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Weekly Round-Up #20
EARTHBOUND (Super Nintendo Entertainment System, 1995) GOOD SHAPE & TESTED

A while back, Nintendo Power started running polls in the magazine asking for the most wanted Virtual Console games. Every time it was applicable, EarthBound was always #1, with MOTHER/EarthBound Zero usually #2.

Until now, we never had an actual listing of these polls, so I’ve gathered all that info here. I didn’t realize that EarthBound had dominated this many polls, though!

Nintendo Power Issue Poll Type Rankings
Volume 229 – June 2008 Most Wanted #1 EarthBound
Volume 230 – July 2008 Most Wanted #1 EarthBound
Volume 231 – August 2008 Most Wanted #1 EarthBound
Volume 232 – September 2008 Most Wanted #1 EarthBound
Volume 233 – October 2008 Most Wanted #1 EarthBound
Volume 236 – Holiday 2008 Most Wanted SNES Readers: #1 EarthBound
Staff: #4 EarthBound
Volume 238 – February 2009 Most Wanted NES #1 MOTHER Pic
Volume 241 – May 2009 Most Wanted #1 EarthBound
Volume 242 – June 2009 Most Wanted RPGs Readers: #1 EarthBound
Readers: #2 MOTHER
Staff: #4 EarthBound
Pic 1
Pic 2

As you can see, because EarthBound and EarthBound Zero kept dominating the polls, the Nintendo Power folks decided to switch to other kinds of polls, usually console-specific. What’s most interesting about this is that Starmen.Net only really made efforts for the very first poll – EarthBound and MOTHER got so high on the other polls by themselves.


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