What is EarthBound Central?

I started EarthBound Central in January 2009 to be a kind of companion site for Starmen.Net. My goal is to make it a daily-updated site that focuses more on the EarthBound/MOTHER games in a blog-like manner.

Who I Am

I go by the name Tomato (sometimes just Mato), and I co-founded Starmen.Net back in 1999, though it was called EarthBound.Net at the time. The next year, I helped create PK Hack, a set of tools for editing the EarthBound ROM, and another community sprung up around that. As such, I’ve done a lot of hacking with the many EarthBound games, and many years later I found myself helping hack and translate MOTHER 3 into English. I’m a professional anime/game/movie translator by day, and I do my 58 billion side project by night.

Why Create This Site?

I started EarthBound Central because the mix of EarthBound and non-EarthBound stuff on my personal blog was getting too crazy. I felt like it would be better to split the EarthBound stuff off into its own thing, so that’s what this is.

I have tons of interesting EarthBound info that most have never heard of before, and I could probably write about it non-stop for days. The problem was that front page posts on Starmen.Net are quickly pushed off the front page by a flood of fan submission posts, the layout of the site makes it hard for casual fans to find the really cool stuff, and the message boards move pretty fast, which leaves these little info nuggets quickly forgotten. My hope is that EarthBound Central will make all this really cool stuff and rarely-known stuff a lot easier for fans to find, enjoy, and share with others.

To avoid any misunderstanding, I ought to mention that I didn’t start EarthBound Central because of any bad blood with Starmen.Net. I’m still co-webmaster there and still active on the forums and all that. This is just a personal blog. I guess a good analogy would be that if Starmen.Net was EarthBound, EBC would be like the player’s guide.

Contacting Me

If you need to contact me for whatever reason, or if you have some cool news or info or whatever, you can get in touch with me here. I can’t answer every message I get, but I’ll try to get back to you if I can. 日本語もOKです!

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On the left sidebar are banners that link to other sites. I have it set so that these links change every few hours on their own. If you run an EarthBound site (or a site that has a large focus on EarthBound-stuff) and would like to get listed on the sidebar and on the links page, contact me and do the following things:

  1. Make a banner for your site, 100 pixels wide and 40 pixels tall, in .PNG format, and send it when you contact me.
  2. I’ll also need the name and URL for your site/page.
  3. You’ll also need to link to this site from your page. You can use one of the banners or buttons below if you’d like. By sharing links this way, I can drive people to your site, and visitors of your site can also discover mine. We both benefit, and the community gets a little stonger 😀

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