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May 1st, 2014 | Auctions, EarthBound, Images, Merchandise

Melissa King, a really cool and talented artist by profession, has made this piece of EarthBound art for a charity auction:


If you’re interested in owning it, you can bid on this piece of art here!

This is for the Press Start: Nintendo Charity, which has lots and lots of other great art, including lots more EarthBound/MOTHER-series stuff, as well as art based on other series enirely.


There are actually figures and mugs and other stuff in there too, so give it a look!


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5 Comments to EarthBound Art for Charity!

Mac said on May. 1, 2014

Ok guys, THIS WILL BE MINE!!!!

CB said on May. 1, 2014

unless i decide i want it that is 😉

Hp_Shout said on May. 2, 2014

Darn it Melissa! Why must you torture my wallet with your BEAUTIFUL artwork.

FireflyMelody said on May. 2, 2014


Mac said on May. 3, 2014

Is this a painting?


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