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November 28th, 2008 | EarthBound, Uncommon Knowledge

The other day, while looking to see if any Japanese sites had any info on the MOTHER 2 debug menus (I couldn’t find any, incidentally), I ran across an old diary post on the Sarugakucho site. Sarugakucho is a company that assists game companies in various ways to make them better. Our King of Games friend who got us connected with all sorts of people works there, too.

Anyway, I found this journal entry from Feb. 15, 2006. It was neat, so I saved it and translated it now.

2006/02/15 01:39:08

There are screenshots of MOTHER 3 on Hobonichi (note: Itoi’s 1101.com site).

They look really nice. They really have that MOTHER feel.

The moment I saw them, my memories of working as a debugger for MOTHER 2 a dozen or so years ago suddenly revived, fresh as ever.

There was me, and then about 10 other people on the debug staff. For months, we holed up inside a warehouse-like place, and while eating the same takeout food we had every night, we played the game to death.

There were all sorts of people there: some who were assigned to Onett and Twoson but couldn’t go any further than that, some who had to finish the game in 7 hours each day, some who would drag Dungeon Man around with them, use Teleport β to teleport, order from Mach Pizza where they wound up, and then suddenly jump on a bus out of town… The debug staff was full of people having to do things like this, but we all had great fun from the very start to the very end. To me, it’s that quality that makes a MOTHER game.

It’s a fact that everything I learned and everyone I met while I was involved with this game has had a great effect on my life as it is now. It’s a truly memorable work of art that goes beyond the term “game”.

MOTHER 3 is the sequel to such a game. As a player, I can’t wait until April 20th comes.

Until then, maybe I’ll give MOTHER 2 another go!

Apparently, this guy is now head of Sarugakucho (or was at the time of the post), so it sounds like MOTHER 2 might’ve been a big stepping stone in his career and life. That’s cool.

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3 Comments to A MOTHER 2 Debug Staff Member Talks

hell yeah said on Apr. 21, 2009

hell yeaaah

curiouspasserby said on Nov. 25, 2009

That’s a pretty cool article. I would definetly love to have been debug for Mother 2.

Ricardo said on Jan. 29, 2010

If I had to debug the game, I would stole a copy of the Mother 2 beta, dumped the ROM, and i would be the new king of the Mother Community. I need a time machine


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