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Tips for Buying EarthBound

February 16th, 2009 | EarthBound, Images

For some reason, all I can think of is

“Dave? Dave’s not here, man”


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64 Comments to You’ve Just Been Mushroomized

EBM said on Feb. 16, 2009

This is SOOO trippy, man… it’s like… the only thing in the world that’s tellin’ it like it is… is this PICTURE.
It feels like… I’m eating a RAINBOW you know? Like, a rainbow with James Knox Polk and Mr.T on it…
The only question I have is… like… where’s bigfoot’s gold at the end of the rainbow? It’s, like, against the LAW for it to not be there…
Sorry man, but you mind calling me “The Dude” from now on? That would be jivin’.

VGMaster64 said on Feb. 16, 2009

My eyes are happy. :3

TBird said on Feb. 16, 2009

Homer: Ha ha ha! He’s so high he doesn’t know where he lives!

Marge: Homer…

Homer: Homer’s not here man! HAHAHA!!!

Sorry, random Simpson’s quotes get me through life.

Space Monster: Whoa! I think there was something weird in that hippy. My hands are huuuuuge.

Yes, I quote Futurama too…

a dude someplace far away said on Feb. 16, 2009


Old West said on Feb. 16, 2009

Holy crap an undulating jpg (okay png), what is this magic

Also can’t explain why but for a while I always perceived New Age Retro Hippies as lion-men of some sort, which in a game as bizarre as EarthBound was really didn’t seem so comparably strange

Once I learned it was just the hair it took me a while to adjust my vision each time I saw them again.

Unlimited Lumpia said on Feb. 16, 2009

*gurgle gurgle foam* @_@

nmufred said on Feb. 16, 2009

Whoa, that’s trippy as one of the first things I saw when waking up this morning.

Aurilliux said on Feb. 16, 2009

Woo… pretty awake now, haha.

mitch said on Feb. 16, 2009

Eagleland-Americans, love education so they go to night school and take Spanish and get a ‘B’!

Pimpshi said on Feb. 16, 2009

Woah, it’s like I’m actually fighting one of the hippies in-game…I love optical illusions. 😀

Dr Shlub said on Feb. 16, 2009

Too much Magic Cake…

JB2448 said on Feb. 16, 2009

Never trust those hippies and their “Key to Magicant”. EVER!

IWontGetOvertheDam said on Feb. 16, 2009


rayefrenzy said on Feb. 16, 2009


nekoaitsu said on Feb. 16, 2009

Looks more like a sad face than a moustache on the hippie. Never thought about that until now, but I have always viewed it like that.


AbstractedThought said on Feb. 16, 2009

Whoa! I can feel my brain! THROUGH MY EYES!

GoldenEevee said on Feb. 16, 2009

I.. I can’t unsee it….

Moonside said on Feb. 16, 2009

Feels good man

Difegue said on Feb. 16, 2009

The only thing I can think of while watching this is:

George said on Feb. 16, 2009

I’d love a bigger version I could use as my wallpaper, even if I know that I won’t last more than a day before the headaches make me change it…

Satsy said on Feb. 16, 2009

It’s only made worse by the glaring pixels that drag your eyes around, warping the colours as you see the tiny tiny errors. Or maybe not errors, but intentional extra pixels.

TheJorsh said on Feb. 16, 2009

I thought that was a .gif at first, but it’s not?
that’s weird. how does it do that?

Teal said on Feb. 16, 2009

I love illusions! Very interesting and…entertaining.
I can’t believe I caught myself mesmerized by this picture for like 5 minutes.

beelzebub06660 said on Feb. 16, 2009

“Dave? Dave’s not here, man”

😀 Do you happen to watch Code Monkeys? I love that cartoon. Trippy pic though, kind hurts my eyes. XD

The retard of epic proportions said on Feb. 17, 2009

Do you think this would still work if I were to make a poster and then hang it on my wall?

ZombiePaul said on Feb. 17, 2009

This is just plain sweet.

(I know, what a great contribution to the discussion, eh?).


Mato said on Feb. 17, 2009

beelzebub06660: Yes, I do like Code Monkeys, but it’s actually from a Cheech and Chong comedy routine.

Ants said on Feb. 17, 2009

I can, like taste the colors.

Mister Spook said on Feb. 17, 2009

Oh, dude… even the thumbnail looks trippy.

Alpha Knight said on Feb. 17, 2009

i phone screen saver.

