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Tips for Buying EarthBound

September 20th, 2013 | Audio Stuff, EarthBound, MOTHER 1, MOTHER 3

A good while back I posted about a fan-made music album by Jonathan “Jdaster64″ Aldrich that included really nice piano versions of MOTHER series music (see here). He has hopes of putting together an even bigger, better album now and has set up a small Kickstarter for it:

For those of you who are into sheet music, he’s planning on releasing the sheet music for three of his MOTHER variations (“Snowman”, “Wisdom of the World”, and “Eight Melodies”) if the initial goal is reached. Possibly even the MOTHER 3 Love Theme too!

For a sample of the first album and the types of games it covered, check out this video. Now imagine that with new songs from new games, including MOTHER 3! If that sounds like something up your alley, visit the project site here!


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7 Comments to Piano MOTHER Music & Video Game Variations 2

Nintendork said on Sep. 20, 2013

Sorry for being a butt earlier. I just really wanna see this guy get some recognition. Thanks Mato!

Jdaster64 said on Sep. 20, 2013

I presume it was probably just a submission form issue. Thanks again for the feature, Mato!

ACOLD said on Sep. 20, 2013

Freaking beautiful, it’s crazy how melodic all that chipmusic was back then and how nearly ragtime it sounds when done on piano.

Mato said on Sep. 21, 2013

Haha, yep, looks like the old e-mails about this got caught in a spam filter:

That darn submit form is so finicky sometimes :X

BusterTheFox said on Sep. 21, 2013

Super Easy Ways to Burn Fat!? Mato!! FORWARD ME THAT EMAIL!!!

bobsburgerking said on Sep. 22, 2013

How is this legal? He’s asking for money so he can sell an album filled to the butt with songs that are definitely not public domain. I love his renditions, but i think he better be careful.

Jdaster64 said on Sep. 22, 2013

Joypad Records handles royalty payments to the songs’ respective owners. If it weren’t for copyright/royalties and Joypad’s initial costs for tracking them (which are reasonable compared to the time and money cost in trying to handle it oneself), this Kickstarter probably wouldn’t be happening at all.


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