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Tips for Buying EarthBound

April 7th, 2009 | EarthBound, Images

EarthBound was mentioned in the latest issue of Anime Insider, in a section called “Evolution of the Species: The 10 games that defined the progress of RPGs from humble arcade roots to massively multiplayer online experiences.”

EarthBound was included in the list with other big-name classics, like Gauntlet and Chrono Trigger. Here’s the EarthBound part.

Click to see full scan at higher resolution

Pretty cool of them to consider EarthBound for something like this. Thanks to The Great Morgil for the tip, and Master Chicken for the pic 😀


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31 Comments to EarthBound in Anime Insider

Xi said on Apr. 7, 2009

Hey, you figure with so many crap reviews, we were bound to get around to a good one sooner or later. =)

Harveyjames said on Apr. 7, 2009

It’s cool to see Earthbound get a favorable review in a mainstream magazine, but… ‘excellent character development’? Man, what a hack! Earthbound has next to no character development- the four main characters barely even talk! We love it for a lot of reasons, but character development isn’t one of them.

Someone said on Apr. 7, 2009

…except for Ness, maybe? *Especially* before, during, and after Magicant, you get to see him grow into a “strong boy”, as his mother calls him. Particularly in the context of his mother and father, I think Ness is a great example of character development.

And what about Porky? You know he’s a jerk in the beginning, but you get to see how he evolves whenever you meet him in the game—by the time you’re at Giygas, you can tell how low he’s fallen.

Why do you think characters need to talk in order to show how they develop?

Mr. Nosy said on Apr. 7, 2009

I would SO like to know the other 7 games mentioned.

Runaway FACE said on Apr. 7, 2009

Wow, I just can’t believe that after almost 14 years, the game is still getting some recognition. Granted, it’s not getting the kind of recognition we’re hoping for, but any good publicity can only help at this point.

KeijiDragon said on Apr. 7, 2009

I don’t want to sound like a whinning ass, but hasn’t anyone ever heard of using SCANNERS for articles? I’m tired of people taking taking a freaking pictures of magazine articles using a camera phone. The resulting snapshot pains the eyes, and it sometimes becomes hard to read the words (In this case, its pretty readable, but still).

Mato said on Apr. 7, 2009

I dunno about you, but I’ll take what I can get. If you’re willing to get a copy of this issue of Anime Insider and scan it for us, that’d be nice of course 😀

Manaphy Fan said on Apr. 7, 2009

I say be grateful for whatever picture you get; it’s still legible.

santiagoff said on Apr. 7, 2009

Did I just read excellent character development? >_>

DragonKazooie89 said on Apr. 7, 2009

Can I have a list of all ten games that were on the list?

Mato said on Apr. 7, 2009

I don’t know what they are, I only saw three of them. Someone with the magazine will have to let us know.

Xi said on Apr. 7, 2009

Yeah, aside from when they join your party and when they leave your party, I’m having trouble remembering any character dialogue.

Halfsan said on Apr. 7, 2009

Holy crap that’s awesome. I used to get that magazine regularly too! 😀

Kris said on Apr. 7, 2009

I take more issue with it being considered one of the “First RPGs on the SNES in the United States.” Um, what happened to Final Fantasy? Chrono Trigger? Secret of Mana?

Darien said on Apr. 7, 2009

I myself take more issue with the classification of freaking Gauntlet as an RPG. I think if you can call Gauntlet an RPG, the word has officially been diluted well past the point where it had any meaning at all.

TBird said on Apr. 7, 2009

It’s interesting that they mention that EarthBound makes fun of rpg cliches. The humor seemed to be lost by most of the reviewers of the game when it was new. That’s what originally pulled me into EarthBound.

Keiji Dragon said on Apr. 8, 2009

“Manaphy Fan said on Apr. 7, 2009

I say be grateful for whatever picture you get; it’s still legible.”

I suppose your right. It IS better then nothing, after all. 🙂

The Great Morgil said on Apr. 8, 2009

Man, i submitted this over a week ago, and i was wondering why it took so long to post it. And for all the people bitching about the not using a scanner: With the economy the way it is, you think i can really afford to buy yet another magazine?

Mato said on Apr. 8, 2009

It took long because I was waiting for someone to get a pic of it. Also, I need to spread updates out sometimes, so unless it’s breaking major news, updates might take a little while to get posted about.

The Great Morgil said on Apr. 8, 2009

Was there something wrong with the pics i gave you?

Mato said on Apr. 8, 2009

I didn’t know you had even sent any – you either forgot to attach them or the contact form was being smelly. Probably the latter I’d guess, though. I gotta look into that thing.

Do you have better pics than what’s here?

Belasted said on Apr. 8, 2009

They must have meant one of the LAST RPGs for the SNES in the United states. Either that or this is another example of people writing about a game that they apparently know nothing about.

The Great Morgil said on Apr. 9, 2009

I had three pics in a zip file. One of the mags cover, one of the first page of the article to explain what it was about, and one of the EB part of the article. Do you not except Zip files or something?

Mato said on Apr. 9, 2009

I already mentioned that it’s probably the contact form’s problem, it’s been deleting attachments for the past week or two. If you still have the pics and think they’re better than these ones, you can e-mail them to me and I’ll put them up instead.

The Great Morgil said on Apr. 10, 2009

Shoot, i already deleted them. Sorry.

Claus said on Apr. 19, 2009

Yes, they had good things to say.

SlaveQueen said on Apr. 27, 2009

I have the magazine, although it is a little ripped up.
I’ll get some scans when I change computers…

The article was something to the effect of the RPG that most impacted the US. Right next to EB was Chrono Trigger. And On the other page was Mario RPG and FFVII. I think DQ was on there…..I’ll get some scans.

I’ll Be Back

someone not important said on Apr. 28, 2009

They got some things wrong. Character development, for instance. I also don’t like how they make it sound like it’s purely a comedy game without mentioning much of anything else. Well, at least they praise EB instead of putting it down like so many others.

MegazeroX said on May. 12, 2009

There is a typo. You said in the latest issue of Anme Ansider. Don’t you mean Anime Insider?

Mato said on May. 12, 2009

Yes, fixed now, thanks.

Russia x America said on Dec. 27, 2009

i have that issue! 😀 Earthbounds part was right after Final Fantasy I think


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