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July 12th, 2015 | Auctions, EarthBound

Every so often I check out current EarthBound prices so I can update the info on I also post them here on EarthBound Central for reference and so fans and collectors can try to get a good deal when buying a copy.

As always, I tallied these by hand using only the successful, legitimate eBay auctions over the last month. You might be able to get a better deal at a flea market, a yard sale, or an independent game store!

Average Prices:

  • EarthBound cart: $195 (up from $183, lowest: $50.00 / highest: $295.00)
  • EarthBound guide: $96 (down from $106, lowest: $51.00) / highest: $159.95)
  • EarthBound complete set: $703 (up from $573, lowest: $519.77 / highest: $899.99)

It looks like prices have really jumped up since I last checked in May 😯 It’s possible that the recent release of EarthBound Beginnings brought renewed attention to the series, or maybe it’s just a continued upward trend.

I also ran across a number of other interesting EarthBound auctions! Take a look:

If you’re an EarthBound fan or a collector and are looking to buy an actual copy of the game sometime, it looks like the game’s going to be expensive no matter what, at least if you buy it online.

But if you do decide to take the plunge, use the tips on to get the best deal – as you can see, there was a huge difference in the cheapest and most expensive copies this past month, so you could potentially save hundreds of dollars if you do your homework!


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10 Comments to EarthBound Price Update (July 2015)

Tasos said on Jul. 12, 2015

Speaking of updating websites, the Newcomer’s Guide to the series need to specify that Mother got released outside Japan!

Mato said on Jul. 12, 2015

Oh, yeah! I need to update too, with new info and probably stuff about repro carts.

mellow-osity said on Jul. 12, 2015

I got my copy of EB for $60 a few years ago. 😀

refat17 said on Jul. 12, 2015

Knowing that EarthBound really stinks I probably wouldn’t want to use that soap bar.

next-gen said on Jul. 12, 2015

Does Itoi have original MOTHER 3 N64/N64DD cartridges,yet?

Dragonwarriorquestsagain said on Jul. 12, 2015

In memory of Iwata let’s play some earthbound.

Pk lapras said on Jul. 12, 2015

if it weren’t for iwata this website would not be rest in piece iwata you deserve it you guys at home may not see it but i’m crying

Robert said on Jul. 13, 2015

Goodbye Iwata. This series would not be what it is without you.

parkraft123 said on Jul. 13, 2015

Earthbound would’ve been canned if Iwata didn’t rescue it.

Rest In Peace

... said on Jul. 13, 2015

RIP Iwata…


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