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April 28th, 2009 | Audio Stuff, MOTHER 1

I came across this really interesting rendition of Pollyanna a few years back on some random Japanese message board I think. Give it a listen!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

(download MP3)

Pretty fancy stuff. I wonder who made it and what for.


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48 Comments to Show Time Pollyanna

Poe said on Apr. 28, 2009

The singing gave me goosebumps; not the good kind.

Devaux said on Apr. 28, 2009

I can’t help but imagine a Mother musical.

Wil said on Apr. 28, 2009

Is that Catherine Warwick singing it? Sounds like her.

Zinco said on Apr. 28, 2009

Ah, yes, Mother, the early 90s sitcom.

Poe said on Apr. 28, 2009

Wil – probably not since it’s obvious that English is not the native language of whoever is singing.

Crashpro3 said on Apr. 28, 2009

Poe, Japanese kids learn English in Kindergarten, but it might be a higher grade than that.

JeffMan said on Apr. 28, 2009

I’m pretty sure this was done by Low-tech Son – the same group that did the jazz thing that Mato posted earlier.

Poe said on Apr. 28, 2009

Crashpro – the point I was making is that English is Catherine Warwick’s native language, meaning she wouldn’t have the accent of whoever was singing on that MP3.

ScottKO said on Apr. 28, 2009

I heard this on youtube a long time ago…I strongly dislike this version. As far as I’m concerned the 8-bit version is better…

LucasTizma199 said on Apr. 28, 2009

JeffMan is correct. This is done by Low-Tech Son. Love this group, and I love this song. 🙂 Here’s their website: http://lowtechson.com/index.html

PSInesslove93 said on Apr. 28, 2009

I heard this somewhere before. I hate the singing lol the girl is so bad… especially with the high parts of the song @_@

LucasTizma199 said on Apr. 28, 2009

@PSInesslove93 I used to think the same. But broken English singing by Japanese people kinda grew on me. 😀 Except a lot of the Pollyanna covers I find on Nico Nico Douga. :-\

santiagoff said on Apr. 28, 2009

Yeah , there’s a video on nico nico which says this was done by lowtechson.

Spitball Sparky said on Apr. 28, 2009

Oh! I’ve been looking for a stereo MP3 of this for ages…all I had was a mono thing I stole off YouTube.

Thanks for posting this!

HAK2 said on Apr. 28, 2009

sounds like a show opening for an old japanese cartoon!

Leirin said on Apr. 28, 2009

Wow, why on earth is there so much hate for this version? It’s probably my favorite out of the one million differnet Pollyannas. :/ I think the singing is wonderful, the harmonies are nice, and it really makes me want someone to come out and say…

“MOTHER is filmed in front of a live studio audience in Long Beach, California”

TheBatFax said on Apr. 28, 2009

Yeah, it’s a little excessive how much hate it’s getting. It may not be fantastic, but it’s certainly not terrible. I find it really frickin’ catchy.

Pak-Man said on Apr. 29, 2009

Where DID the lyrics come from. I always assumed they were fan-created since it would seem odd for someone to write lyrics to a song in an 8-bit Nintendo game. The only other place I can imagine them coming from is if Pollyanna was an original song that was licensed into the game, which, again, seems odd for a Nintendo game.

Unless it’s in the same realm as “Three Blind Mice,” in which case I wonder why I’ve never heard of it before…

Big A2 said on Apr. 29, 2009

I love this verison. I don’t see why everyone hates it.

And Pak-Man, the lyracs from Pollyanna came from MOTHER’s origianl soundtrack released in Japan.

HAK2 said on Apr. 29, 2009


the lyrics came from the Mother official soundtrack, which is also where the flying man song comes from (from the song on the CD called “Flying man”). the style of the Mother 2 magicant song comes from this too, i think.

HAK2 said on Apr. 29, 2009

oh, and so does one of the parts from the Mother 2 game over screen, which is also from the “flying man” song.

Matt said on Apr. 29, 2009

Pak-Man: Well your assumptions are idiotic. Do you suppose back in 1989 when the Mother Vocal album was released (never heard of that, did you? Guess not) they said to themselves “Gee, we want to write lyrics to these songs but who would write lyrics to an 8-bit Nintendo game?”

NO. Read up on the Mother Vocal album and stop talking about what you know nothing about. Fan-created? You are the first and I hope last EB fan to be so ignorant, I hope.

