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Tips for Buying EarthBound

February 17th, 2009 | Mitch's Comics

Hurray, another comic from Mitch, one that’s funny, relevant, AND true!


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57 Comments to Mitch Comic: EarthBound Fans

Poe said on Feb. 17, 2009

Too true, mitch. I love the noob’s expressions. ♥

Giegue said on Feb. 17, 2009

I’m gonna go get a sundae now

the beatles barkers vs notorious b.i.g. illegal secret death tape said on Feb. 17, 2009

but i’m pretty sure nobody cares

Satsy said on Feb. 17, 2009

XD Thank you, that made my day. :3

IWontGetOvertheDam said on Feb. 17, 2009

Haha, nice.

Leeman said on Feb. 17, 2009

What’s the old EarthBound fan doing in his frame?

Leeman said on Feb. 17, 2009

(in the last one, I mean).

Jimi said on Feb. 17, 2009

He’s eating ice cream. =D

nmufred said on Feb. 17, 2009

Sooo true Mitch, sooo true.

P-Flute said on Feb. 17, 2009

Hilarious, true. But I insist both reactions are valid.

You dead-inside, negative bastards.

Saturnome said on Feb. 17, 2009

But we the old farts cried all our tears when EB64 was canceled, didn’t we?

madammina said on Feb. 17, 2009

But what about me? I’m both? I’m furious but I expected it.

Spyden said on Feb. 17, 2009

I would think a lot of this has to do with maturity level.

I’m a ‘new’ EB fan, but my reaction was closer to the ‘old’ fan reaction. Sure it was news to me, I read the article, was a little depressed, but then went on to class thinking little of it. I told friends about the article, who replied with either a “who cares?” or “eh, too bad.” or “Yeah, I already know.”

Just thought I’d throw that thought out there.

Spyden said on Feb. 17, 2009

Still funny though.

Adam said on Feb. 17, 2009

I think the joke is more that the old fans have the cartridge and really aren’t affected by the news. My SNES still works, and EB is the only game I’ve kept for it, so while it’d be cool if it were on VC, I had no stake in it. I didn’t assume the comic had anything to do with newer fans’ maturity level.

P-Flute said on Feb. 17, 2009

I’d have to, umm…quite disagree Spyden. You kinda make it sound a lot like feelings are ‘immature’.

I think the real implication here is more that long time EB fans have simply become dead inside to Nintendo’s disappointment. They’ve had their head-to-desk sessions over news like this many-a-time, and they’re numb to it by now. Nintendo’s screwing over Earthbound? Sky is blue. Grass is green. Hey let’s have some ice cream.

Then there are people like me who are both new and old, having the game subtly form them into the very person they are today by playing it as a child and only now realizing the impact once they’ve come back to it. I’m on and off furious about the whole damn thing, but not because I ‘want it so so bad’ or anything. I mean, sure I want to have a nice mint (digital) copy from Nintendo and all that jazz, but.

I honestly think of it from a game design/game historian standpoint, and knowing the game has the potential to change people. It represents a turning point in blahblahblahblah. Anyway it’s just insulting to gaming as an art form that Nintendo pisses on something so major like this. It’s like if the most meaningful and revolutionary piece of film of the last decade was never reproduced in any form because it was just…meh. Too old. Who cares?

Not that I’m claiming EB is the ‘most’ anything. It’s just a whole hell of a lot of something.

Difegue said on Feb. 17, 2009

/me gets a sundae

AmzRigh said on Feb. 17, 2009

Since I’m pretty sure I count as “old,” I’m gonna claim the middle ground here — I’m not overreacting to the news. Saturnome’s right, all my stress over the series came with the cancellation of EB64. And I’m not disappointed for myself cuz I’ve had the game since it came out here.

I am, however, disappointed that more people won’t be able to experience this game in a *ahem* legitimate fashion. But, at least, thanks to the lawyers at Nintendo, the illegitimate fashion retains certain aspects that the VC version would have left by the wayside. I know it was mostly music, but music’s always one of the more important parts of a game for me, and EB’s is fantastic.

Of course, the seeming apathy of the Old EB Fan above isn’t characteristic of all our reactions to EB-related news. I’m sure it goes without saying that I was just as excited as everyone else (if not moreso) about news like EB stuff in the Smash Bros. series, and the fan translation of Mother 3 (to say nothing of the ultimate completion of the game itself after so many years of “backburner” status). 🙂

rayefrenzy said on Feb. 17, 2009

I’d like to say I was somewhere in the middle. I frowned whilst eating a sundae.

also: some people are analyzing this comic a little too much. Just a comic, guys.

SillyStell said on Feb. 17, 2009

This is inaccurate! I eat pizza…

Funny comic as always!

Spyden said on Feb. 17, 2009

Feelings are not immature, not controlling those feelings is. I played EB for the first time less than 6 months ago. I did not play it on a SNES, and I do hope that EB comes to VC. That being said, I did not react as the ‘new’ fan.

The fact that some think Nintendo is “screwing over Earthbound” and “pissing on something so major” is a sign to me that they aren’t thinking logically, that their emotions are getting in the way of their brain.

