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March 7th, 2009 | Hacking, MOTHER 3, Videos

I finally got around to putting together a video of a bunch of weird and funny glitches that happened during the MOTHER 3 fan translation’s development. Actually, I bet Jeff has a whole bunch of videos of his own, these ones are just the ones I recorded.

I wasn’t able to fit everything into the video, since YouTube has that 10 minute limit, but it’s a good chunk of the interesting stuff. This video acts as a complement to this archive of images from the project’s development. It took a good 15 or so months, but we managed to fix all that craziness we ran into 😛


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20 Comments to MOTHER 3 Translation Glitches

Spitball Sparky said on Mar. 7, 2009

Hehe. I enjoy stuff like this.

Alxprit said on Mar. 7, 2009

In the middle of that last glitch, I could fainty make out something about Needles. If only the text wasn’t so faded…

Also, it would be cool if you could glitch-free play the game in that inverted way. Too bad the glitch worsens with every map change.

Simon said on Mar. 7, 2009

Welcome to Tazmily. Wel come to taz mil zm lyt azm ily.

Yorkshire Tea said on Mar. 7, 2009

That battle background glitch is awesome.

Deiphobus said on Mar. 7, 2009

is that where they got the idea of moonside?

RickyFLDMS said on Mar. 7, 2009

Man, if I tried hacking a game and that happened to me, I’d give up.

William Butler Yeats-chan said on Mar. 7, 2009

A fun way of making games glitch is opening the rom files in a text editor and deleting random lines as you play. In fact, you can do this with all programs! Make your browser glitch!

NessRules said on Mar. 7, 2009

if that last glitch happened to me, id burst out laughing! Hinawa is telling lucas the story of numbers and a dragon!? He was only 2 years old.
I also learned that tazmily was the other moonside!

santiagoff said on Mar. 7, 2009

Damn , those glitches are so damn freaky! How could you fix them without going insane?!

ZEROGRAVITY-A01! said on Mar. 8, 2009

Ow, I had probably get my eyes checked after that.

Darien said on Mar. 8, 2009

Yeah, the crib glitch was terrific. It took me a while to spot — I was like, so, we’re looking at cribs. And then I noticed it and had a Matrix moment. Pretty cool. 🙂

rayefrenzy said on Mar. 8, 2009

@4:16 did stuff really buzz and twitch like that? Because I seriously shat some bricks.

Millhouse said on Mar. 8, 2009

I feel with you. (I’m on the german “team”, if you can call it a team) Even changing one pixel to something else that takes up more memory space than the old pixel can seriously funk up the whole area map. I wouldn’t want to know how many glitches of that kind you’ve seen in your time.

Hejiru said on Mar. 8, 2009

Wow. Nice job fixing everything, tho; the only minor glitch I saw in the released vresion was it sometimes referred to “The Boney” or “The Duster”

Difegue said on Mar. 8, 2009

lol at victory text #2
With the glitchy background and music it was like Giygas joined the battle

XX Stone said on Mar. 9, 2009

Ha, those sprite problems started happening to me when I was fooling around in PK Hack. (With EB, I mean.) Trying to increase the size of a group of overworld sprites just messed up the whole thing.

Mr. Nosy said on Mar. 12, 2009

“The Duster” and “The Kumatora” fight against the Oh So (Oshoe) Snake!

Mato said on Mar. 12, 2009

It still surprises me how so many people can misspell Osohe as “Oshoe” 😯

Claus said on Mar. 12, 2009

Imagine if it was released like that.

spoildaj said on Apr. 19, 2009

OMG the return of Giygas!
I knew those Shrooms were up to something!


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