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Tips for Buying EarthBound

April 15th, 2009 | EarthBound, Images, Videos

Official Mr. Saturn keychains are hard to come by and can be kind of pricy, as you can see here:

So, a Japanese fan decided to make some homemade Mr. Saturn keychains instead of shelling out a ton of money for just one keychain/strap. The end results are pretty cool. Here’s a video of them being made:

Sorry, I don’t have time to subtitle the video or translate it, plus I don’t know much about this kind of stuff. But maybe it’ll inspire people to try their hand at homemade stuff too 😀


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19 Comments to Homemade Mr. Saturn Keychains!

MagusDuality said on Apr. 15, 2009


That’s nifty, and a good money saving idea too.

I wouldn’t be surprised if more stuff like this starts cropping up with the economic situation going on.

KingDarian said on Apr. 15, 2009

So _that_ is the weird thing I saw on Yahoo! Japan Auctions months ago. Interesting.

Spitball Sparky said on Apr. 15, 2009

Such care and detail…it was spectacular!

I want one.

Pineapple said on Apr. 16, 2009

That’s amazing!

Maybe someone here can translate the instructions?
That would be extremely helpful for those that want to make their own!

honeymustard said on Apr. 16, 2009

I really lucked out a while ago, managed to buy the Mother 3+ soundtrack with the Saturn strap on eBay UK for just £10 – that’s about $15.

HAK2 said on Apr. 16, 2009

i wish i had the skills to make one. and the colored clay.

IWontGetOvertheDam said on Apr. 16, 2009


I wanna try making one!

nekoaitsu said on Apr. 16, 2009

That’s kind of.. awesome. 😀

My only complaint would be that they look slightly unhappy, but I’m just being picky. I still want one!

Anonymous said on Apr. 16, 2009

honeymustard: does that mean ebay UK has different things than the main ebay?

Xi said on Apr. 16, 2009

Anonymous: Yes. The easiest indicator to go by is the host url. If it is ebay.com instead of ebay.co.uk or ebay.co.jp, they have different products. People from one region are most likely going to buy products from that region, both due to regional interest and shipping costs. A lot of people from other places, however, still post items on the “main” ebay, as it arguably has more members and it is not too difficult assuming they can grasp basic english.

Craigslist took this idea of regional interest further, to where you get different results based on which city you are in!

santiagoff said on Apr. 16, 2009

I so want one! T_T

Ann said on Apr. 16, 2009

This is a really cool tutorial! I’ve made some Mr. Saturn (and tenda) pencil toppers out of clay like this, hoping that somebody at school would recognize them.

Pigmask Private said on Apr. 16, 2009

Simply awesome. DIY Mr. Saturn keychains and straps.

*sigh* gotta make one.

Satsy said on Apr. 17, 2009

XD Hehehehe! I understood what they were doing. Fimo is good stuff for that. Although you can just buy different colours, so you don’t need white. There’s also something softer than Fimo out there. I do like knowing how long it takes in the nukerowave though, and the varnish had never occurred to me for some reason (although I’ll be buying up some proper stuff soon anyway to properly decorate the SP).

I’ll probably make a few of these now. Maybe not Mr.Saturn, but I’m sure I could make a few enemies. 😉 When I have time, of course. :O

rawpower said on Apr. 17, 2009

I wonder what shape my keyblade would take if I attatched one of those to it?

Mr. Nosy said on Apr. 17, 2009

That inspired me to make a Mr. Saturn plushie (if I could!)!

Gasman said on May. 23, 2009

What is the stuff he’s using to make it and what is that colored stuff?

conn3r said on Jun. 30, 2009

lol i luckly baught one off ebay for $46! ha what a steal

John Cook said on Nov. 15, 2009

Nice, zoom


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