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January 8th, 2013 | EarthBound

Paolo sent me this recently:

Speed Demos Archive is holding a speedrun marathon with members of Speed Runs Live on from Jan 6th to Saturday Jan 12th to raise money for Cancer prevention, and on Wednesday Jan 9th at 09:10:00 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time) they will be performing an EarthBound speedrun of the full game. The estimated time for the run is 6:15 by Mickey_Mage and skateman222.

list of games and times: Link

the main host website is here

It’s for a good cause and so far on their second day they have raised over $61,000! They have goals, challenges and prizes for each game, and for EarthBound people can donate to name characters and win fan made prizes raffled off to people who donate. It’s a fun time and I was wondering if you could notify people on EB Central by posting something about the event? They are playing many of the best games of all time nonstop as fast as possible with dozens of runners, and they need all the support they can get.

Hopefully you can read this by the time the stream is on.



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7 Comments to EarthBound Charity Speedrun Tomorrow

The Man With No Name said on Jan. 8, 2013


Starmyster04 said on Jan. 8, 2013

Cool! my message is part of today’s news on my fav site!

the_sharks said on Jan. 8, 2013

Over $100,000 raised now
The goal is $250,000.
Don’t forget to donate if you can 😀

Apple Kid said on Jan. 8, 2013

Earthbound has the longest running time estimation.

Dogi said on Jan. 9, 2013

Not quite, FFXI is 11 hours, but broken up into two parts.

BusterTheFox said on Jan. 10, 2013

FFXI? As in, 11? As in, the MMORPG one? Do those even have a story to complete? xD Well, not that there’s any good way for me to play it because of the weirdness it and XIV have outside of Japan… Like the Final Mix versions of the Kingdom Hearts games… A.K.A. the “cool” versions… Square Enix…!!! >:(

Dogi said on Jan. 10, 2013

Oh my bad, IX. As in Zidane and crew


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