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April 15th, 2014 | Auctions, EarthBound, Merchandise, Videos | 8 Comments

I recently stumbled upon this video with Pat the NES Punk in it that touches on a weird story about eBay and a seller with 30 suspicious EarthBound cartridges. If you haven’t heard of this before, here’s the video (strong language warning, BTW): Somehow this story sounds familiar but it’s a fuzzy, hazy memory to me. If anyone has more details, lemme know in the comments! (Knowin...Read More »


March 29th, 2014 | EarthBound, Videos | 10 Comments

Many years ago, xfis (who mostly goes by Stephen nowadays) made a series of EarthBound videos that revolved around public stunts – stuff like eating actual burgers out of trash cans, chasing a Tessie around as a Tessie-watcher, being a real-life Hint Man, stuff like that. Anyway, he’s recently repolished these videos and reuploaded them with better quality! Hey Mato! My old series, /e...Read More »


March 19th, 2014 | Itoi, MOTHER 1, Videos | 4 Comments

A reader named Arthur sent an e-mail a little while back: Chrontendo is a video series of one guy playing all of the games for the NES/Famicom in order of their release. He is on Episode 47 which features Mother 1. He goes into more detail for this game than the average game. The Mother footage starts at 30:45 And here’s the actual video: I always thought this Chrontendo thing was a reall...Read More »


March 17th, 2014 | MOTHER 3, Videos | 14 Comments

TwitchPlaysPokemon took off recently, and it sounds like they beat another Pokemon game the other day. During the lull between games, the channel has been playing a random variety of games… and yesterday they played MOTHER 3! I only caught parts of it, but here are some pics of it in action! The chat came up with some inventive names: Mother 3′s walking system made things easier to n...Read More »


March 8th, 2014 | EarthBound, Itoi, Uncommon Knowledge, Videos | 6 Comments

A while back, an EarthBound fan from Chile e-mailed me about a video project: Dear Tomato: My name is Tomi and I’m from Chile. Sorry if my english is not the best, but you know, spanish is my main language, haha. Well. Me and some friends, we have a project, a youtube channel called Low Definition. Our last project inside this channel is “Creadores” (Creators), and is about game...Read More »


March 5th, 2014 | EarthBound, Fan Games, Videos | 10 Comments

Gapzacho sent this e-mail in about the EarthBound maps in Minecraft project: Hey Mato! A while back I sent you an email about our EarthBound in Minecraft project we were doing, and now that it’s very near to completion, we made a trailer video showcasing some areas of the map! If you’re interested in the trailer, it’s here: And our project thread is at: LINK As of a release date...Read More »


March 4th, 2014 | EarthBound, Videos | 5 Comments

Octocactus and a few other readers sent in this news, thanks! Hey! There’s this Youtuber called the Completionist, who reviews games by completing them all the way through, one hundred percent, and gives them a rating based on that. His most recent episode is about Earthbound. It’s not up on Youtube yet, but it IS available on NormalBoots. You can see the video here! ...Read More »


March 1st, 2014 | EarthBound, Itoi, MOTHER 1, Uncommon Knowledge, Videos | 16 Comments

A new Did You Know Gaming video was just released, and this episode is about EarthBound! This episode also features chuggaaconroy, who has helped introduce so many people to the MOTHER/EarthBound games that it still boggles my mind There’s a part 2 to this video too! See it here! So much of the info here is scattered across my hundreds (thousands?) of EarthBound Central posts, so I’...Read More »


February 28th, 2014 | EarthBound, Videos | 26 Comments

With the incredible popularity of the Twitch Plays Pokemon thing going on right now, it was only a matter of time until Twitch played every other game too Including Twitch Plays EarthBound! There’ve actually been a few attempts at Twitch Plays EarthBounds, so I’m not 100% sure which is the farthest or which is the most popular. But this one by SgtFuzzz seems to be the one people are...Read More »


February 20th, 2014 | EarthBound, Videos | 3 Comments

A few months ago at the EarthBound Bash, fans got a sneak peek at Ridgway Films’ latest live-action EarthBound episode. Well, the episode came out just a few weeks ago, so have a look! The amount of work and passion in this project continues to stun me! And somehow the cameos by a certain Reid Young and pals don’t surprise me at all ...Read More »


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