Pak-Man said on Apr. 29, 2009

Gee guise, Well I always assoomed that that their polyana song was fan-crittered! Shucks, I never woulda thought that them chinese woulda made a album of songs based offa 8-bit Nintendy games! What’s next, movie adaptions? Ya’ll’re blowin’ my mind here!

~Queen said on Apr. 29, 2009

Wow, listening to this vocalist made me have an earache.
I’m a singer, so listening to this somewhat inspired me to write different lyrics (because her vocals were VERY rushed). It would be cool to sing a fan piece.


Zinco said on Apr. 29, 2009

Why be such a jerk, Matt? The guy was just asking a question, not presuming to know more than he does, and most people probably don’t know that songs from Mother have lyrics. Unfortunately, I know you’re not the first nor the last obsessive nerd to become exceedingly rude over minor details.

Deej said on Apr. 30, 2009

Had a hunch this was done by Low-tech Son as Jeffman points out…

Dwit said on Apr. 30, 2009

It slightly reminds me of a couple songs from the band Komeda only it’s faster, jazzier and Japanese.

Anonymous said on May. 1, 2009

Sounds like some kind of cheesy 90’s sitcom.

Gastrodon said on May. 3, 2009

Earthbound: The hit off-Broadway Musical!

SlothSquadron said on May. 4, 2009

Sounds like Katamari Damacy mixed with Pollyanna.

MegazeroX said on May. 4, 2009

I didnt like the singing. It is better without it.

SoreThumb said on May. 12, 2009

I think the singing and performance is what made this one of the best covers out there.

Kinda surprised by the hate, here. Lame.

Glad you found hte lowtechson version– if I religiously watched this blog, I’m sure I could’ve identified it for you 🙂

wishydude said on Jun. 10, 2009

i remember seing this on yurugu3’s (the scource for awesome mother/earthbound japanese stuff)youtube channel. maybe he made it for nico nico douga but i don’t know. it surely sounds neat…and weird at the same time

Shamu said on Jun. 19, 2009

Best Pollyanna remix EVER.

ness mother 2 said on Jul. 6, 2009

XD mother the musical of the game XD XD

tlay10 said on Aug. 15, 2009

This version of the song sounds like it came out of a 80’s sitcom like Growing Pains

Mother!! Starring
Brad Garrett as Ninten! (cheesy smile)
Lindsay Lohan as Ana! (cheesy pose and smile)
Jaleel White as Lioyd! (Urkel like smile or pose)
Hulk Hogan as Giiyg (In process of attempting to kill Earth but stops to look at screen)
And Verne Troyer as Mr Saturn!
(bOiNG WrONg ShOW zOOm)

Mother is joined in front a obviously canned audience.
Itoi: Thinks (What the hell did I create?)

bill cosby as teddy

The Jonas Brothers as DCMC!
The fat kid from Two and a Half Men
as Pokey Minch!
James Avery as Aloysius Minch!
Rosie O’ Donnell as Lardna Minch!
Mickey Rooney as Picky Minch!

Itoi: This is payback for Mother 3 not coming to America right?

oh and

random hippie as newaged retro hippie

PKFighter201 said on Oct. 25, 2009

I like this song, especially the faster tempo and everything being so cheery! 😀

Ness and Sonic said on Nov. 4, 2009

I think I hear part of 8 melodies at the beginning.

Pkhypernova said on Jan. 20, 2010

I love this its so awsome

MOTHERMoondance-- said on Feb. 1, 2010

Pollyanna: don’t push “I’m Feeling Lucky” on Google when you look for it.

Or you’ll be scarred by Northstar.

MOTHERMoondance-- said on Feb. 1, 2010


Adirondack said on Oct. 22, 2010

Guess staring Adam Sanler as Master Belch!!!

John Leir said on Oct. 31, 2010

That’s the most awesome arrangement of pollyanna i’ve heard in quite some time.

Shaun said on Aug. 15, 2011

Nice. 🙂

KosteonLink said on Aug. 18, 2011

Better yet, call the sitcom “I Love Giygas”

Zoom! said on Aug. 18, 2011

@tlay10 You stole that from RSXEmperor

J-dog said on Aug. 22, 2011

It’s a bit too peppy for my liking.

BigDream said on Oct. 8, 2011

MUST. BE MADE. FOR AN ANIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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