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Tips for Buying EarthBound

February 3rd, 2009 | EarthBound, Uncommon Knowledge, Videos

While this certainly isn’t new, I know a lot of people still haven’t seen it, so let’s take another look at it!

On some really bizarre and crazy Japanese VHS tape from like 1992 (I forget the exact name right now, but it’s listed here somewhere) there was a short preview of the upcoming MOTHER 2 game for the Super Famicom. The preview had an interview with Itoi and footage of the current build of the game.

Here, see for yourself. I subbed it like a year or two ago into English so people could understand what was going on.

There are definitely some interesting things in here. This video was apparently from the build just before the game was nearly cancelled. The programming team was having a really hard time, so Nintendo brought Satoru Iwata from HAL in, and he basically redid the entire thing in just a few months, thereby saving the game and saving the years’ worth of money spent on the development.

In a future article, I’ll go more into detail about MOTHER 2’s history and tons of pre-release stuff that was changed/cut out. But for now I wanted to show this video, because videos are awesome.


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21 Comments to MOTHER 2 Preview Video

The Pig King said on Feb. 3, 2009

It seems like the Sky Runner and the bus were originally intended to be driven.

Darien said on Feb. 3, 2009

I notice they seem to talk over each other a lot — is that common in Japanese interviews?

Mato said on Feb. 3, 2009

It’s common in the language. It’s common for one person to start a sentence and then the other person to end it. Also very common go say things like “yeah” “uh huh” “I see” and stuff like that while someone is talking, it lets the speaker know you’re paying full attention to them. Outside of Japan, I think that stuff just irritates people though, I think people think I’m crazy or weird when I do it accidentally sometimes in English.

Darien said on Feb. 3, 2009

I don’t mind “yeahs” and “uh-huhs,” but it does tweak me a bit when people try to finish my sentences for me. As my wife can attest. 😉

Mikhail said on Feb. 3, 2009

I do that a lot in English. People tend to tell me they want me to stop. I apologize, bow my head and say “hai!”.

I really can’t wait to read more about all this pre-release stuff, it’s very interesting. Great video Mato!

rayefrenzy said on Feb. 3, 2009

I can’t wait to read more about pre-release stuff. I guess I’ve always found stuff like that interesting 😀

Jimi said on Feb. 3, 2009

Very interesting to see to any prerelease build. Of course, that sort of thing is always interesting.

I’m American, and I do have a bad habit of finishing other peoples’ thoughts. >_> I might be able to blame that on impatience though.

JB2448 said on Feb. 3, 2009

It seemed that the pre-release build of MOTHER 2 had more of an art style like the original MOTHER before Iwata came in and helped out.

Hypotenuse Man said on Feb. 3, 2009

Oh man, the Tendas looked weird.

Also, it may have been the screen, but everything looked more… neon in the prerelease build.

Spitball Sparky said on Feb. 3, 2009

I like this video. Who knows what sort of thing EarthBound might have held before it was finished? The world may never know. The white arcade looks weird though. And the enemeis are so passive.

Clockerstance said on Feb. 4, 2009

Oh wow, I would love to play this version… Just imagine the differences.. Glglglglgllllll *foam*

Difegue said on Feb. 4, 2009

Wow, lots of color changes.

Tansunn said on Feb. 4, 2009

I thought it was interesting that the video included some music that didn’t even make it to the final release.

GoldenEevee said on Feb. 4, 2009

So the pictures must be from the beta version of mother 2, if we got a hold of the beta version ROM, Imagine the PK hacks we could make…. after you translate the ROM of course………

Pimpshi said on Feb. 5, 2009

Mummy NPCs? In MY Scaraba Sphinx?

MegazeroX said on Apr. 29, 2009

On unseen 64.net they have a beta Earthbound article. Mabey you could post a link to it. It has some conscept art.

Mr. Saturn said on Apr. 24, 2010

The changes are quite weird. Onett was blue, the arcade was white, etc.
I think it’ interesting how Jeff and Tony’s beds are reversed.

Earthbound dude said on Apr. 29, 2011

The peveiw if this first Earthbound peiview was very weird because i don’t remeber Onett being blue of a guy in a suit in the middle of the street. By the way where’s Ness’s backpack. HE can’t be Ness without is Awesome bag. He’s an imposter!

starwars890 said on May. 21, 2011

I wonder why everythin in this video that’s supposed to be green is blue..

Zoom! said on Sep. 20, 2011

Onett theme sounds different

Starmyster04 said on Sep. 28, 2012

I like how the guy says, “oh this is pretty realistic,” then the UFO comes in lol.


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