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Tips for Buying EarthBound

January 24th, 2008 | MOTHER 3, Smash Bros., Videos

About 30 seconds in, Lucas is shown fighting. Nothing too special, and sadly seems too much like Ness from the previous games, but about 1 minute in, you can hear his voice clearly. It sounds pretty cool. For the MOTHER 3 translation, maybe we should get someone to try to mimic his voice — there’s like a 1 second sound clip of him and someone else talking, and we need to translate it into English. Girls usually do the voices for young boys, so maybe that’d be best here, too. I dunno.

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11 Comments to Lucas in Smash Bros. Brawl Video

sticktendo said on Jan. 24, 2009

Duster needed to be in Brawl. In fact, I heard they were going to make him an Assist Trophy, but removed him for no reason.

naruto and ness fan said on Jun. 11, 2009

It was okay but it should have had more of a reason.

naruto and ness fan said on Jun. 11, 2009

im only 11 and i love earthbound its my favorite game.

lucas fan said on Nov. 3, 2009

they should have put kumatora in brawl because she would be fun to play with and her final smash would be pk ground

Lukas said on Dec. 8, 2009

They should’nt have removed all the good music from EarthBound & MOTHER.

Lukas said on Dec. 16, 2009

I’m not the only one that loves Lucas’s & Ness’s voices am i?

mr.t said on Mar. 8, 2010

mr.t in brawl wuld be awsome so would kumatora my favorite girl out of all, mothers

Mr. Saturn said on Apr. 18, 2010

I was messing with Ness and Lucas yesterday on that.

drsaturnsintern said on Aug. 11, 2010

i thought ness and were the best even before i played the acual game!

Lucas said on Oct. 10, 2010

They could have put paula or poo as playable characters.The super smash bros series needs more mother characters.

That ness obsessed fan said on Jul. 19, 2012

for some reason, Ness sounds german in ssb. I guess because of the way he says PK Flash


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