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May 15th, 2012 | MOTHER 3, Uncommon Knowledge

Many years ago, well before MOTHER 3’s release, Brownie Brown (the game’s developer) posted a mysterious Flash animation on its website. With the help of a fellow forumgoer, I translated the text into English. If you’ve never seen the animation, check it out here:

There had been no news about MOTHER 3 in years, so the fan response to this animation was insane. It even got into a magazine very shortly after!

I think the funniest thing is that at the time, I thought the second character was a girl, possibly partly because that’s usually Paula’s spot in EarthBound. Only later did I find out it’s actually a guy. Oops!


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11 Comments to Brownie Brown’s “Project B”

Miles of SmashWiki said on May. 15, 2012

It’s even better when you realize that that Vader-helmet and cape-wearing enemy is in precisely the same pose as the Pigmask Colonel is in Mother 3.

Onion said on May. 15, 2012

This brought a huge smile to my face. Thanks Mato 😀

Puck Your Mother said on May. 15, 2012

So that’s were they came up withthe pose of my favorite enemy. :O

KingDarian said on May. 15, 2012

Wow, this takes me back! 😀 I remember those golden days when MOTHER 3 info was kept to a trickle and we ate up everything we could. Fun times.

Neko Knight said on May. 15, 2012

So who is N-Dude anyways? I suspect he is some kind of reference to Nintendo.

Mato said on May. 15, 2012

Later on, Brownie Brown posted lots of pics and details of the dev team doing stuff. Part of the series was some guy who wore a Darth Vader mask. I’m pretty sure it was a guy from Nintendo who worked with them in a supervisor type of role.

Schlupi said on May. 15, 2012

This is pretty hilarious. Brownie Brown is awesome. 😉

Username? What's that? said on May. 15, 2012

I probably would of found it funnier if I knew who the workers at brownie brown’s were. 😀

DD said on May. 15, 2012

Hah! Wow. No wonder they have trouble getting Mother 3 an official release outside Japan. One of their coworkers is Darth Vader.

The Great Morgil said on May. 20, 2012

So what was that magazine?

Mato said on May. 21, 2012

Edge Magazine I think.


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