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April 8th, 2014 | MOTHER 3, Polls | 43 Comments

GBA games are finally starting to be released on the Wii U Virtual Console, and of course this has EarthBound/MOTHER fans excited, “Mother 3 in English someday maybe please?!” I’m curious to see what fans think about this topic, so vote in the poll below! And if your answer isn’t one of the ones listed, share your thoughts in the comments! ...Read More »


March 17th, 2014 | MOTHER 3, Videos | 14 Comments

TwitchPlaysPokemon took off recently, and it sounds like they beat another Pokemon game the other day. During the lull between games, the channel has been playing a random variety of games… and yesterday they played MOTHER 3! I only caught parts of it, but here are some pics of it in action! The chat came up with some inventive names: Mother 3′s walking system made things easier to n...Read More »


February 14th, 2014 | MOTHER 3, Videos | 15 Comments

Hilbert sent in an audio clip from a podcast called All Gen Gamers. In one episode the topic of MOTHER 3 comes up, including the question of who translated it. And it sounds like somehow Reid and I merged into one being! I had a good enough laugh that I decided to make a video out of it! I’m actually really flattered that I’m that memorable/noteworthy to fans out there – in fact...Read More »


January 20th, 2014 | MOTHER 3, Videos | 4 Comments

Over the weekend I moved a bunch of my scattered YouTube videos into a single channel and uploaded a bunch of old offline videos too. Including a bunch of videos I recorded during the MOTHER 3 fan translation that I thought had been lost forever! If that sort of thing interests you, here’s the playlist of all the MOTHER 3 fan translation dev videos I put up: My new personal YouTube channel ...Read More »


December 16th, 2013 | MOTHER 3 | 12 Comments

More than anything, I find it fascinating to hear how deeply video games can change, inspire, and move people – EarthBound, for example, has pushed many people onto certain career paths, brought people together who’ve gotten married and started families, inspired people to create inspirational works of their own, and so on. A few months back, a reader by the name of Travis wrote up an ...Read More »


December 2nd, 2013 | Images, MOTHER 3 | 28 Comments

The EarthBound Bash is finally over! I’m still recuperating so I won’t have an update about it until later (and if anyone has screencaps of Day 3, please send ‘em my way!) but I HAVE to share this off-stream photo from Day 2: That’s right – EarthBound’s localizer is playing MY translation of MOTHER 3! I’ve said this before elsewhere, but it really feels l...Read More »


November 21st, 2013 | Audio Stuff, EarthBound, MOTHER 1, MOTHER 3 | 1 Comment

Jdaster64 – the fellow behind the Video Game Variations albums that we’ve looked at previously – has his new album ready, and as promised it’s full of MOTHER music! Here’s what he says: My second album of Nintendo piano arrangements is finally available on! Like the first, it prominently features the MOTHER series, including the following tracks: “Be...Read More »


November 13th, 2013 | EarthBound, Itoi, MOTHER 1, MOTHER 3 | 4 Comments

Last week or so I posted about French EarthBound fans banding together to get a big French video game site to cover the MOTHER series. After posting it, I received another e-mail from a French-speaking fan named Iwant. Rather than try to summarize it myself, it’s probably just easier to paste it here to keep the full details intact: Hi! I’m Iwant, the guy who once mailed you about samp...Read More »


November 7th, 2013 | MOTHER 3, Videos | 5 Comments

A while back we looked at an EarthBound Zero review video done by the Slime TV YouTube guys. They posted a MOTHER 3 video a few weeks back, and here’s what they have to say! Hi, we previously reviewed Earthbound Zero on our show and it ended up being featured on the site and I’m sending this message to let you know we recently posted a review on Mother 3. Of course we love the series a...Read More »


October 30th, 2013 | Audio Stuff, MOTHER 3, Videos | 22 Comments

I somehow stumbled upon this bizarre Japanese video with the NK Cyborg boss battle music and couldn’t NOT share it: I have no idea what’s going on. And that’s why I like it! (Although if anyone CAN explain, please enlighten me!) ...Read More »


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