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August 13th, 2014 | EarthBound, Merchandise


A few weeks ago I posted about some of the latest – and very unexpected – MOTHER 2 merchandise: Mr. Saturn belly warmers!

To try to help explain what these are, why Itoi’s company is selling them, and how to order them, good ol’ Chewy made a page full of info:

If you’re on the fence because you’re worried it won’t fit, I’ll just say that I’ve tried one on myself and it fit just fine – it really IS sturdy, stretchy material.

It also sounds like these aren’t going to be around forever, so if you’re into collecting MOTHER series merchandise, now is your chance to get a bizarre item to add to your collection. If you’re reading this in the future and it’s not for sale anymore, you should use a time machine to come back to summer 2014.


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7 Comments to Official Mr. Saturn Belly Warmers? What the Heck?

MysterySprite22 said on Aug. 13, 2014

That’s just weird, yet very creative.

TMFtwelve said on Aug. 13, 2014


Pirate199X said on Aug. 13, 2014

I wouldn’t go around in public in one and I don’t have a good place to display them ether, so I think I’ll pass… But I am gettin’ the figure stands in October!

An E and two 8 said on Aug. 13, 2014

Huh, Interesting item. I bet my mom would love to have one of these for the winter days, since she and the cold weather don’t get along very well, heh.

And I’d like to have one of these as well. Just to show to the world how much I love video games. :)

Jason said on Aug. 14, 2014

They sell at LOFT here in Tokyo, in case anyone is curious!

Chivi-chivik said on Aug. 14, 2014

I would buy the Mario one, but I think it wouldn’t fit me, I’m pretty fat :/

Pigmask Private said on Aug. 15, 2014

They come in a slightly larger size too and they’re super stretchy!


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