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June 23rd, 2014 | EarthBound, Images

tan sent this to me a while back:

Not sure if this has been pointed out before, but in the movie “Doraemon: Nobita and the New Steel Troops—Winged Angels” there is shot with a game box for “Father 5”. Maybe not that exciting, but I still thought it was pretty cool!?


Yep, looks like a “FATHER 5” box but reversed or something!

This sort of parody seems to be pretty common in anime and manga, I think partly because the people creating these things now were kids when the game came out. Some other examples in include MOUSE 3, IMOUTO 2, and FATHER 2.


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10 Comments to FATHER 5 in Doraemon Movie

Mac said on Jun. 23, 2014

Haha wow i love to see stuff like thing

EightMelodies said on Jun. 23, 2014

I love Doraemon!

And I may have this episode in my archives… though I’m probably not gonna find it, as there are a of of episodes…

BusterTheFox said on Jun. 23, 2014

This reminds me of all the jokes we make up during the Mother 3 1.2 streams about how this or that is Mother 4 or 5 or 97. I wonder what a game titled Father made by Itoi would be like!? xD …Actually, probably a lot like what happens with Flint in Mother 3, just without the tragic, er, MOTHER thing. :p Maybe that’s what he was going for in making the game start off as you playing as the FATHER character this time? Mother and father, together as one. How deep. Brings a tear to my proverbial eye. :,(

RudyC3 said on Jun. 24, 2014

The boxes to the right of it also have a similarly shaped banner on top to the Wii boxes. Also note that Japan got black boxes for mature games on Wii, near the end of the system’s life. And finally, in that banner in the screenshot above, there’s a “W” on them, probably hinting that they’re supposed to be Wii games (or spoofs thereof).

RudyC3 said on Jun. 24, 2014

The one just down to the right looks like Momotaro Densetsu for Wii ! Same character on the boxart with a differently coloured hat.

Chivi-chivik said on Jun. 24, 2014

This demonstrates how Japan likes MOTHER.
(I’ll do the same in my original fiction XD)

An E and two 8 said on Jun. 24, 2014

Mother, Father, Sister…

Now all we need is a “Brother” game and the family will be complete.

Flint said on Jun. 27, 2014

I watched the movie once and while I can’t remember exactly, the reason the boxes (all of them) are in reverse compared to their rl counterparts is probably because this part takes place in the mirror world Nobita and Doraemon took all his friends to.

Opinionated Vector Chimera said on Jun. 27, 2014

90% of EarthBound fans: (NSFW warning because ED)

Mudkip3DS said on Jul. 7, 2014

Swwet cameo, though looking from still, I wonder if this is flash-animated or not?

And, eh at that ED link, I know us Earthbound fans got a bad rep ’round the parts, but at least this fan’s got enough humor to laugh at himself and his own obsession. 😀 Hopefully, other EB fans do, too. 😛


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