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May 27th, 2015 | Audio Stuff, MOTHER 3

Broomweed has made an amazing post on the Starmen.Net forums about all of the music in MOTHER 3. It contains a chart and infographic data about all of the pieces of music, how they relate, which themes are most common, and more. It’s really impressive!

(Click for full, super-sized image!)

You can also check out the forum post and additional details here!


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6 Comments to The MOTHER 3 Soundtrack Companion

BusterTheFox said on May. 27, 2015

I don’t really understand what the graph is trying to illustrate here. xD Why does the box for Family Matters: Second Movement have two colors, for instance? I guess I should read the forum post.

BusterTheFox said on May. 27, 2015

Oh! The key for how to read it is at the bottom! So there’s that. I think most people would put that sort of thing at the top. xD

Anonymous said on May. 28, 2015

This is gold.

Jdaster64 said on May. 28, 2015

This is pretty cool! I always knew MOTHER 3 had a lot more interlocking references to its various themes than the first two games. I’ll have to have this chart handy next time I listen to the soundtrack.

anonymous said on Jun. 9, 2015

Pretty cool, but it’s weird that the Delivery tracks aren’t shown to be connected to the unused Tazimily theme. Heck, “Fairies” isn’t even a remix of the Delivery theme – it’s the song’s ditect GBA equivalent like Big Shot’s Theme from the trailer.

anonymous said on Jun. 9, 2015

Also, “giygas theme”? Come on..


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