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December 21st, 2016 | EarthBound, EarthBound 64, Images, MOTHER 1, Uncommon Knowledge

A reader named Ed sent me some scans of MOTHER series articles from a Korean gaming magazine called “Game Champ”. I don’t speak or read Korean, but it’s still cool to see all of this. It looks like they even gave MOTHER 2 a pretty good review score!

It looks like the MOTHER 2 articles were early enough that they include many of the same beta screenshots that we’ve seen in other Japanese previews, like this one.


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6 Comments to MOTHER Series Articles from Korean Magazine

StarmanAlex said on Dec. 22, 2016

when will the beta discoveries end

Chivi-chivik said on Dec. 22, 2016


I hope they never end 🙂

StarmanAlex said on Dec. 24, 2016


My beta remake is gonna be so obsolete if this continues

KingMike said on Dec. 25, 2016

I think the other SFC game in the review scores are Live A Live and some baseball game (Super Power League 2)?

game4brains said on Jan. 3, 2017

As someone who’s half-Korean, this is pretty interesting to me, particularly because this was published during a period where Korea had a blanket-ban on all Japanese cultural imports, meaning that stuff like video game consoles had to be distributed by Korean companies under their own branding (i.e. the NES being sold as the “Hyundai Comboy” by SK Hynix). Knowing that, I’m kinda wondering if/how this magazine dodged the fact that they were advertising a Japanese game, since I don’t know the Korean language either.

Moonside said on Jan. 15, 2017

I know this is very unrelated to the topic but, what ever happened the Chewy’s Novel Translation? The webpage now asks for a password.

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