Banpresto Giant Mr. Saturn Plushie (Mother 2; EarthBound)(Japan)(Extremely Rare)

EarthBound Central Videos

Here are some videos I've put together specifically for EarthBound Central. Check out the YouTube channel here!

The Movie Scene that Inspired Giygas

I've translated interviews and written articles about the movie that inspired Giygas, now here's the actual scene in video form, with English subtitles. Is it really that traumatizing? See for yourself!

MOTHER 1+2 Event Documentary

An official event was held in 2003 to commemorate the release of MOTHER 1+2. Check out all the cool stuff that happened here!


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  • Baptiste Faussat: I was going to start a Let’s Play series of EarthBound (with the subtitle “The exact opposite of Starbound”...
  • adex: you can already pre-order them from ebay.
  • Chivi-chivik: Red was supposed to be named ‘Ninten’, but they changed that in the end, so it’s not something hidden, it’s...
  • Kebby: I’m a recent buyer of the game, for a significant amount below average. I have a SNES and have wanted the game for a while, but after...
  • Lostindark: Wow, i’m a french fan of the mother series and i wasn’t aware of it too ! Too bad it isn’t mother 3, because i think...
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