Nintendo doesn’t want to lose money, and thus wants to avoid lawsuits. NOA and NCL’s stalemate on this matter is kinda perplexing, considering that NCL isn’t even willing to cooperate. They don’t want to change the game. Is it because of money, or is it because they just don’t feel the game should be changed?

If EB was rereleased on the VC, it would not be the same. That is practically what the Virtual Console is for, nostalgia. What is the #1 rule of nostalgia? Don’t change anything, adding stuff is sometimes okay, but changing the music? No way. In the same way, would anyone accept any changes done to the Mona Lisa (lets make her smile bigger) and still consider it as good as the original? No. However, I think most fans will agree that something is better than nothing. If changes are made, then most fans will also agree that the original is better.

Old EB fans are not “dead inside” to Nintendo’s disappointment, they simply stop to think it through longer than newer fans. It can still make them upset, but they aren’t going to lash out saying that this is all Nintendo’s fault. They will continue on knowing that all decisions made by Nintendo are made for financial reasons, and try to appeal to Nintendo through that vien.

reidman is trying to get Fangamer licensed to make Nintendo merchandise offically, using the money that he has made from the business so far as leverage. That could spark a renewed interest in working to get EB to the VC in someway, someday.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Spyden said on Feb. 17, 2009

Another thought: I would think that analyzing a comic to this degree means that it is getting readers to think. That’s a good comic in my book.

Mitch said on Feb. 17, 2009

“explaining a joke is like dissecting a frog: you understand it better, but it kills the frog in the process. ”

-mark twain 😉

TheJorsh said on Feb. 17, 2009

huh. I guess I’m an old fan. lol

TBird said on Feb. 17, 2009

I’m eating a sundae filled with tears.

Actually it’s a relief to finally have this all out in the open and explained. Deep down I still hope EB will come to the VC, but now I won’t be expecting it.

someone said on Feb. 17, 2009

Wow! Best recreation of my day ever. I came, I read, I cried my tear ducts out and then had Ice cream.

As TBird said at least it is in the open.

I wonder if anyone from Nintendo has seen that this article is here and at Starmen.net.

Aidan said on Feb. 17, 2009

Aidan does not understand pwopewy.

owl said on Feb. 17, 2009

oh man i gotta get myself some ice cream now!

We Still Love You Charles Manson (Never Give Up Hope) said on Feb. 17, 2009

*tldr about a video game*

PK Hurricane said on Feb. 17, 2009

It’s hard for a new Mother fan to get both a SNES and a copy of EarthBound these days, so I’d imagine the new fan’s would be disappointed. It’s nothing TOO serious, though…I mean, there’s always ROMs, right?

cj said on Feb. 17, 2009

Pretty accurate. Wasn’t in tears and didn’t faint though. I had a carton of strawberry milk to make me feel better.

EBM said on Feb. 17, 2009

Huh… that reminds me- gonna go to the grocery store. Maybe pick up some Ben and Jerry’s.
Any other old EB fans want to come? My treat.

Well, EarthBound on VC- I’ll see you at the crossroads. Maybe I’ll play you on my SNES for the sake of old times.
Eatin’ ice cream… playin’ EarthBound…
It’s almost as if nothing has changed.
I wish I could say more, but…
*Is an old EarthBound fan*^

Kirby Phelps (PK) said on Feb. 17, 2009

LOL! XD I’ve been a fan since Melee first came out. Does that count as new or old? When I heard the news, I was pretty bummed though.

Aerostella said on Feb. 17, 2009

I’m a newer fan (as in less than a year), but I definitely didn’t cry. I felt disappointed at first, but got over it quickly, since I was mentally prepared for this to happen.

Despite this news, my love for Nintendo hasn’t changed.

Flygon said on Feb. 18, 2009

I have no idea if I am a new or old fan… but I did neither. I just looked and thought ‘there goes Europes chances’.

I played it first at 2006-2007 or so by the way. =P

Mr. Fart Buckets said on Feb. 18, 2009

Cheer up, Murray. It’s time to forget. Your wife met someone on the net. Let’s go and get an ice cream.

Cheer up, Murray. So nothing goes your way. It’s the same thing everyday. Tomorrow’s just another day!


HossTehMaster said on Feb. 18, 2009

I’m a new fan but I’m just a bit dissapionted that I’m going have to countinue playing EB on my slightly laggy computer. It just gets annoying when it lags randomly.

Mr. Fart Buckets said on Feb. 18, 2009

Lag? You’re probably using a faulty emulator (not sure how you could have done that) or running too many programs at once on your computer.

ZombiePaul said on Feb. 18, 2009

I’m been playing EB since it’s release, so I’d be an old fan. I was slightly dissapointed by the news, but not at all surprised. I think EB 64’s dramatic production and following cancellation was way more rough because it was taking the worlds biggest Band-Aid off one millimetre at a time.

That and I’m old now and have bills and taxes to worry about. 🙂

P.F. said on Feb. 18, 2009

Spy- Well, in the case of the comic, I’d argue semantics that the ‘new’ fan is crying in the privacy of his own home and there isn’t a single thing ‘immature’ about that. Emotional control only matters in situations where it’s called for (in public, in communicating with other people, at work, when saving the world, etc) and frankly, IMHO is sophomoric and stunting when overused.

