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January 26th, 2008 | Audio Stuff, EarthBound | 5 Comments

Woo! New episode of Fobbies are Borange is out! And it even has a reference to me, but oh god please don’t let that happennnnn Check out the forum thread here or the web site here. Do it. I’ve always been really fond of radio plays, so the idea of an EarthBound radio play is like 😯 But this goes waaaay beyond that. Easily one of the best things EarthBound fans have ever made. ...Read More »


January 26th, 2008 | EarthBound, Uncommon Knowledge | 12 Comments

I ran across this last year. Japan used to have a thing called Nintendo Power (not to be confused with the North American gaming magazine), where you could go into a store and download Nintendo games onto a flash cartridge for a fee. Even regular old convenience stores like Lawson had them. Anyway, doing this may have left some players without any instruction manuals, so Nintendo put up little man...Read More »


January 25th, 2008 | EarthBound, Manga | 29 Comments

I found this stuff in my really, really old backups. I don’t even know if I was the one who translated this stuff. But in any case, it’s stuff most people have probably never seen, so if you’re into EarthBound, you might want to give it at least a quick look. Someone (not me, I have noooooooo time) should do some fan translations of all the various EB manga. There’...Read More »


January 25th, 2008 | MOTHER 3, Videos | 7 Comments

I don’t know why, but when I see videos of people using my MOTHER 3 Menu Patch, I feel a cool feeling of coolness. People are actually using and enjoying this junk I work on. It’s just such a weird feeling. I wonder what it’ll be like when we release the full patch 😯 (no major spoilers, don’t worry, it’s from early Chapter 1) ...Read More »


January 24th, 2008 | MOTHER 3, Smash Bros., Videos | 11 Comments

About 30 seconds in, Lucas is shown fighting. Nothing too special, and sadly seems too much like Ness from the previous games, but about 1 minute in, you can hear his voice clearly. It sounds pretty cool. For the MOTHER 3 translation, maybe we should get someone to try to mimic his voice — there’s like a 1 second sound clip of him and someone else talking, and we need to translate it ...Read More »


January 24th, 2008 | EarthBound, Misc. | 15 Comments

Been tossing an idea around in my head the past few days. I’ve always wanted to do this on Starmen.Net since probably months after I started the site in 1999, but setting up a whole section for it would be hellish. But I think if I did it via a blog or something, maybe once week or so, in small doses, it could be pretty cool. Part 1 of my idea would be to teach a row of kana (both hiragana a...Read More »


January 23rd, 2008 | EarthBound, Uncommon Knowledge | 11 Comments

A lot of people probably never noticed this, but very few of the items in EarthBound start with vowels. The reason being that this was an easy “fix” to the a/an/some problem, which would mostly be an issue when an item is found inside a gift box. But they screwed up and left some gift items with starting vowels. Another such item is the rare Xterminator Spray. A full list of the item...Read More »


January 22nd, 2008 | EarthBound, Videos | 23 Comments

One of my most favorite EarthBound fan videos of all time. Very good execution and music 😀 I made sure to make this a prominent piece on the DVDs sent to Japan. More on that here. Speaking of which, some cool stuff has happened in the last day or two, so there’s a good chance Itoi will be getting his stuff when he gets back from his Canada trip 😀 ...Read More »


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