EmpoleMew said on Feb. 17, 2009

Is that an optical illusion, or an animation? Wait, it’s neither. I KNEW THERE WAS SOMETHING WEIRD IN THAT LEFTOVER SPAGHETTI!!!

Poe said on Feb. 17, 2009

This sorta makes my brain hurt o_O

TBird said on Feb. 18, 2009

Holy crap! I just realized from a previous post that isn’t a .gif! Damn my pathetic human eyes!

Jean said on Feb. 18, 2009

W…woah. If anything’s like being Mushroomized, that’s definitely it. @_e

Zaratus said on Feb. 18, 2009

Bah, it doesn’t work on me. =/ I’ve *never* been able to do those magic eye puzzles either no matter how hard I try.

Hmm, a comment here helped me see it a *little* bit, by following those noticable pixels around. When I do that, I can kinda get the effect.

Cafechan said on Feb. 18, 2009

This made me really dizzy… eek.

Hunter Coates said on Feb. 19, 2009


I have officially gone trippy.

Chico Suave said on Feb. 20, 2009

wow that’s freakin awesome. i THINK it’s an optical illusion cause when i stare right at the hippy it slowly stops… either way that pattern brings back some fond memories when it’s moving.

KissofCamine said on Feb. 20, 2009

I am a sucker for optical illusions like this. It’s like… whoaaaa…

Leirin said on Feb. 21, 2009

Holy crap. I had to like, check the file format just to make sure it wasn’t a gif animation that was going in and out like waves. CAUSE I SWEAR I SAW IT DO THAT. Sooo awesome.

Anonymous said on Feb. 23, 2009

Open up! It’s me, Dave!

NovaMan XP said on Feb. 25, 2009

I see it moving…


UltiMario1337 said on Mar. 13, 2009

Is that actually animated, or is it just an illusion?

MW said on Mar. 17, 2009

If you look at it with one eye shut, the trippy illusion slowly dissipates.

Gareth said on Apr. 4, 2009

OK, I went back to the trippy hippy last night while trippin. It was crazy. I mean, hell, it’s crazy when you’re sober. I remembered it last night while trippin and we found it again. It was sweet, I could almost control the waves with my mind.

Random Noob said on Apr. 15, 2009

Great. Now I’m gonna stumble around the room until it wears off. Cool though.

Ray said on Apr. 22, 2009

…It just dosen’t effect me anymore. 8D”’

someone not important said on Apr. 28, 2009

I can’t decide if I love it or hate it…it’s just awesome that way.

dark-karito said on May. 4, 2009

Oh my gawd it moooooooveeessss …..sweet…
Gasp, too much TaneTane mushrooms…” @__@

….Neat, Bob Marley is in my room. Singing 🙂

nintendo_1111 said on May. 10, 2009


Shamu said on May. 27, 2009

Oh my god

BlueLightning said on Jun. 16, 2009

-You encounter the Mushroom Hippie!
-BlueLightning attacks!
-Mushroom Hippie suffered 80 damage!
-Mushroom Hippie tried LifeUp Gamma!
-Mushroom Hippie’s HP is maxed out!
-BlueLightning tried PK Nova Alpha!
-Mushroom Hippie suffered 200 damage!
-Mushroom Hippie scattered some spores!
-BlueLightning was hurt and beaten!

YOU WIN!!!(lolwut?)

Anonymous said on Jul. 3, 2009

New Age Retro Trippie!

Artillery said on Aug. 2, 2009

Duuuude, trippy!

It’s like, moving around and stuff, man…

Lukas said on Dec. 6, 2009

Uh, Whoa that hippe’s getting too me…

adam said on Jan. 4, 2010

man this is psychedelic is this moving man or am i havind to much lds man

meleemario said on Feb. 21, 2010

Oh man, this is wicked trippy, I love it!

Michael said on Jan. 1, 2011

Woah,trippin balls mang

Zoom! said on Aug. 8, 2011

its like ∞=± or something…trippy…

RadicOmega said on Nov. 12, 2011

Owwww my eyes hurt

pigg said on Dec. 16, 2011

to freakiee

TheMrSaturnGuy said on Mar. 20, 2012

My eyes tell me it is moving when I tell them it is not.

A_PEDO said on May. 14, 2013

Mato… I’m not sure if you have a flash program going on in the background making it move but… MY EYES HURT.

Opinionated Vector Chimera said on May. 14, 2013

I’ve seen this kind of trick before. An optical illusion that uses an inanimate image format (this one uses PNG). My eyes are drawing in, but the hippie totally breaks the illusion whenever I focus in the centre.~


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