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August 12th, 2013 | Hacking, Images, MOTHER 3, Videos

Jeffman’s been on a MOTHER 3 hacking spree lately, fixing bugs in the game, documenting the ROM, and just playing around with stuff. He’s been posting some pictures and videos on Twitter lately, so I thought I’d share some of them:

Thomas pls

Thomas what are you doing who are you talking to
Thomas go home you are drunk

(playing with door destinations)

Reconnecting unusued/misdone text


The above line exists in several places in the game’s script data, but it never got used in the game. It was clearly associated with the trash can next to Alec’s house, but I never knew why it didn’t work. I guess Jeff figured it out!

Five playable party members

Messing with battle animations

I have no doubt Jeff’s going to cause even more MOTHER 3 wackiness in the future, so follow him here!


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9 Comments to Jeffman’s MOTHER 3 Hackathon

Dezzo144 said on Aug. 12, 2013

Haha. Silly Thomas, cliffs don’t work like that.

Irock said on Aug. 12, 2013

Thomas come back :[

Anonymoose said on Aug. 12, 2013

Never knew Kumatora could freeze enemies by teleporting an Annoying Old Party Man in front of them.

Chivi-chivik said on Aug. 12, 2013

MOTHER 3’s so full of stuff and shit I still cannot even.
The day we reach the end of all of these researches and messing, we sould make a great celebration. 😀

FlyingManCourage said on Aug. 13, 2013

Dear Jeffman:

Please take at least a week off from being awesome so the rest of us can make up some ground on you. Thanks.


BusterTheFox said on Aug. 14, 2013

The stuff you can learn by… What exactly IS he doing with it, anyway?

Pengo said on Aug. 14, 2013

Thomas…CAN FLY!?

TrippinDrago said on Aug. 14, 2013

Hey, I was watching Comedy Central, and a commercial for a roast of some guy was on, and Leder’s Gymnopiede was playing in the background, I found that really odd. I don’t know if its a real song, and it was used in Mother 3, or if they just put a Mother 3 song, in my Comedy Central commercial, still cool.

Midna said on Aug. 14, 2013

That would be based on Erik Satie’s Gymnopedie #1, so no, it isn’t an original song.


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