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July 7th, 2012 | Audio Stuff, MOTHER 1, Videos

Remember floppy drives? I’m still weirded out by the fact that computers don’t come with them anymore.

Anyway, TheCanadianGamer11 posted a video of a bunch of disk drives playing Pollyanna:

Oh, humans, what WON’T you make music out of?


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18 Comments to Pollyanna Played by Floppy Drives

Satsy said on Jul. 7, 2012

It’s beautiful… in a scratchy way.

Poe said on Jul. 7, 2012

This is a really cool achievement! But the sound these drives make really hurt my ears. I definitely do not miss 3.5-in floppy drives!

MrSaturn03 said on Jul. 7, 2012

I think it’s just me, but I can’t recognize the tune. It’s probably just because I’m a dork 😛

Jondo said on Jul. 7, 2012

Wow, it’s amazing what some people are capable of doing with their old crap. I wonder how long it took to orchestrate this :O

Lollita said on Jul. 7, 2012

It sound really nice in the limit of the machine.
I think this good music for robot scene.

Nintendork said on Jul. 7, 2012

someone has a lot of sparetime… SPARETIME WELL SPENT!!!!!

KA Gamer said on Jul. 7, 2012

Recently, on Radio PSI, a DJ played a recording of the Saturn Valley theme in MOTHER 2 was played on floppy drives.

Leeaux said on Jul. 7, 2012

Honest to God, when I see this stuff, I don’t think

“Wow how did they do that?” or

“That’s incredible”

I think to myself
“How the hell did someone even THINK to do that?!”

KBr (pbromide) said on Jul. 7, 2012

People have made music out of rubber bands. People have made music out of Tesla coils. I’m not surprised (well I am a little!).

This actually gives me an idea… I like the scratchy sound. I could see this working well as a sort of bass line.

kenisu said on Jul. 7, 2012

“… He taught me to sing a song, Dave. Would you like me to sing it for you?”

“Yes, HAL, sing the song!”

“I believe the morning sun…”

TMMDI said on Jul. 7, 2012

Thanks, this reminded me to learn pollyanna on guitar

TMMDI said on Jul. 7, 2012

Thanks, this reminded me to learn pollyanna on guitar

anonymous said on Jul. 7, 2012

Now play Mother 3’s we “miss you” with socks.

Buster The Fox said on Jul. 8, 2012

I wanna know how to do this. My computer has a floppy drive on it, maybe I can make a little tune. 😀

PKbleblah said on Jul. 10, 2012

strange, but cool, none of the less.

TheCanadianGamer11 said on Jul. 11, 2012

O_o Woah! I only just heard that you posted it here, so I made an account. Firstly, I was the one who made the video. Secondly, I have all the info on how to do this inside the video description. Thirdly, Didn’t anybody notice that I used the “Wisdom of the World” font from the EB font pack?

TheCanadianGamer11 said on Jul. 11, 2012

You will also be happy to know this isn’t the last time I’ll make an EB themed video!

M1Fan said on Sep. 23, 2012

Was that supposed to be Pollyanna?


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