about this service?

Mato said on May. 3, 2009

I’ve only had experience with Celga, which is why it’s the only one listed. I recently came across this, but I don’t know of anyone who’s used that service so I can’t say anything about it. Same with SMJ.

Alpha Knight said on May. 3, 2009

the super NES mini thing is the snes 2
it was released around 1997, it is north american.
i have one, its just a smaller version they released later on, it isnt that much smaller and it looks kinda strange

Mato said on May. 3, 2009

Yeah, I knew about that version, but the auction used to have this as the thumbnail pic, which was something else. I guess they changed the pic at some point 😛

Darien said on May. 3, 2009

Doesn’t look half as strange as the second version of the NES. Though here’s a picture of that thing you can’t identify, Mato, that’s much clearer: http://nintendoportal.com/images/history/snes.jpg

I guess it is another SNES hardware revision. I’d never seen it before, either.

Sconner said on May. 3, 2009

Please guys!!!
I know I’m being annoying by posting this, but that’s what we need right now to boost the EB community from the recent downs that have happened: The Mother 4 but not really, the fact that Reggie said there aren’t any plans, and still being on the #1 spot in NP.

PSInesslove93 said on May. 3, 2009

heheh. as soon as i heard about the swine flu my thoughts instantly pictured the Pigmask Army so when I read that article about Video Game Characters and i saw them on there, it put a smile on my face. lol

Mato said on May. 3, 2009

Sconner: There probably won’t be many contests at this site because I don’t have the time. Also, this site is less focused on the community aspect of things. Community projects/contests are much more Starmen.Net’s territory.

Darien said on May. 3, 2009

You want a contest? Hokay, here’s a contest. The first person to send me one of those giant Mr. Saturn dolls wins a thank-you.

In case of a tie, duplicate thanks will not be awarded. I can’t just give this stuff away, you understand!

Sconner said on May. 4, 2009

I know not here @ EB central, but isn’t EBC owned by Starmen?

Mato said on May. 4, 2009

EB Central is owned by me alone. It’s even on a completely different server on a completely different host.

biehlza said on May. 5, 2009

But wasn’t there a contest in the fan section that was just listed?

Mato said on May. 5, 2009

I’m not sure what you mean. What fan section? Where? What contest?

biehlza said on May. 6, 2009

Sorry, I meant the community news. Where there having a Mr.Saturn plushie as a prize.

Mato said on May. 6, 2009

Oh, yeah, I’ll list contests and stuff that other sites do, but not many contests will be held by EB Central itself.

Leirin said on May. 6, 2009

Zomg EB Central will be overridden by teenage girls. *gets out a tissue*


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