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May 14th, 2012 | Fan Games, MOTHER 1, Videos

Over the years there have been many attempts at recreating MOTHER 1/EarthBound Zero in a more modern format. As far as I know, none have the projects have reached completion yet, but I was recently shown this project that looks promising:

There’s not much information, but it looks like it’s being made for Macs. See for more info and some screenshots.

Now if someone would just make this a reality too πŸ˜›


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28 Comments to An EB0 Remake Coming in 2013?

Pigmask Private said on May. 14, 2012

This looks pretty awesome! Glad I’m getting a Mac soon.

TragicManner said on May. 14, 2012

Wow, talk about an interesting project! The level of dedication to simply making a port of a game to illustrate that 8-bit graphics were never truly fully utilized, at least not in Mother.

I applaud the effort and think it’s a great approach at the idea.

I can’t wait for the Earthbound hack recreating Mother to be finished. That’s one of the projects I’m most excited about lately. On the other hand, the Mother 3 style version of Mother would be incredible, as well!

KingDarian said on May. 14, 2012

Is this an actual game project, or just a graphic design project?

Mill said on May. 14, 2012

Nice to see something that’s not made with GameMaker for once.

... said on May. 14, 2012

or RPG maker

Clockwork64 said on May. 14, 2012

I wounder Wich Program He/She used

CaliforniaRollz said on May. 14, 2012

Woah! I’m glad that Mother 1 is getting a bit more attention than what I have seen. I can’t wait to play this remake! I guess its kinda funny that I’m re-playing mother 1 on the gba english fan translation. It’s just gonna give me more hype on this project πŸ˜€

Mill said on May. 14, 2012

If it’s made for mac, there’s a chance it’s made with XCode.

Clockwork64 said on May. 14, 2012

Wats a X code

2Sang said on May. 14, 2012

When I saw the title I got my ice cream, but then a mild sigh escaped when I saw the contents.

Christian said on May. 14, 2012

πŸ™ It’s not going to be on windows.

Mill said on May. 15, 2012

@Clockwork64 Google it.

BusterTheFox said on May. 15, 2012

Oh, you kill me, Mato. I should’ve assumed it was fan-made. :<

Anonymous said on May. 15, 2012

This is overflowing with quality. Much better than the remake that is just a copy-paste of EB graphics.

Still though, Mac exclusive? Really? I don’t understand. It seems like the creator is trying to make some kind of egotistical statement.

Puck Your Mother said on May. 15, 2012

^ agreed. I mean, PC is the most used computer! This just ruined my day πŸ™

SeanPeden said on May. 15, 2012

Just so y’all know, the uploader of this video says that it is being developed for mac and PC, so…. yeah, let’s not turn this into a mac Vs. PC thing.

CaliforniaRollz said on May. 15, 2012

Wait, mac?! Aw… now that ruined my day D:

Pigmask Private said on May. 16, 2012

Did you even read the comment above yours? It’s being developed for PC as well

Ness said on May. 16, 2012

This is just me, but the remake by HS looks far superior.

Pigmask Private said on May. 16, 2012

Well HS is remaking it in the traditional sense, with improved graphics and sound. This guy seems to be redesigning the game rather than remaking it.

CaliforniaRollz said on May. 16, 2012

oh… derp πŸ˜›

Clockwork64 said on May. 16, 2012

Its the new Genaration

SomeUser said on May. 16, 2012

2013 come now now now now please

Clockwork64 said on May. 16, 2012

This is almost better than Nintendo Mother 1

eruditebound said on Oct. 23, 2012

Fan made:yes
Real life: sadly no

Lucas said on Jan. 26, 2013

This amazing project reminds me Sonic Generations and Mario & Luigi : Partners in Time .

Lucas said on Jan. 26, 2013

Well I was thinking something like EarthBound Generations first , but Anthony Delia was first .

Kaabii said on Jun. 2, 2013



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