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Tips for Buying EarthBound

October 17th, 2008 | Hacking, MOTHER 3

At long last, the English fan translation of MOTHER 3 is complete! Go here to get it! And the translation blog has moved slightly, you can find it here.

Anyway, go have fun and play! But don’t scarf the game down too fast, it’s been 13 years since EarthBound and who knows when the next EB/MOTHER game will come out, if ever. So take your time to savor your first playthrough 😀

POLL: Did you download the MOTHER 3 fan translation patch the day it was released?

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11 Comments to MOTHER 3 Fan Translation Done!

Chant said on Feb. 22, 2009

The sad part about it was that I didn’t get farther than chapter 2..

SamWibatt said on Mar. 18, 2009

I know this has been out a while, but it is so cool that I just have to comment here and say thank you, thank you, thank you.

EarthBoundRules said on Jun. 13, 2009

Don’t worry, I’m taking my time. My last playthrough was 40 hours long.

Harveyjames said on Jun. 14, 2009

I didn’t download it on the day because TIM ROGERS (tim rogers) leaked it to me the day before

PSIchopath said on Jul. 10, 2009


Ness said on Mar. 6, 2010

I played through a bit of the game.
But on Chapter 7 My Laptop Broke down(The computer with my Save file) And i haven’t bothered to download it again on my new one.

Pkhypernova said on Apr. 6, 2010

Today it happened I Downloaded the Fan Translation and currently are naming Kumatora…… I can’t continue because I CAN’T THINK OF A GOOD NAME. Any suggestions?

MarioFan3 said on Apr. 6, 2010

How about Kumatora? XD

Lucas fan said on Nov. 5, 2010

Lucas is the reason why everyone loves mother 3!

Lucas said on Nov. 5, 2010

I wish that we can play the translation patch on the go so you can share the game with many people and maybe even teach people that don’t know about the series.

Ninten and Ness said on Nov. 5, 2010

Wonder when they are going to finish the Mother 1+2 complete translation!


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