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February 22nd, 2009 | Weekly Round-Up

Six weeks since EarthBound Central first opened, and it’s going stronger than ever. I thought that the number of visitors would quickly reach a plateau and that updates would only come at the rate of one a day. I was way off on both counts. Let’s see how far this thing will continue to grow 😀

This past week was insane. Just insane. Everyone be talkin’ about EarthBound this week. Even the Japanese blogosphere’s caught whiff of the “EarthBound on Virtual Console unlikely” story. That was interesting.

Anyway, let’s look at what happened this week!

Site News

EarthBound News

Cool Auctions & Merchandise

Here’s just a few things out there right now. Don’t forget you can always check the latest listings in one easy spot here if you’re looking for deals on something! I recently updated it so that it’ll find more stuff than it did before 😀

Here’s some cool stuff on Yahoo! Auctions Japan:

And again, here are a few things on Amazon. I still need to really update this list someday though:

Community News

I honestly can’t keep up with every single thing that happens in the EarthBound community, so if you’ve done something cool or if you know of something cool that belongs here, let me know!

What’s Up With Itoi

I can’t tell how much people like this Itoi section, so I’m going to try a different format today. Itoi did say a bunch of interesting things this week, and I saved them for possible future updates, but nothing really related to anything here. Anyway, instead, I’m going to post a few neat/funny pics from this past week. Incidentally, Itoi’s office is closed for a week – he and his 40+ employees are all going to Guam for a company vacation. He’s gotta be loaded to be able to afford that 😯 Anyway…

itoi1 itoi1 itoi3

(btw: listen to this while looking at the first pic 😛 )

Upcoming Stuff

This next week I’m going to be especially busy with real-life work, so updates might only be once a day sometimes. I think we’ll take a look at some interesting food-related stuff this week, and if I can find the time, we might take a look at some beta stuff from MOTHER 2 / EarthBound that got changed or removed. And then we’ll have the usual interesting stuff that always seems to happen. I used to worry that I’d run out of update material after about two weeks, but 6 weeks in and things are still going strong. The worry is still there, but I think we’ll manage somehow. If you have any ideas for updates though, let me know anytime!


I’m going to try to plan for one big article a month, one that’s full of research and useful info. Sometimes these might also take the form of big interview translations. I consider that article I wrote the other day about EarthBound’s possible legal problems to be February’s big article. I’m also contemplating do a series of short videos for EB Central. I haven’t thought about it in too much detail yet, but I think it could be really interesting. And in some cases my big monthly articles might be in video form. We shall see what we shall see.

May your burgers always have delisauce on them


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19 Comments to Weekly Round-Up #6

Poe said on Feb. 22, 2009

Aww, but the Itoi stuff was my favorite part of these round-ups.

ZombiePaul said on Feb. 22, 2009

Don’t think the Itoi content goes unappreciated man. I find it to be very enjoyable and always interesting. Amazing work thus far, as always. 🙂

Darien said on Feb. 22, 2009

My vote, as always, goes for more behind-the-scenes stuff, deleted content, and weird secrets. I love the idea of the removed beta content features.

Spyden said on Feb. 22, 2009

Anything interesting said in the Japanese blogs that you mentioned about EB not coming to VC?

It would be interesting to hear how Japan sees things like this…

IWontGetOvertheDam said on Feb. 22, 2009

Man, I love reading all this stuff. Thanks for doing this, Tomato. 😀

Spongebob Meanpants said on Feb. 22, 2009

The Itoi stuff is my favourite part on this whole website, even though it doesn’t have an awful lot to do with EB.

I have money: would it be very costly/illegal if I paid you to translate the front page updatey thing every day?

Mato said on Feb. 22, 2009

I doubt you’d want to pay my translation rates. Unless you’d want to pay at least $50-$100 a day 😛

Mikhail said on Feb. 22, 2009

Would it take you an entire day to update that though? Most translators pay by the hour, don’t they?

Josh said on Feb. 22, 2009

Hey mato, if I buy a m3+ soundtrack on amazon or ebay, does it come with the mr saturn phone strap?

Mato said on Feb. 22, 2009

Probably not, those were preorder items. I don’t think you can get M3+ on Amazon anyway.

Difegue said on Feb. 22, 2009

6 weeks, already? zomg

The retard of epic proportions said on Feb. 22, 2009

My grandma’s getting me that Mr. Sturn plushie for my brithday in 2 weeks!

Spongebob Meanpants said on Feb. 23, 2009

Mato: That actually doesn’t sound so bad. Does he update like… every day of the year or just a couple days a week?

Dane said on Feb. 23, 2009

The Itoi bits are my favourite part of the round ups. The Mother series is very personal so it’s always cool to get a little more insight into Itoi’s personal life/thoughts

Mato said on Feb. 23, 2009

Spongebob: Every day of the year. He also does one larger piece of writing once a week. 99.5% of it has nothing to do with the Mother series though.

Spongebob Meanpants said on Feb. 23, 2009


It probably won’t be until around halfway into this year I’ll be able to pay for this comfortably, so I’ll get in touch with you around then 😀

Jeeves said on Feb. 23, 2009

Spongebob if you’re serious you are a true hero.

PSI Supernova said on Feb. 23, 2009

I actually already own one of those Mr. Saturn shirts. I bought it a couple months ago. They’re pretty cool, I get a bunch of comments at school because of it. I also like wearing it with the Franklin Badge that I made on Zazzle.

mitch said on Feb. 25, 2009

I’d love to help out with some videos, if the need came. Lemmie know – I could always borrow a video camera and film some things in front of a bedsheet. 🙂


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