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June 16th, 2008 | EarthBound, MOTHER 3, Videos | 7 Comments

– Caution! MOTHER 3 Spoilers! – Saw this on YouTube just now and really liked it. So now I’m spreading it across the land! The video is called “I Tore Up the Letter from You”. Here’s what’s in the video. (more…) ...Read More »


June 16th, 2008 | EarthBound, Merchandise, Uncommon Knowledge | 17 Comments

Okay, finally got time to sit down and read some parts of this book. For those just joining us, in the 2002 novel The Three Natagiri Women (what is natagiri? anyone know? I see some possible definitions, but they don’t make sense), the very first chapter is about three women who randomly play MOTHER 2 one day and get addicted. Anyway, I’d like to translate this chapter someday, but won...Read More »


June 2nd, 2008 | Itoi | 1 Comment

I saw this in one of Itoi’s recent entries and thought it was interesting. By itself, it’s nothing special, but if you apply it to the gaming industry, and especially Nintendo’s somewhat recent stance of only focusing on the really big titles and over-relying on its main brands, it becomes even more interesting. If only someone like him were pulling the strings at Nintendo, IR...Read More »


May 30th, 2008 | EarthBound, Merchandise, Uncommon Knowledge | 2 Comments

Wow, been a long time since I posted here. So busy with work and that Mother 3 translation. Why won’t those stupid guys hurry up already, god! Anyway, I’ve been considering it for a while, but just now I decided to order this one slightly older Japanese book. It’s nothing too spectacular or anything, though. Supposedly, it’s a fictional account about the daily life of three...Read More »


April 26th, 2008 | Itoi | 1 Comment

Another interesting post from Itoi’s blog that I saved a few weeks ago. At the very end of his daily post was a short, but intriguing message. When I do things that “I absolutely need to do” in order, things that are harder to find the time to get to slowly get pushed further and further back. It’s not that I don’t think they’re important. It’s something t...Read More »


April 22nd, 2008 | EarthBound 64, Itoi | 15 Comments

I was browsing some of my really old files and came across this. July 27, 1999 was the 10th anniversary of MOTHER’s release in Japan, and fans at the biggest Japanese MOTHER fan site were celebrating. Even Shigesato Itoi himself dropped by to say a real quick something. Sadly, it looks like the site (MOTHER Nippooon) no longer exists anymore 🙁 Anyway, here is what he said, translated into...Read More »


April 20th, 2008 | Audio Stuff, Itoi | 5 Comments

This video isn’t really a video, it’s a 1982 Japanese song. The lyrics were written by Shigesato Itoi. Whenever someone asks what it is he does for a living, where do you start? Writing slogans, writing lyrics to music (including techno enka music), gold mining, writing books/novels, designing video games, running his own Internet company, making music albums of his own, being a TV pe...Read More »


April 17th, 2008 | Itoi, MOTHER 1 | 2 Comments

Even though I don’t do the daily Itoi blog updates anymore (I wish I could, I just don’t have the time), I still check his site everyday and save any of his posts that seems especially interesting or somewhat related to his game design stuff. I’ll post this stuff every once in a while. Right now, here is part of his entry from March 12, 2008. In it, he talks about ideas and part ...Read More »


April 16th, 2008 | Images, Itoi, Uncommon Knowledge | 22 Comments

After some delays writing this up, I now present to you, faithful reader, a rundown of the movie that traumatized Shigesato Itoi and served as inspiration for Giygas, the main villain and final boss in EarthBound. If you want to jump straight to the part that he vaguely remembers, click here. Otherwise, read on and enjoy the quick summary of everything. Jan. 20, 2009 Update: I posted a video of th...Read More »


April 15th, 2008 | EarthBound, Food, Misc. | 12 Comments

Apparently thefts at unmanned Japanese produce stands are a big problem lately. Full story here. (link seems to be dead now 🙁 ) Ness started a horrible trend. He should be ashamed of himself. ...Read More »


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