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Tips for Buying EarthBound

April 2nd, 2009 | Auctions, EarthBound, Merchandise

We’ve already witnessed how people in Japan have been buying the new giant Mr. Saturn plushies just to turn around and sell them for a lot, and now we have the very first giant Mr. Saturn on eBay too. The giant plushies cost approximately $120 to buy, and buyers are selling them for $200 in Japan. But how much are they being marked up outside of Japan?

Oh, just eight hundred dollars! *&##ggg(*

I don’t think anybody’s going to buy it for that much, to be honest. My guess is that $400 will be the highest realistic amount people might pay for it, aside from the 1/128 random super rich kid 😛

I do like the description though. Translations like this often sound like poetry to me:

Very Very Big Size Doll MR.Saturn(Japanese Dosei-san)

I opened the box, in order to take a photograph.

It is precious in it being a new item, and new.

How is it in your room? . The place which goes to sleep is lost. It is large size.

Height. About 45cm (17.5 inches) It is not exact. It is about 17.5 inches.

Product material— Polyester. Synthetic rubber. Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene

A box is also precious.


New member notice. A buyer, a notice with a problem.


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21 Comments to Giant Mr. Saturns Now on eBay

AbstractedThought said on Apr. 2, 2009

*Heart attack*

How much!? It might be cheaper just to fly to Japan.

Kurisuellegarden said on Apr. 2, 2009

That does sound like poetry. =]

I bet you it was an haiku in japanese. xD

fiyeroblue said on Apr. 2, 2009

Geez, I love Mr. Saturn, but could never ever justify spending that much on him. I’d rather just buy some of the Mr. Saturns people make on etsy.

nekoaitsu said on Apr. 2, 2009

“How is it in your room? . The place which goes to sleep is lost. It is large size.”
I love Engrish.

Dale said on Apr. 2, 2009

🙁 Us Mother fans certainly must be easy targets to take advantage of if these are going for $800… ugh.

Satsy said on Apr. 2, 2009

Much like the 1+2 art book going at over $100, this isn’t a realistic price. If it’s going to go that high, you may as well set it low, and let the bidders chase it up. We all know how much these things really go for, so trying to make 3 times the profit (or thereabouts) is just stupid. Clever in theory, until you realise nobody’s got that much money thanks.

Plushraysetiger said on Apr. 2, 2009

Ouch… Looks like I’ll have to make my own, then. I love the description, though.

Pigmask Private said on Apr. 2, 2009

Good lord, I hate that seller. He/She always prices things WAY up. makes me sick.

If I saw one of these for maybe… $150, I’d get it…If Plushraysetiger made one that size, I’d get it… However, I’d much rather have the ArtBook and Plushie.

Xi said on Apr. 2, 2009

I might buy itl… but it had BETTER come with the Pepsi!

biehlza said on Apr. 2, 2009

Why exactly is there a pepsi?

Satsy said on Apr. 2, 2009

biehlza: Because it’ll be thirsty after its’ long journey.

KingDarian said on Apr. 2, 2009

:O I could probably buy a mansion after selling off all of my MOTHER stuff! Screw the stock market, MOTHER merchandise is the soundest investment choice!

HossTehMaster said on Apr. 2, 2009

Dear lord 8oo dollars? Do we get a discount if its shipped to dakota? Man, Mr Saturn costs an arm and leg….and he doesn’t even have any of those. D:

HossTehMaster said on Apr. 2, 2009

Also I think that pepsi can is for scale. Its foot is tall as a pepsi can.

Difegue said on Apr. 3, 2009

Loving the Escargo Express box design. LOVING IT.

RCat said on Apr. 3, 2009

I was under the impression that you had to be rich to get this anyway. Price x 4 would be, like, mega super rich.

santiagoff said on Apr. 3, 2009

Damn is that big o_o

mudkipNDS said on Apr. 3, 2009

!!!!! Someone is trying to choke Dosei-san through plastic bag! I bet it was the Pigmasks!

queens of the fart age said on Apr. 4, 2009

lol it might cost maybe about $20 to get necessary materials to make an exact replica

aahaaaaaaaaaaaa have i just found a nice way to get rich

daphny said on May. 13, 2009

that description was written by mr saturn. its expensive because its a REAL MR SATURN AUCTIONING ITSELF

Ector said on Jul. 3, 2009

It comes with a free Pepsi. Freeeeeeee…


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