I only read about the majority of these legal issues…earlier today, so from my previous posting stance of “Nintendo doesn’t want to deal with a few small expenses (as I previously thought) to release something that is quite frankly of incredible importance. It seems they’re quite mistreating it” the idea that current condition of the game is pitiful and insulting seems justified and not emotionally hysterical. I’ll apologize for coming down on Nintendo, but I’ll stick with the fact that the current position of the game is pretty crappy, being that it is ‘art’ as much as any film masterpiece, and it is a piece of history.

Anyway, yeah. The legal/money/business crap. I can’t say I blame Nintendo for it after realizing how widespread it is thanks to Mato’s article. It’d tear the game apart to make that many changes, and I know the overseas office wouldn’t be kosher with it.

But I don’t know, I’ve heard lots of older EB fans say they’re just used to and/or numb to the series getting the shaft, and I really think that’s what the thing is about, and not being omg smarter and more elite than teh n00bz. I mean c’mon, there isn’t even so much as a shrug or a thoughtful expression or an ‘oh well that sucks’ frown. That’s totally a robotic, Perry Bible Fellowship-style dead stare. <3

YumeMaxx said on Feb. 18, 2009

Yeah, that comic sums it up alright.

I was not at all surprised by the “No EB on VC” news.

EEdracon said on Feb. 19, 2009

For me, even though I am a newer fan, I was not really surprised by the news. It’s the reasons that annoyed me. But, whatever, you never know what the future holds. (goes off to eat some ice cream… wait I don’t have any :B )

EEdracon said on Feb. 19, 2009

whoa, forgot to mention. I have a fake VC earthbound on my Wii that works, so this doesn’t affect me anyway 😀

Eir said on Feb. 20, 2009

I have to say the old fan one applied to me so that part was true. Hehe.

wantslatioslots said on Feb. 20, 2009

The diner near my dorm has been out of chocolate malt mix for months now, and I’ve seriously been dying to have a malt. That’s what’s upsetting me most right now.

Leirin said on Feb. 21, 2009

Despite being a relatively new fan, I’ve already gotten use to this abuse EarthBound fans have to take. In fact, EB is probably the most abused franchise in gaming history. It’s a great comic though, mitch is a genious–I especially love the fourth frame for the Old EB fan, haha. SO TRUE.

Anonymous said on Feb. 23, 2009

I am not that new in the Mother fandom (I came in at least 1 year ago.), so you may guess at me: rather disappointed, but holding it out until the sour end.

Mr. Nosy said on Feb. 23, 2009

Oops. I forgot to put in my name.

Master of Ramen said on Mar. 11, 2009

I’m just going to say it:
There are 2 types of “new” EarthBound fans:
-The ones who want to play it legitimately, and are willing to dish out OVER $50
-The ones who are either too cheap, or their circumstances disallow buying EB off of eBay, so they just emulate it

Now, which would you want? Playing EarthBound on the original SNES format for most likely over $70 for the game and system, or simply owning a Wii and buying it for $8?


Well, that settles it. People that cry over the news are just too cheap to buy a copy on eBay.

somerandomguy said on Mar. 18, 2009

here’s my reaction:
me:lets see what on the NoA site today! =3
news:EB is now on the virtual consoles!
[randomguy got hurt and collasped!]

Sconner said on Mar. 28, 2009

It’s true in most cases, but I don’t think so for me. Although I haven’t been an Earthbound fan forever, since 2002 I’d say, but not a serious dedicated fan until probably 2006…
Maybe that’s still not long enough.

MegazeroX said on May. 5, 2009

I am a new fan. Right now I am begging my mom to get it off of Ebay. I dont care if she has to sell our house! I…AM…GETTING…EARTHBOUND!

Ector said on Jul. 3, 2009

I was frustrated when I heard the news, but not infuriated or depressed. This comic is as true as it is funny. Very.

Super Smash Bros. Fan said on Oct. 14, 2009

This game is important to me to some degree. I’m a new gamer, so I only got the oppertunity to play the game via illegal emulator. It doesn’t feel the same. I would get an SNES cartridge, but I live with my grandparents and my SNES is at my other grandparents house. Plus it’s way to expensive for one game, so I’m basicilly screwed unless they put the game on the Virtual Console.

I know this isn’t Nintendo of America’s fault, but it’s defindently Nintendo of Japan’s fault. They are actually indirectly encouraging ROM’s download and they will pay for that.

Earthbound has to come to the Virtual Console in it’s original form, one way or another. I know I sound cheap, but the game will benefit not just the fans, but Nintendo.

In fact, I believe we will see it eventually.

RadicOmega said on Nov. 4, 2011

That is very true. I remember when I was new to EarthBound and I heard the news. I freaked out. Know I’m just glad I know Japenese and can play MOTHER 1+2

2Sang said on Jul. 4, 2012

Man I’m getting diabeetus from all of these sundaes

EpicJackman said on May. 25, 2013

No longer relevant. Sundaes are nice…


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