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Tips for Buying EarthBound

January 26th, 2009 | EarthBound, Videos

This is one of my favorite fan videos of anything, and it’s made even better by its EarthBound stuff. Give it a watch, it’s pretty cool. The EarthBound stuff doesn’t appear until later on, so don’t worry if it seems un-EarthBound at first 😉


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18 Comments to The Nintendo Revolution

ColdasIce said on Jan. 26, 2009

LOL! thats great.

Crono Breaker said on Jan. 26, 2009

Weird, but the Starman was awesome!!

Phil L said on Jan. 26, 2009

Yeah, that was kind of odd. The Starman was freaky weird and looked like it was made out of that scary plastic that inflatable kiddy pools are forged from.

Overall the video was PK Rockin!

Sorry… that pun was bad… really bad. I’m very very sorry.

Mikhail said on Jan. 26, 2009

No, that was an awesome looking Starman…

millhouse said on Jan. 26, 2009

Well, the Starman looked kinda shitty, but overall, it’s a really really cool video.

rayefrenzy said on Jan. 26, 2009

That was pretty neat.

When that girl came up the metroid I wanted to scream “YOU DON’T HAVE THE ICE BEAM! RUN AWAYYY”

Stevesesy said on Jan. 26, 2009

I saw this a pretty long time ago, but it was awesome anyways!


MotherFTW said on Jan. 26, 2009

Wow,very interesting…

Smash Bass said on Jan. 26, 2009

Hah, that was funny. I enjoyed it. And I lol’d when the Starman was “talking” about Mother.

JoeWuzHere said on Jan. 26, 2009

why was the metroid just sitting there midair it should have attacked people

Fooboo said on Jan. 27, 2009

So thats what would happen if Mario and Link fought a starman….

Master of Ramen said on Jan. 29, 2009


TheFlint said on Feb. 2, 2009

Kind of weird…but funny.

timman97 said on Feb. 19, 2009

that was prty good and im a new earthbound/mother fan so i don’t really understand the starman that much

Afen said on Mar. 5, 2009

Pretty good but I thought Ness would kill the Starman

PK Scatman said on Jun. 4, 2009

……..starmen had his good reasens so im going to screw reggie

Claus said on Jul. 8, 2009

The starman was my favorite.

NintendoFan122 said on Mar. 12, 2013

Starman FTW


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